How to Convert Website Visitors into Subscribers


Email marketing has a bright future. Do you often get a lot of traffic on your website? If yes, then, you can make use of this fact to increase your visitors by converting them into email subscribers. Well, everyone checks their email at least once in a day.

9 Ways to Convert Website Visitors into Subscribers

It is your task to see to it that the visitors to whom you are mailing are persuaded to check your email too. Here are a few tips to convert website visitors into subscribers.

Guest Visitors Should Have Separate Landing Pages

When you write guest posts for other websites you tend to reach out to a new audience. It is a great way to network. Link your original blog by giving a reference to it somehow on your guest post. This is how the new audience connects with you. For welcoming visitors, you can set up a specific landing page. Keep your sign up page hassle free and short as people tend to avoid lengthy sign up forms.

Redirect Commenters to a Landing Page

Consumer rewards program enhance brand favorability. Mostly website owners never pay heed to the ones who comment on their posts. Usually these comments are forgotten after a while. Redirecting them to a landing page is a great way to make them your email subscribers. Simple, ask them to sign up in the thank you landing page.

Invitation to Followers on Social Media with a Contest

Making the followers compete against each other is a fantastic way to persuade them to visit your website. Choose a platform and run the contest there. The objective of the contest is to welcome people to check out your website followed by persuading them to join your email subscribers list.

Persuade Subscribers to Forward Emails

This step will gain a lot of new email subscribers. This is because the recipients of the forwarded email will mostly look forward to your website on being recommended by someone trustworthy. Your content will spread to a large extent. Hence, your current subscribers can be of great help. Also, check if your autoresponder provider has the option of forwarding.

Keep Unsubscribe Option Open

This enables your user to believe that they can opt out whenever they want. As such they are most likely to keep up the subscription. They in fact will end up giving more attention to your emails. Your major task is to protect your visitors. Do it with utmost care.

Use the Content Upgrade Strategy

A lot of visitors are drawn to your website because of the content that you put forward. The higher the quality the more the traffic it generates. Be specific in the content as no one finds the same content in modified words interesting at all.

Use the correct keywords. Provide relevant and useful information, to know more of which the reader has to subscribe to you. For example, suppose your content is a guide to say making a recipe.

Give half content and then, ask the readers to subscribe to your website for reading the full one. Or make videos and presentations which can only be accessible upon subscription.

The Pre Selling Technique

Product reviews are a great way of the utilization of this technique. No buyer ever wants to just go ahead and get something without any awareness. And also people mostly will come back to something that solves their problems.

They look for resources to gain the maximum information regarding the same before making a purchase. You can play a wonderful role here by providing information about the soon to be launched products. Educate the audience with worksheets or courses. Nobody has the time to scroll through many websites these days.

They all look for a place that provides all the required information at one place. Make sure you are providing that package. In no time many people will enroll for your courses or subscribe to you.

Try to Influence People by Giving Social Proof

People tend to try out those things already tried by their known others. In this case, the visibility and popularity of your website are important. You can even showcase where your website has been mentioned to let your visitors know where you stand in the online community currently.

Make Use of Color Psychology

Use the right colors on your website. It is said to influence moods and perceptions. The best way to reach at a particular color is by keeping a track on your website traffic as you keep changing a few colors.

Do it often for a few times and stay consistent once you see you have a lot of traffic with a particular color. Or try to come up with a content asking the readers themselves about the colors that they prefer. But, avoid stating directly that you are using it as a survey to market your website.

Thus, follow these tips to convert your website visitors to email subscribers.