1337x Proxy List – These proxy and mirror sites allow to download latest movies, games, eBooks and other files quickly. If you cannot access the website then you can try 1337x alternatives.

Torrent websites have paved the way for Peer-to-Peer sharing of large files on the internet. These sites and a stable Internet connection can allow a user to effortlessly download free movies, software, apps, games and other files such as Showbox apk for absolutely free. Torrent sites like 1337x are infamous for circulating copyrighted content which negatively affects the developers and content creators.

As laws of the land grow stricter, some of the best torrent sites have been blocked by governments and ISPs. Popular torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, 1337x, and Extratorrent have been forced to shut down their official websites in the face of legal actions and frequent bans. These platforms are blocked in several countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, India, and the United States.

Despite piracy being an illegal and punishable offense, millions of people from all around the world visit torrent sites. They continue to consume copyrighted content to avoid spending on cinema halls, subscriptions, expensive software, and games. After the ban, many alternatives like 1337x.to have emerged that users can use to unblock all the features of 1337x. Such proxy list and mirror sites can allow you to access 1337x even if it’s blocked by your Internet Service Provider or cyber-security. This article aims to shed light on all your available options if the official 1337x website is not available to you.

List of 1337x Proxy Sites

Before we begin, we expressly urge the readers to be cautious and preferably avoid consuming copyrighted content. In many countries, using torrent sites can attract legal action and lead to imprisonment. We recommend using a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) while surfing through the Internet because it keeps users anonymous from hackers, ISPs, and cyber-security. Now that you are aware of the risks that torrenting entails, let us move on to the list of proxy sites that were working correctly at the time of writing this article.

Here are some 1337x proxy list you can use.

  • https://1337x.to/
  • https://1337x.st/
  • https://x1337x.se/home/
  • https://x1337x.ws/home/
  • https://1337x.unblockit.app/
  • https://x1337x.se/
  • https://1337x.unblockninja.com/
  • https://x1337x.eu/home/

List of 1337x Mirror Sites

Mirror sites are websites that are similar to the original website in every way but have a different URL. There are several 1337x mirror sites that users can use to access 1337x when the official 1337x website is unavailable. The following mirror sites can help you to access the features of 1337x if it is unavailable in your region.

  • https://1337x.unblockninja.com/
  • https://1337x.unblockit.ltd/
  • https://1337x.buzz/
  • https://x1337x.eu/
  • https://1337x.is/

1337x Torrent Alternatives 2021

If the above-mentioned 1337x proxy sites and mirror sites aren’t working for you, this section of the article is for you. The following is a curated list of 1337x torrent alternatives that can be used to download your preferred movie, game, app, or software. These websites are readily accessible on the Internet and pack some unique features.

#️⃣ The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay needs no introduction. It is a popular torrent site that allows its users to download large torrent files via Peer-to-Peer technology. The website has an enormous collection of content including audio, videos, software applications, games, and others. Unfortunately, the website suffers its fair share of scrutiny from cyber-security and law enforcement agencies. Despite frequent blocks and penalties, The Pirate Bay continues to operate through proxy sites and mirrors.

#️⃣ Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrent, commonly abbreviated KAT, is ranked among the best torrent websites globally. It provides a vast directory for torrent files and magnet links via Peer-to-Peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. Kickass Torrent was the most visited piracy website of 2014. Inspite of several bans and legal sanctions, KAT has managed to come up with a working domain and continue operations.

#️⃣ ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is another popular alternative for 1337x. If 1337x proxy sites are not working in your region, you can access a vast collection of torrent files from ExtraTorrent. Until the shutdown of the original website, ExtraTorrent ranked among the top five BitTorrent indexes in the world. Since then, several mirrors and proxies have cropped up that provide a similar experience. The user-friendly interface is a major reason behind the website’s popularity. The ExtraTorrent proxy sites boast over a million monthly users and continue to operate against all odds.

#️⃣ Rarbg

The Rarbg torrent search engine is immensely popular amongst torrent enthusiasts for the multitude of torrents available on the website and user-friendly interface. Further Rarbg comes with a good number of leechers and seeders. It ranks high on the list of alternatives if the 1337x site is not working.

#️⃣ YTS (formerly known as Yify)

YTS has made downloading copyrighted movies and web series uncomplicated and effortless. It has developed a massive global audience, who are loyal to the online portal’s collection. Some reports claim that the film industry loses over 3 billion dollars every year due to such illegal websites. Despite frequent complaints and legal backlash, YTS continues to haunt film producers by leaking newly-launched films. YTS movies also come with superior sound quality and audio improvements.

Final Thoughts

Despite the popularity of torrent websites, piracy is illegal and the repercussions of using such websites can be severe. The future of torrent websites is uncertain and the above-listed sites can become obsolete at any time. As of 2021, this list mentions the best sites that can replace 1337x. All these platforms can allow you to download your preferred torrent file safely.

If you are trying to unblock 1337x using these proxy list and mirror sites, you should always use a VPN. VPNs encrypt your Internet data like cache memory, IP address, and client data and allow you to stay anonymous. Using a reliable VPN shields your Internet history from hackers, Internet Service Providers, cyber security, and government officials. If you are caught consuming copyrighted content from illegal websites, you may face hefty fines and unnecessary hassle. So proceed with caution! Although 1337x is not easily replaceable, we hope that we have been able to cover all the major alternatives.

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