With growing popularity of online movies, the demand and supply of online movie streaming websites is increasing day by day. Especially with the covid striking the world, more people have been spending time on the internet and therefore, more demand of internet websites is increasing. Now there is no more dependency on CD player, cinemas, or DVD players. Also, any upcoming movies has become very much available on internet rather than waiting for the high-quality print. People like to kill their curiosity with watching them on amazing websites such as UwatchFree.

Although this site is illegal and must be opened with utter care. There is so much trend of online streaming now a days. Selecting and approaching films is so much easier now since the advent of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other such legal platforms. Still, these websites have limited content and that is the reason people approach illegal websites. These OTT websites not only have movies on them but also TV shows are available too.

What is Uwatchfree?

This website is free, and you do not have to pay any subscription fee or sign up for watching movies. Usually, the website has leaked content. There is everything free on internet on these websites and there are many different genres. For the past eight years, these websites have been uploading the content every now and then and despite of government bans and threats, somehow, they are managing to keep uploading the content.

Talking about Uwatch Free Movies this website was first started with the content of famous Bollywood star Salman Khan’s Tere Naam movie. Since the movie was a blockbuster therefore, when people found out this movie accessible on internet, they went crazy, and many people visited this website. The domain of this website is from Pakistan as per WHOS’s record. Not only Hindi, but this website has movies in Tamil, English, and movies from Bangla Cinema. And the good news is that this website has content in good quality.

Usually, such websites have a poor quality but this one offer amazing content. The Government of India banned this website due to showing pirated content however, people still managed to get access to this website conveniently with changing the domain.

How does UwatchFree Movies work?

If you want to access a vast variety of movie and TV series collection along with famous seasons and shows, then you must try this website since it has some amazing content to show to its viewers with a very good quality. The illegal website works in a way that you do not need any permission or must pay anything to watch it. This website not only allows you to watch movies online through an amazing streaming but also download it.

You save a lot of cash when you watch content through such websites however, free content comes with a price and that price is that your data is not safe, you are exposed to viruses and malware. Not only this, if you get catch by the government you can be jailed from months to years. So, if you make up a mind to choose opening this website you better be very careful.

This website offers you to watch online streaming of your desired movies starting from 360P to 720P. You can also find dubbed movies and movies with subtitles.

Legal or not?

As already discussed, such websites have a threat of putting your device on risk. Your device can get slow. So, it is advisable to see movies and entertaining content on legal platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube. YouTube is free too. And it has a lot of amazing content for its users. However, it does not have everything. The trend of movies being uploaded by these websites every now and then by such new websites is so much common.

The government tries to put ban and punish the makers of such websites too but even if one gets banned, a new one starts in another minute. People have so many ways and tricks to get access to such websites. The makers of the films encounter so much loss when the public for which they are making these movies for are watching these movies for free. Since from Camera man to guard, makeup artist to movie artist everyone is involved.

The Features of UwatchFree

When talking about the features of UwatchFree Movies, the user interface is very simple and easy to use that is why it is accessed by many people around the globe. Even if you are a new beginner, scrolling and surfing on the internet is very much easy. Be it the TV show or a movie you will find variety in everything. You can sign up on UwatchFree Movies for free and watch content without having the need of subscribing.

On the website there is a search button where you can find any movie no matter it is old or new. The official website of UwatchFree Movies has a range of movie and TV series. There are around more than 20 million users from around the globe who use this website.

Mostly people do not like watching websites which have a lot of ads. However, people love watching movies of UwatchFree Movies since there are no ads. So, while you are streaming your desired movie there is no need to get disturbed through ads.

There are different genres for selecting for favorite movies such as horror, thriller, comedy, drama, Sci-fi, fantasy, romance, war, sports, western, biography, animation, history, adventure, action etc. You can also search your desired movie as per the releasing year.

If you find some favorite movie of yours not to be there on the portal, then you can make use of the “Movie request” feature available on the website. You can watch everything that you desire on your Phone, tablet, Android phone laptop, PC, Xbox One, Smart TV, MAC etc. The user interface of this website is very easy to get to know.

