10 Best Chrome Extensions for Better Productivity


Installing extensions is a great way to add additional functionality to your Google Chrome browser. There are chrome extensions that could even replace your regular desktop apps and do a great job at it. For example, Google Keep is an excellent note taking app that gives a lot more features and easy synchronization when compared to its PC counterparts.

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Installing some good and handy Google Chrome extensions can boost your productivity to a great extent. Here is a list of some of the best Google chrome extensions that you can use to improve productivity.


Screencastify is a nifty screen recorder plugin for Chrome. This plugin will come handy if you need to record online videos or create tutorials. It comes with some great features such as mouse pointer spotlight, frame cropping and trimming. The pen tool which is included can be used for easy annotation.



Grammarly is a wonderful extension to save you from all the memes that Grammar Nazis could make of you. Install this and it takes care of any of those silly mistakes you make while writing emails, or while typing something pretty much everywhere on the web. However, it is not available for few of the websites including Quora and Google docs.

Office Online


Office Online is a great productivity app. You can use most of the frequently used features of Microsoft Office Suite online to edit your documents and it automatically gets saved in your OneDrive.

Google Keep

Google keep

Again a wonderful product by Google itself. Use Google Keep  to make to-do lists, save any memos or make any sticky notes which you can access not only on your browsers but also from your mobile devices.



Are you someone who regularly visits a lot of websites and tend to forget passwords? Then LastPass is a must-have app for you. It not only keeps your passwords safe but also generates a randomly produced, highly secure password based on your needs. It is available cross-platform and you can also use this on your android devices.



Forest can help you stay focused in a creative way. Do you spend unnecessarily a lot of time on Social Media? Are you regularly interrupted by the notifications from ever irritating social network websites? Then this app is for you. Install Forest and set the time limits for websites, specially the social media sites that eat up your productive hours. If you use a restricted website for longer than the pre-set time, this extension will block the website from opening until next day.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote web clipper

Again a note taking app available cross-platform, but the beauty of Evernote is that it can take clips or screenshots from your websites. You can save entire webpages as PDF files and they will be made available across all your platforms and devices.

HTTPs everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

A security enhancement extension, HTTPS everywhere ensures that all the websites you visit are secure and SSL certified. In case you come across websites that aren’t secure, this extension will notify you. With malware and hideous practices on the web on the rise, HTTPs everywhere will help you stay safe.

Save to Pocket


Pocket is handy when all you need to do is save websites or links which contains good articles that you need to revisit or read later. They are also available for the android or ios devies. Pocket became so popular and was introduced in Mozilla Firefox as a pre-installed addon.



PushBullet is a wonderful app to link your android mobile phone and your GoogleChrome web browser together. All your notifications, messages, files, music, videos, photos and everything else can be shared between your Browser and the Smartphone. Additionally it allows you to message and pick up calls from your browser itself.

Did we miss any notable ones? If you know more productivity-boosting chrome extensions, let us know through the comments below.