If you are looking forward to designing your own website or blog, WordPress is considered the easiest and yet the most powerful and effective tool today. In fact, research shows that over 34% of all the websites on the Internet today is actually powered by WordPress.

What really appeals to all the WordPress users is its simplicity and user-friendliness, such that you can manage important aspects of your website all by yourself even without having any knowledge of programming.

Further WordPress website service also gives immense liberty to the user at the technical level. Being an open-source content management system, anyone can use and modify the WordPress software totally free of cost.

The WordPress edge

However since so many sites are powered by WordPress today, it has become increasingly important to design your page in such a way so that it is able to hold a unique place among the other sites. Otherwise, it may become increasingly difficult for you to stay afloat amidst the tough competition.

Follow the trend

Just as in any other aspect of the internet world, even in WordPress different trends seem to sweep over from time to time. It is essential for the WordPress user to be acquainted with the latest trends of the time and update their website accordingly. Otherwise, they may not be able to attract as much traffic even though they may be having really good content.

The Best WordPress Web Design Trends of 2021

However, it is understood that keeping up with these ever-changing trends may not be the easiest task. In fact sometimes even after hours and hours of research over the Internet, it is of little avail. This is because different sites may be giving you contradictory tips and it becomes difficult to ascertain which of them is actually correct for your WordPress website design.

To solve this confusion and to ensure that you do not have to spend hours in research, here are some expert tips curated right from the experts that will tell you about the most trending WordPress website designs of 2021 which are here to stay and is speculated to continue even in the year to come.

Single page appearance

Rather than placing things on multiple pages, a single page appearance is becoming increasingly popular both among the users as well as the creators alike. This is why both businesses and WordPress users are creating more and more of such single-page websites in 2021.

A single page adds a lot of conveniences when it comes to activities such as buying a product. In fact, gauging from its popularity it may even be safe to say that this trend is very likely to stay even in the upcoming year.

Attractive and Genuine design

When there are so many pages, out of which some of them may even be having similar content as your page, uniqueness is definitely something that one must strive for. There are many customizable elements present in web pages today and it depends to a great extent on how best to use these tools.

Creating animation using simple tools such as JS or HTML5 and using it on your website may be a very good idea. Apart from these, there are several other simple and easy tools that are available today and it simply depends on how best you design your website and execute it.

Use of parallax

It has been observed that a large number of the popular websites on WordPress today prefer to give their pages a 3-D illusion, which indeed increases the appeal of the page to a great extent. This is done by a simple trick whereby the background is moved at a much slower rate than the foreground, giving an illusion of 3-D to the eye. This effect is known by the name Parallax- which creates a certain kind of depth in the page.

The increasing popularity of this parallax effect comes from the fact that it increases the user traffic up to a great deal. So if you want to take up your website traffic without spending too much effort, then this trick is definitely worth a try.

Use the WordPress theme applications

While earlier website designers had to spend a huge amount of time on the internet searching for relevant themes for their page, things have become much easier today with the arrival of the WordPress theme application.

Now you may select the theme on the go while creating your page and this will save you a lot of your precious hours. However if you are of the thought that these given set of themes will steal away the uniqueness of your site, then do not worry at all.

All of these themes are totally customizable according to your needs so you may always maintain the unique touch in it.

Choose an effective textual presentation

As the competition is soaring higher and higher up among the websites, it has become very important to keep innovating in order to attract more and more traffic. An effective way of doing that is by ensuring that your content is not just enriched in words but also has a very attractive and unique appearance attached to it.

While H2 and H3 headers had been quite popular up till the previous years, the present competition demands yet some more variations and experimentation with respect to the textual presentation. For this, in place of using the standard fonts that are easily available on the site, you may go on to use some of the third-party applications such as Google and Adobe for the creation of unique and attractive fo0nts.

You may later import them to the WordPress environment. Customization of the font is likely to catch the eyes of the reader and bring more traffic to your site in comparison to the conventional fonts that are used by every other site.

Mobile Compatibility

Gone are the days when people would surf the net on their desktops or laptops. As people and their lives are becoming more and more fast-paced and mobile phones are getting more and more advanced in their features, it is most likely that when people will surf your site, they are more likely to do it on their mobile phones. This is the part where many websites lag behind as they simply ignore to make their sites mobile phone compatible.

As the figures by the data analysts show a majority of the people around the world today actually use smartphones and tablets to log in to the internet, websites that do not meet the requirements of mobile phone users are simply left behind in the race.

Furthermore, being unable to be mobile phone compatible also has a large impact on the goodwill as well as customer base when it comes to the businesses. Hence do make sure that your page has been mobile-optimized so that people may access it whenever they want and across whatever device that they want

So go ahead and incorporate these simple trends into your WordPress website design with the help of experts web developers from Webomaze and get ready to be totally swept by the responses from your users.

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