I believe that entrepreneurs will solve all of the world’s major problems. So to help you on your journey today, I’m going to share the best ways to help you get more YouTube subscribers quickly.

7 ways to increase subscribers on YouTube

Many people ask how do I get more YouTube subscribers? How do I grow my channel? How do I get people interested in my content? Today I’m going to share with you seven ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.

Create content that you Love

You have to create content that you love. Most of the content that you guys are putting out, you don’t really love. It’s actually not that good.

It’s not about just promoting whatever coupon code you have or whatever launch product. The people don’t care about your spam. They want valuable content. Think about why you subscribe to this channel.

Why did you subscribe? You subscribed because somewhere along the line, you saw a video that really helped you and maybe you watched a couple of them. Maybe you watched five videos and you’re like, huh, this Evan guy. He’s not that bad. I’m going to subscribe. Right? So thinking about that, thinking about who you subscribe to, are you creating that kind of content for your followers? Because if the must watch videos that you have subscribed to.

People must watch Instagramers, or people on Twitter, or people on Facebook, that you follow that you want to consume every day, they’re proud of their work. They put a lot of love into it. And are you creating content at that level? It doesn’t mean you have to do what I do or do what anybody else does.

But it’s the same level, the level of love that I put in to making my content, the level of pride that I have in my content. Are you taking that same approach and bringing the same level of pride and love into what you’re doing? If you do that, and not being, you need to focus better, pick one platform and make it awesome instead of going everywhere, then you’ll start to get more subscribers on YouTube.

Be Consistent

Super important, especially with social media. You’ve got to be consistent, consistent, consistent. I mean, it’s everything. In entrepreneurship, you have to be consistent. You have to take action everyday.

Too many people make a video and then stop, and then start and then stop. If you’re not consistent, like if you look at traction on YouTube.

You need to have consistent contact. Because you get dropped out so easily, and you create a storyline. And people want to see what you’re doing next.

If you’re doing vlogs and you’re talking about your day, people want to see what’ll happen next. If you’re talking about your business or your ideas, they want to see next. It’s a continuation, telling me what’s happening next.

They want to see it. If you just created one piece of content every month, you wouldn’t have as big a YouTube channel. You wouldn’t have as many YouTube subscribers. You wouldn’t have the big impact. So, if you want to really have success, you have to commit, especially with a YouTube world.

Just something to grow your brain and create the best video for your business.

Understand the Algorithm

Every social media network has different algorithms, and so it’s really important to understand the algorithm that you are playing with. It’s how you can win against bigger guys if you don’t have the talent, if you don’t have the production ability, if you don’t have the graphic design or the camera or the lighting or anything else.

It’s how you can beat the bigger guys and people ahead of you in your field and get more YouTube subscribers because you understand the algorithms. So YouTube has their own algorithm and Facebook has their own algorithm and Twitter has its own algorithm, everybody has their own algorithm.

Twitter’s more based on the different tools, but still top, right? To hit top for different keywords. Everybody has their own algorithm. You got to understand how the algorithm works.

You can see, if you keep your production quality stable, even if you drop your production quality a little bit, you’ll still get way more subscribers and make way more views going daily than weekly.

If you do two videos a day, and they’re decent, right? Even slightly lower quality, if they’re crap, it’s not going to work, but even slightly lower quality compared to one video a day, you’ll see growth. And again, between two and three, there’s not a huge difference.

A video that’s one minute long versus 10 minutes long. The 10 minute video will crush it every time. Even a five minute versus a 10 minute.

It used to be around four or five minutes long and now we’re moving towards nine, 10, 11, 12 minutes long because that’s how the YouTube algorithm works. We tack on bonus clips at the end of it because it’s going to double the watch time on the video.

Double the watch time, then you get more views. You get more views, you get more YouTube subscribers, right? So understanding what YouTube wants on top of making quality content. It’s both. Can you win with insanely quality content and just ignore the algorithm? Yes. You can. But you’re hurting yourself.

You have to be so insanely good that people just share it and it explodes to just ignore the algorithm. You’re creating with one hand tied behind your back. It’s doable, but why would you want to? Where you can, if you understand the algorithm, even have less talent and win because you’re playing to the system.

