5 Things You Should Consider to Avoid Identity Theft

identity theft

As tech espionage continues to flourish and regularly redefine the term spying, one should always be on the lookout for hackers and their penetrating maneuvers. Identity theft is one thing that is really on the up. When one exercises their little grey cells about identity theft, the first thing that one thinks about is computer hacking or bill stealing from trash cans; however, what we don’t realize is that it is a much broader horizon and can involve private information  theft from a cell phone or PC through cell phone tracking or PC monitoring.

Like for instance if one were to lose their phones or tablets, they can be caught off guard, in every sense of the term possible, if someone with a malicious intent gets their hands on the said device. They can use your phone’s browser to log into saved accounts, and basically wreak havoc with your privacy, and in turn your identity.

5 Way to Prevent Identity Theft

This can also be the case for your bank account, where the wreaking havoc act can take monetarily catastrophic proportions; like for instance with a PayPal account or any other online account. Hence, steering clear of these acts or cell phone tracking and PC monitoring is extremely important in this day and age, and here are a few tips as to how you can avoid identity theft.

Avoid Saving The Log in Information

This can easily be disabled from the browser options, and would ensure that even if your device were to stumble upon a stranger’s lap, it would still take a lot of effort from the person’s part to unearth your data.

Avoid Loaning Out Your Device

There might be people that you might trust, but trust me, logging into someone else’s account does have its temptation. Therefore, the safest thing to do is to avoid sharing your device as much as you can. This in turn would help you avoid unwarranted penetrations into your privacy.

Secure Your Device With a Password

Adding a password to the tablet or a phone, can help you shore up the security of your phone. Also do make sure that the password is not an obvious one, like 1234, ABCD, your name, your date of birth, or anything you’re openly passionate about. Plus mixing and matching various characters and symbols would also help your cause.

Immediately Report Lost Device

Whenever you lose your device, it is imperative that you report that loss to your service provider, as soon as possible. The provider would in turn disable the device, which would ensure that anyone who might find it would not be able to misuse it – hence, reducing the menace of hacking.

Avoid Storing Your Contacts Online

There is many a tale which divulges how the websites of the carrier providers are hacked by the tech mafia and the users’ contact information stolen. In order to avoid your contact list becoming an open secret, avoid storing them online, and then the hackers would not have an easy access to your private data.