15 Best Torrent Sites for 2024 (The Ultimate List)

best torrent sites

Every service around the Internet these days seem to exploit their users’ demand by putting a price tag on the premium services which they offer. Torrents have become a savior when it comes to this. An individual does not need to pay for anything with torrent. Whether they are looking to download an e-book or software or movies – torrents are the answer to everything.

But, if you were to type into Google for the best torrent sites, you will hit a figurative brick wall. A Google search generally hides torrent website and often will redirect the links to dodgy websites and annoying ads. There are still a few good sites out there, however, it takes ages to find them. Additionally, a user does not have the time to spend testing dozens of the links. It also possesses a great security risk if the user is not privacy-savvy.

While torrenting do help people get premium products for free, globally, it might often have a backlash from the authorities. Torrents are quite a big threat to both users and enterprise security and integrity. Many cybercriminals often lure users by providing torrents with non-original products. The torrents might come bundled with malware or the malware can just be application itself. Torrents also violate copyright.

These two are the main reasons why torrenting is banned in many countries. P2P sites often suffer frequent close downs. Unfortunately, this harsh impact also has an effect on the more popular torrent sites which are safe to use.

3 Tips to Choose The Best Torrent Sites

Now, before we list out the best torrent sites of 2022, these are the top 3 tips that the first-time user or the not so privacy-savvy users to remembers –

  1. Hide your IP – It is wise to hide your IP using a VPN. Without a VPN, a user exposes his/her activity to their ISPs and this might lead to ISP throttling. A VPN also helps the user remain under the radar of cybercriminals.
  2. Legality of Torrents – It does not matter whether the user is downloading a e-book for his/her studies or downloading a movie, there comes a harsh penalty if torrenting is illegal in the users’ country.
  3. Torrent Safety – Checking the torrent’s safety is the last and most important thing to check before downloading it. Once a system is malware affected, then, it will not be easy for the users to get rid of it. If it is a ransomware, then the user is doomed. So, it is always recommended that a healthy torrent which has a larger seeder to leecher ratio.

15 Best Torrent Sites

Now, here is the final list of 15 best torrent sites for 2022 available in the market. These tested and working torrent sites can help to download your favorite files.

The Pirate Bay

Anyone who has the slightest knowledge of piracy tools and torrents knows about The Pirate Bay. It is not wrong to call it the King of P2P file sharing sites. It was started in the year 2013 as the ultimate platform for providing premium items for free. To date, it has millions of torrents from various categories. The site has an easy-to-navigate interface which a naïve user can navigate easily. A user can easily find the item they are looking for by doing a simple search. Apart from this, it has a vast database which provides the user with multiple links. To get the desired file easily, there are various working links, which also includes magnet downloads. However, there is a problem with TPB. Some country’s block the website. Nonetheless, there are ways which a user can workaround the blockage. They can access the website by simply using a VPN.


This is one the favorite sites for various torrent users. Alexa site ranking has revealed that 1337x is the third most popular website used for torrenting. Whenever a list of the most popular torrent websites is created, 1337x always finds its spot on the top 10. The website was founded in the year 2007 and is available in various countries apart from Austria, Ireland, Australia, and UK since they have banned the website. The site has a beautifully designed user interface with precise directories. It also has an enormous collection of torrents for various categories. Anything can be found in this website. A user does not have to worry about content limitations when using the 1337x torrent tracker.


RARBG was established a year after 1337x. It functions as a torrent tracker and is the 4th most visited torrent website according to TorrentFreak. The site has several domains under which it operates. Just like the above two websites, it also has contents from various categories and numerous links for whatever content the users download. The only problem with RARBG is that it might have site block. It is currently banned in various countries like Ireland, Finland, Italy, Indonesia, Australia, UK, Portugal, Denmark, Turkey, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. This is due to the fact that the website faces copyright infringement. A user might require a VPN if he/she is trying to access the website from any of the above countries.


YTS is the best of all the movie torrenting website. This website also operates with multiple domains. YTS is a successor to the YIFY group. Launched in the year 2011, it is a niche torrent website which exclusively features movies. From the oldest classics to the latest movies, a user will likely find their desired movie in this website. It has a neat interface and if the user is a fan of Netflix, then, they will have no problem navigating the website.

Kickass Torrents

One of the oldest torrent platforms which has faced continuous backlash from the authorities is Kickass Torrents. The site originally begun in 2008 and continued to run seamlessly till 2016 when the owner got arrested. It was shut down after that as the site faced severe issues. But the team behind the website revived it once again the year 2016 and is running with mirror links. However, users need to cautious while using the mirror links as sometimes the links contain malicious torrent files.