And so whatever network you’re trying to plan on, understand the algorithm. And it’s not that hard to figure out. There’s a lot of people talking about it. To get to the 80% knowledge is super fast. Within a day, you can understand 80% of what you need to know.

Just understanding the first 80% that will take you a day to understand will already put you ahead of most of your competition. So understand the algorithm.

Form Collaborations

Find people, It’s one of the fastest ways to grow any business. Find people who are already styling to your target market and find a way to work with them so that your message can reach those people.

So in a YouTube context, find people who are already surfing your target audience, same similar audience, and find a way to collaborate, work together.

It already means you have some kind of vibe together. You like that person’s style for whatever reason. As opposed to the cold outreaches where you don’t know anything about them. But if there’s some way that you can add value to their channel, to their content, and they can promote you to their audience, then it’s an easy way to bring more people to you.

Have a business Model

You got to figure out how to make money off of this, right? You’re posting all this content to social media. You have to have a business model around it that feeds the system, that feeds the content, that allows you to build a team.

How do I make money off of everything that I’m doing? Or the project is just a hobby? Or the project dies because I can’t figure out a business model around it. So with some networks, it’s easier.

With YouTube, they have built-in advertising, so you can do that. There’s brand deals that are available. You can sell your own merch and different products. There’s a page around now that exists that you can have your fans help find you.

A little bit harder with the other platforms. They haven’t figured out the monetization as much yet. It could be for your business. Toronto Dance Salsa has a business. It’s on social media. We don’t care about making money from the videos or from Twitter or brand deals.

It’s about getting people to sign up for salsa classes and take lessons with us. That’s the main driver. So whether you’re selling a product service on the outside world, whether you’re trying to sell to a specific demographic, whether you’re doing advertising or brand deals, understanding what your business model is and then driving towards that to try to make some money so you can not just support yourself, but build a team.

There’s so many YouTubers with channels that are bigger and popular, that they’re still doing everything themselves and they can’t afford to have anybody on their team.

They don’t have a business model around it. They’re just trying to drive views and make content, which is great and they love it. But it’s still just a hobby for them. They need a business model around it, and it was shocking that people with millions of subscribers still aren’t making a full-time income from it and can’t afford to hire somebody underneath them.

Depends on the niche, depends on a few factors, but you got to be able to build a business model around it so you can support yourself and set to build a team to make your content more valuable.

Build a Team

You know, if you want to make consistent, great quality, awesome content, you need to build a team. You have to recognize what you are fantastic at, what are you best in the world at, and then, or potentially best in the world if you’re not there yet, and then surround yourself with people who can do the rest.

And so, you want to start eyeing, what is the thing you hate doing most in your business, in your YouTube channel, or in your social media? If it’s the graphic design, it’s the editing, it’s the filming, the research, whatever it is that you hate the most.

Some people love being behind the camera. They don’t want to be in front. Great, go partner up. It doesn’t even have to be paid, right? There’s some people, if you love editing, there’s people who love being in front of the camera and are looking for experience in front of the camera.

Go work with them. You don’t have to pay them at the start. Just build up your portfolio, get your experience, get better. Build up content, start making a little bit of money, and then you can afford to have a budget to go and hire people.

Model Success

If you’re trying to figure out what you should be doing in a new market, one of the fastest ways of doing it is look at what people are currently doing and learn from them. It doesn’t mean you copy them.

If you look at Logan Paul and the success that he’s had with his YouTube channel, one of the fastest growing YouTube channels of all time, he came from the Vine world and had success really quickly on YouTube, implementing the strategies that worked for him in Vine, the six second videos, applying them to YouTube.

And really capturing people of short attention spans and making high quality content around him and on his vlogs. So you can learn both from people inside your industry who you look up to, who have had a lot of success as well as people outside of the industry.

You can say huh, if I bring this, this is something new that doesn’t exist that hasn’t been done before. I’m going to bring it and see if it works! Try it, test it. If it doesn’t work, you can drop it. But if it does, you run with it.

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