Benefits of Wireless Internet (WiFi) in the Workplace


The world is changing at a very rapid pace. It is becoming more and more difficult to catch up with it. With the dawn of the internet, the productivity of businesses both large and small has increased manifold. The latest development that organizations and businesses have seen is the introduction of ‘WiFi’ into their workplace setup.

Most people around the world are aware of what the word ‘WiFi’ means. For those of you who don’t, the WiFi can best be described as a network that connects different kinds of electronic devices together. The difference between this network and other established networks is that it does not need cables. Hence the term ‘Wireless’ or ‘wire less’. The most common devices that the WiFi connects are the laptops, smartphones, printers, tablets, even a TV can be connected nowadays. So as you can see, the WiFi has much to offer within the four walls of an organization.

“This is a great time to be a business owner because technologies like free public WiFi are so much more powerful now. What used to be seen simply as a cost centre actually pays for itself quite quickly in the form of business value: customer contact details, customer demographics, and data on footfall peaks and troughs”.

Though many small businesses are still toying around with the idea of using WiFi to increase their productivity, the truth still stands that the WiFi is already being used by businesses both big and small.

7 Benefits of WiFi in the Workplace

The WiFi has made life much easier for both employer and employee. Let’s have a look at the benefits that WiFi brings to the workplace.

Reduced Cost Due to Cabling

The use of the convention Local Area Networks (LAN) requires extensive cabling throughout the office. This cabling takes time, manpower and money. With the advent of the WiFi, this particular cost has dropped as the WiFi does not require any form of cabling. All it’s wires are localized around the wireless device but the network can be accessed around the office provided the electronic device being used falls within range.

Meetings Are Setup Faster

The WiFi allows you enter a meeting room and hook up directly with all the gadgetry that you require. It eliminates the time required to connect your laptop to all the other equipment when you use cables. Even your clients can connect and you can share files instantly.

Laptops No Longer Have a Fixed Place to Be In

Laptops have been designed for portability. Unfortunately, since we often require internet for our work, we are stuck to one place. The WiFi eliminates the problem. It allows you portability with simultaneous access to the internet. So you can pick up your laptop and show your boss your screen without having to disconnect and reconnect to the internet.

Easier Access to Printers and Other Devices

Gone are the days when you have to take your laptop or USB drive to the printer just to get a print out. Thanks to the WiFi, all you have to do is sit at your desk and send the files to the printer over wireless system. After that, all you have to do is go and collect it!

Less Technical Support and Better Troubleshooting

In case of any errors the previous LAN system required that a technician checked every single LAN port till the problem was discovered. Now however the problem is isolated to the wireless device and is simple to overcome. Connecting to the WiFi also does not require any technical support. The device doesn’t have to be configured. All you have to do is log in with the password.

Easier and Faster Access to Information

The WiFi allows you to access information without having to manually access it. Your laptop becomes a fount of knowledge and the ease at which you can recover the data that you need has been increased exponentially.

Budget & Quality

You won’t “break the bank”, most providers offer you WiFi in their initial plan so having a WiFi package should not be higher than your initial internet plan. Having a stable network connection is the highest priority.


Like every good thing in life, the WiFi also has some drawbacks. The most important drawback is security. Having a WiFi installed in your office means that you at risk of being hacked by hackers who are online and in the vicinity. With a large amount of sensitive data going through your network every day, this possess a significant threat. However, there are a number of ways to keep your network well protected. It only requires a little work and effort. Awareness that such problems exist is the first step to keeping your workplace safe.

The advent of the WiFi has brought a large change in the way that organizations and businesses function. As you can see it has reduced costs, it can increase productivity and added speed to the daily activities that surrounds the workplace. Technology is developing and the world is progressing. It may be hard to keep up with it but it is definitely worthwhile to keep trying. The benefits are many. If we weigh the pros and cons well, we may just have a winning equation in our hands!