Top 7 Best Uwatchfree Alternatives

This website is not government approved therefore sometimes it can be impossible for normal people who are not much tech savvy to open this website. However, no need to be sad since we have other options for you which are discussed below. These websites are also illegal, and the content is also free on them however, you can access them but the risk exist. Nevertheless, do not be sad there are other legal UwatchFree alternatives too. Have the look at some popular UwatchFree alternatives.

1. PopCornFlix


This platform is a famous platform to enjoy free content however it is supported by ads. There is a huge collection of movies and TV series from all sorts of genres such as horror, dramas, documentaries, comedy etc. Movies from foreign countries are also available such are films from France, Canada, Germany, US, Denmark, Austria, Finland and much more. You can even register on this website if you want to. Also, any gadget can be used to stream this website content.


This website is ad-supported. High quality streaming content is available on this website. You can watch as many movies as you want and TV series on this website in just $5.99/month. Also, this website is totally free. Both iOS as well as Android devices can be used to stream content of this website. You can also enjoy free content. Sometimes, cheap plans irritate users since it has ad interruptions. Therefore, people switch to premium plans. Hulu app is also available for you to enjoy content on your device.

3. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+Hotstar is a collaboration between Star India’s Hotstar as well as Disney. It has a vast collection of movies and series which are old as well as new. It has content in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and English which is paid in nature. It is a collaboration between Disney and Star India’s Hotstar. The quality of the content is high definition as well. Furthermore, the content can be viewed on any of your Android as well as iOS.

4. Netflix


Who doesn’t know Netflix, which is also one of the most widely used, talked about premium quality OTT platform? It has one of the widest range of movies, TV series, shows, documentaries which are in demand from across the glove. You can find content in more than 20 languages from all over the world. People from approximately 190 countries visit this platform. The user interface of this platform is super amazing and everyone’s favorite. People from all the age groups use this platform and get entertained from content. There are no ads, no interruption. Also, this platform is not free.

5. Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

Just like Netflix Amazon Prime Video is another platform which is very much famous and desired one This is one of the great alternatives for UwatchFree Movies. This is a platform from Amazon. This platform is not free, and it has excellent collection of latest and old movies from different languages and countries. The features of Amazon prime are like Audio descriptions, offline downloads, multiple viewer profiles etc. The interface of this platform for the users is extremely interactive and any of your device’s which can be connected to internet can be used to view the content of Amazon Prime.

6. MX Player

MX Player

If you are looking for another alternative to Uwatch Free Movies, MX player is another option with a collection of thousands of movies and series. The streaming quality is high definition. It has more than 280 million users from across the world. Be it your smart device, your tablet, your iPhone, TV, Mac, iOS.

7. Sony Liv

Sony Liv

Enjoy Bengali, Marathi, Hindi, English and other shows which will entertain you to maximum through a platform by Sony. It has shown which are horror, thriller, romance, drama, comedy and much more. You can also watch SET and SAB TV shows on Sony Liv. There are sports channels such as football, WWE, and cricket. The quality s very high and there is an option to watch live TV too.

Safety related to UwatchFree Movies

Although you can easily download and watch content on UwatchFree Movies but nevertheless the website is illegal. The government of India has banned this website in India. Bollywood being one of the biggest industries in terms of entertainment, there is a lot of demand of the collection from this country therefore when one website is banned people find out other means to open new movies and TV series.

Such websites can be dangerous to your device on which you are watching them due to the reason that they can cause malware, virus and have hackers. It is recommended that you must pay and watch entertainment content on legal website.

Different Movies Genres on UwatchFree Movies

No one can watch a single genre of movies therefore the more the genre is the more it is liked. This website has a lot of genres with thousands of movie collection. Not only for movies but there is a huge collection in TV series too. Not only films but the collection entails amazing stuff for the kids too. There are movies from action platform, horror, romance, drama, comedy, documentaries, biography, sci-fi, thriller, kids, animations, HD, adventure. You can search with respect to year too. Hollywood and Bollywood movies along with movies from different languages are also available. The platform is free, and it keeps on updating the collection.

Enjoy your desired content but with caution. If you want to watch movies in your free time on a later time, then you can have them downloaded in an amazing quality. You can find a lot of classic, new, old, and famous movies of all times here on this website. However, we still recommend using the fair and legal means of entertainment. There is a search section where you can type in your desired movie name without wasting any time and start watching right away.

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