ShowBox App – Download ShowBox APK for Android


Showbox is a coolest streaming app which have been very popular for Android in the previous few years. While it’s not officially listed on the Play Store at the moment, you can find a link to the Showbox app download here. Millions of people use their smartphones for media consumption. However, there aren’t many apps that allow you to watch movies and TV shows free without bombarding you with ads or infecting your phone.

However, Showbox App is the ultimate solution for smartphone users who want an app that makes it easy to watch the latest videos without having to fill out any surveys or go through an extensive signup process. After the Showbox download has been completed, you need to install it on your device. Your phone may prompt you about installing from unknown sources. However, the app is completely secure and free from any viruses. The APK file was thoroughly tested before being made available to our users.

Why Showbox?

Before you download and install Showbox, it’s quite natural to ask yourself “Why should I download and install Showbox? What’s in it for me?”. While we’re pretty sure you’ll thank us later for suggesting this wonderful app, we’ll anyway attempt to convince you about why you should install Showbox on your phone right away!

High-Quality Print

Showbox isn’t one of those apps which offer low-quality CAM prints. Almost all movies that you find on Showbox are in high definition. You’ll never have to hunt for good prints again. Showbox is the one-stop destination for great, high-quality movies!

Most recent movies and TV shows

Once you download and install Showbox app, it provides you the most recent, popular and in demand movies. Movies you wouldn’t want to miss and movies you can watch in high-quality! Can’t get better than this!

Amazingly easy navigation

There are some apps out there that make you despise the app the moment you start to navigate. Showbox isn’t one of those – it’s got user-friendly navigation that lets you avoid all the ridiculous prompts and other navigation guides. Just get started with this easy-to-navigate Showbox app and you’ll begin to love the user-interface in no time!

Bookmark Movies and more

Who says you can bookmark only on Google Chrome? Showbox app allows it too! Found an interesting movie to catch up on later? All you need to do is bookmark the movie! It saves you the hassle of finding that movie all over again. This feature works great on Showbox app.

How Does Showbox App Work?

Download and Install Showbox APK (APK stands for Android Applications Package which is a file format for Android OS) on your phone, and just click on the icon to start the app. At the top of the screen, you will notice four tabs: Movies, Shows, My Library, and Updates. The main screen is filled with tons of movies that you can browse through. You can watch the movie directly on your phone or tablet, or stream it on a ChromeCast.

The Showbox app Android is extremely responsive, so you don’t have to worry about any glitches or crashes while in the middle of the movie. The app was designed to regulate the use of resources, so it doesn’t even hog your phone and slow it down.When you tap on any movie you want to watch, the app shows you a brief synopsis of the film’s plot and gives you streaming options. Here, you can choose the resolution at which you wish to view the movie, and you can also download the film for later viewing. Once the movie has been downloaded, just press “watch now” to start streaming!

Why Showbox App Download?

The Showbox app free download makes it easy for people to turn their phone or tablet into a home cinema! If you have a 4G connection on your phone, it won’t take long for you to start streaming a free movie while on the go! The app is regularly updated with all of the latest movies so you won’t even have to stick with a boring library!

Showbox App aims to revolutionize the way in which people consume media on their phones. Rather than hide the content behind the paywall or force users to fill out comprehensive surveys, the app has a very simple two-button interface that you can use to watch your favorite movies wherever you are! The Showbox app download link is available on our website. Just download APK file on your phone, install it and start watching your favorite movies!

How To Install Showbox

Follow these simple steps to install Showbox app on your Android smartphone:

  • Download the Showbox APK file.
  • Since the APK is not available on Play Store, you will have to enable installation from Unknown Sources to successfully install Showbox app. Head to Settings -> Security Tab.
  • You will find “Unknown Sources” Toggle the button to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.
  • Next, tap on the downloaded APK to begin the installation.
  • The app will notify you of the access permissions. Click “Install” and the Showbox app will get installed in just a few seconds!

You can also check out the video guide below.

Can I run Showbox App on any Android smartphone?

The answer is a resounding Yes. But in order to enjoy all the features to their full capacity, it’s recommended that your device meets certain spec requirements –

  • Android OS 4 and above.
  • MX Player: This is one player that you must have on your smartphone. If you don’t have this already installed, head straight to the play store and install MX Player. One of the best apps out there that’s compatible with Showbox.
  • HD Display: Movies and TV shows are worth watching on high definition displays. You can get the best of Showbox’s HD content if you have a smartphone that comes with HD display.
  • Large screen size: Let’s admit it. Watching movies on anything less than a 4-inch display isn’t going to be a great experience! Most smartphones these days come with 5-inch displays. Watching Showbox movies and TV shows can on a 5-inch or above screen size a whole different experience in itself!
  • Enough storage space to download content. Make sure your phone isn’t out of memory!

Is the Showbox Available only for Android?

Well, No! You can enjoy Showbox movies on non-Android devices too. In addition to Android devices, you can download and install Showbox on these platforms –

  • Showbox for Phone
  • Showbox for PC (using emulator)
  • Showbox for Chromecast
  • Showbox for BlackBerry

Solutions for frequently encountered Showbox problems

Problem 1: Showbox Android App doesn’t work on BlackBerry

Solution: Check your BlackBerry OS version. Showbox only runs on 10.2.1 or above. BlackBerry OS version 10.2.1 or above supports Android APK. You cannot install Showbox Android APK on any version below 10.2.1.

Problem 2: I’m unable to cast movies with MX Player

Solution: Unfortunately, MX Player doesn’t support casting with Showbox anymore. We suggest you install GrowBox app. This app is equivalent to MX Player when it comes to functionality and will allow you to cast movies as well!

Problem 3: Showbox Download speeds are way too slow.

Solution: One of the ways you can speed up downloads on Showbox app on Android devices is by using other apps like Tubemate or Vidmate. Follow these simple steps to increase download speeds on Showbox App –

  • Install Tubemate / Vidmate / any other video downloader app you like.
  • In Showbox app, open the movie you wish to watch. Select “Other Player” in “Player” option. Then tap “Watch now”.
  • Choose the video downloader app you installed. Modify the storage path if you want to and get started with the download.