Showbox Alternatives 2021 – Best Apps Like Showbox


We have compiled best Showbox alternatives. The list of similar sites like Showbox have been tested for free movies and TV shows.

Entertainment is a very important factor in everyone’s life. Once in a while, each and every one needs to relax a bit. All have different ways of relaxing themselves, some choose to go on a vacation at weekend while some choose to just spend their entire day lying on bed and doing nothing. As, it is not possible for everyone to go on a vacation while having busy schedules one of the best ways of entertainment is by watching a movie.

There are some websites which provides online movie streaming at free of cost. ShowBox was one such android app like to watching movies which was closed down recently.

Showbox is a free movie streaming application which has a wide variety of movies and also tv shows. Show box also does not actually require any kind of registration or logins. Apart from all the mainstream movies it also consists of the various different genres of movies and allows the users to stream the movies at the highest resolution possible by the application.

This application was primarily supported by the casting apps like the Chromecast and also the Airplay. Most important thing about this application is, it is the safest one to use.

Best Alternative Apps Like Showbox

But since, show box is the pirated application, many countries have already banned the use of this application. Also, many people have also reported that ShowBox has also stopped working because of the software issues.

Some also say that Show Box did not really shut down but has moved to an upgraded version and website. Nobody can confirm about this in reality, so if anyone wants to download the version of Show Box should download at its own risk, who wants to watch free content.

Fortunately, there are also many Showbox alternatives available nowadays in market which are –

Tubi TV

Tubi TV offers free viewing of all the movies and tv shows to the users which is in high resolution. There are also new releases every week available on Tubi TV. There is just one drawback to this application is that it is available only in US, but if the user is really a techno savy, they would know that by getting the best VPN for Android and IOS would definitely help them getting the application.


Stremio is also one of the best Showbox alternatives which allows the user to stream content online legally. Stremio has been made out to branch content like other OTT platforms like Netflix, HBO, Prime videos etc.  Stremio also has a very clean user interface that is quite simple to the user for use. The user can just like to the service of their choice and it seamlessly streams the content for the user. Most importantly Stremio works on all the devices of the user like the Android, MAC, IOS, LINUX etc. This application is really user friendly to use and also runs smoothly.


Crackle is another of the alternative for the users to use instead of show box. Crackle is one of the most popular applications with over 20 million users. Crackle provides one of the best streaming qualities and also comes with a straightforward and easy to navigate the user interface option. Crackle is actually very trendy these days and also supports Smart TV.


Another Showbox alternative is HULU. Hulu is also one of the most popular streaming application. Hulu makes sure to update the content of this application weekly. The user interface is also very easy, simple and swift and provides the user with the non-stop movie streaming sessions with just some of the clicks.  Also, the interesting feature about Hulu is, it provides free option to access to some programs.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is also another of the alternative, which allows the streaming of movies and tv shows on a variety of devices. Pluto TV also has a huge library of movies and shows, which the user can stream for free. There are also 250 and more channels and thousands of movies to stream for free.

The two best reasons to use this application is that it is free and it is legal to use. This application is owned by Viacom CBS, this movie application becomes the go to place for all the movie lovers looking to binge watch and is also cost free.

Some of the masterpieces which are available on this application are James Bond, Mean Girls, Mr. and Mrs Smith and Ghosts. As, this application is completely free, it plays ads for about 20-30 seconds in between all the movies and shows to earn revenue and keeps the service alive.


Kodi is also another alternative, where the user can access a diverse range of live TV shows, movies, songs, photos, and even some of the gaming content. There is just one downside to the application Kodi is that it is steep learning curve. For beginners, Kodi can be challenging to set up on the user’s device. Kodi is convenient to use for the user in any devices like Android, IOS, Mac and Windows computer and also mobile devices.

Cartoon HD

This is also another of the alternative application, in which the user can actually stream tons of videos like movies and shows for free. Initially, this application was released for Apple devices back in 2013 but thankfully, now all the android users can also stream this application for free as an alternative for the Show box.

Movie Box

Movie Box is a lot much similar to Showbox in its looks and features and even has the same layout. It is also one of the most popular streaming applications. This application can be installed using the same apk links of the showbox. The collection of the movies and tv shows are even more than that of the show box, all the latest releases are updated quickly on Movie Box application.

MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is another of the alternative for the user to use instead of showbox. One of the best features about this application is that it comes with a very smooth-running user interface. Though, the installation is again very similar to that of the Showbox. This application is also available on all the Android and iOs platforms and also works well on all the devices.


So, these are all the 10 best Showbox alternatives to be used instead of showbox, for movie lovers to binge watch for entertainment. Also, there are many other Showbox alternatives as well but these are some of the best ones used for watching. All these apps like Showbox can be used on both devices Android and iOS platforms and smartphones as well. With all these applications, there will be non-stop entertainment for the users.