Tor Lock

TorLock is one of the safest websites to visit for first time torrent users. It has faced minimal bans since it started in the year 2010. It has a no-fake torrent behavior. It means that the user gets safe and verified torrent files without the fear of malware. TorLock pays anyone who reports fake torrents. This is how vigilant the team of TorLock is with the website. But the highlight of the website is that it features hard-to-find content.


In the year 2003, Torrentz was the first standalone torrent search engine. It sourced content from various major torrent websites. But, due to legal issues, it stopped its operations in the year 2016. Nevertheless, a clone for the website, Torrentz2, appeared in the same year. Just like Torrentz, Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine which indexes files from various of the top torrent websites. Users can search a torrent file for their desired content. It saves the user time by indexing the list of websites on which their torrent content is available. It has neat interface in which the user can easily search for their desired content.


For the users who are looking to download TV shows, EZTV is the one-stop solution which provides the necessary content. It is a dedicated torrent website for TV shows, and thus, the user will not find music, e-books, movies or anything else. It mainly sources torrent links for all known and rare TV shows as magnet and direct links. It was an ad-free platform when it originated in the year 2005. However, in the year 2015, it stopped working and a few mirror links appeared. If the user is careful while browsing, the user will be able to download their favorite TV shows.

Torrent Galaxy

As the name of the website suggests, this website has a huge galaxy of torrents for various major categories. From e-books, software, apps, games, music, TV shows, movies, and even online skill development courses, this website has the link for any of the content the user is looking for. The website has an interesting, navigable, and straightforward interface. A quick search for the users desired content will return torrent links along with the name and status of the uploader, size of the file, seeder/leecher ratio and date and time when the file was uploaded. These details make it easier for the naïve user to find the correct link.


LimeTorrents is one of the largest databases of torrents available. It includes verified torrents. The service begun in the year 2009 and has been an uncontroversial platform which has faced minimal bans. It caters to the requirement of most users with verified media and high torrent download speeds. Currently, the website is only banned in Australia, UK and France. Finding the right torrent file is not very difficult in the website as it has navigable and pleasant interface with direct links for content categories. Also, it clearly shows the date of uploading, file size, health, and other necessary information for every torrent file.

Torrent Downloads

This is a very worthy addition to the best torrent websites since it consists of an enormous database of more than 16 million torrents. Here, the user will likely find their desired movies, software, games, TV shows, etc. quite easily. The website has maintained a credible position since its establishment is the year 2007 due it maintaining a low profile. This also has helped the website evade most bans and thus allows users from any part of the world to access it quite easily.


Torrends enjoys a huge success even though there are numerous BitTorrent platforms available. Its success can be attributed to huge traffic it generates because of its powerful search engine which provides links to torrent files from other well-established websites. This includes both magnet links and direct links. Torrents.io supersedes other torrent indexing websites with the help of its user-friendly interface. When a user searches for an item, they not only get the relevant links to the files from top-ranked torrent websites, they are also provided with additional details like link health, seeds, file size, etc.


Torrent Funk is another entry into the torrenting arenas with its interactive interface which helps new users. Like its rivals, Torrentfunk is an exclusive platform which feature numerous torrent files which are sourced from other torrent websites. Its database includes content from all major categories, including software, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and more. The best feature of this website is that it clearly cites the uploader details, size of the file, seeds, peers, upload date and link health. It also shows the links which are verified and genuine and thus ensures that the user experiences safe torrenting.


In a similar manner to EZTV, ETTV is also an exclusive torrent website for TV shows. It might not be as famous as EZTV, however, its performance is no slouch. The site is quire straightforward and the user can find all new and old TV shows with the help of the websites dedicated browse option. The website database is quite impressive. It has shows from various genres, also. The only minor issue with ETTV is that it may not have the latest episode releases. So, the user might have to wait a couple of weeks before downloading the newest episode from here.


The Demonoid torrent website is one of the most resilient torrent websites available. It was in the same year as The Pirate Bay – 2003. Even though the website’s library might not be very large, it still has 10 million visitors on a monthly basis. It contains numerous files for movies, TV series, music, eBooks, applications, and games. However, it has more TV series and movies more than any other file. For the Australian users, to whom many torrenting website are banned, this website is a blessing since it is not banned in the country.

So, this is the end of the list for 15 of the best torrent sites for 2022. These websites work globally and with VPNs. The user just requires a torrent client like BitTorrent or uTorrent to download anything they want. The torrent sites mentioned in the list are all safe and genuinely work.