How Often Should a Professional Water Heater Inspection be Conducted?

water heater inspection

Are you frustrated that your water heater is not delivering hot water? If yes, then this post will tell you what the problem with your water is? Water heaters these days are an essential part of our lives. But some of the individuals take water heaters for granted until they do not offer icy water from the shower.

It means the water heater is asking for inspection. Many types of water heaters come in various shapes and sizes according to their purpose. So, if you want your water heater to work for a long-lasting period, a little bit of maintenance and periodical inspection is very crucial to get the most life out of the hot water heater.

However, regular maintenance of a water heater is not only essential because it delivers you warm water on colder days. Instead, any damaged or broken water heater can put your family at risk.

How often to get water heater inspected?

When you buy a brand new water heater, the seller tells you the overall lifespan of around 8 to 12 years. However, several factors influence its lifespan. For example, where you have placed the water heater at home, the model of the water heater, how well it was installed by the technician, and lastly, the level of maintenance will make the real difference.

If you ask about the maintenance from the expert, they will suggest the water heater must be flushed out at once every year. That means the water heater tank should be emptied via a hose and then refilled with clean water. This process helps extra sediments out of the heater and in the future, which can damage and offer severe clogs to the system.

Apart from that, maintenance also includes the inspection of various components of the water heater, like a deep cleaning of the coils, rods, and different other parts.

Most of the people ask how they come to know that the water heater needs maintenance.

Well, generally water heaters must be inspected every year, but the below, which we will discuss now, will offer you a clear idea that your water heater needs maintenance. That means to start taking a closer look at the various signs that your water heater is delivering, but you cannot notice.

Signs that you need to look for: –

1. Water pressure is low

When you enter the bathroom to take a hot water shower and notice the water pressure is very low, you quickly get frustrated. Sometimes you think it is because the main water tank of your house is empty. But in reality, it is a sign that your water heater is asking for inspection.

The main reason for low water pressure is due to a kink in a pipe or because of faulty installation.

2. Water leaks

You will indeed call a technician when the water heater starts leaking or there is a big puddle surrounding the water heater. But you have to see that not all the signs of a water leak are quite so obvious. That means making a habit of checking for leaks around the water heater at least once every month.

In this, you must check drips, damp carpet, or musty smell surrounding the water heater.

3. The voice of clicking

It is indeed true that your water heater can make a few random noises that aren’t a point of concern. But, if you are hearing continuous clanging, clicking sound, and even something that sounds like popping, then it’s a matter of concern.

That means it can be a sign of severe issues. Basically, what happens is when your water heater overheats, it will overcompensate clogs in the system. This not only offers a high electricity bill instead, but it can also increase the risk of burns if you come in contact with the heater.

4. The water is rusty

This sign will help you understand that something is not right with the water heater. So, take a look at the water which is coming from faucets, if it is rusty and reddish-brown in the shade. Or when you drink, it tastes metallic, or water is always dirty. When you open the water heater, then your water heater needs inspection.

The reason is water pipes have started rusting. However, in many cases, this issue can be solved without the help of the professional as the owner drains out as much hot water from the heater. So, looking for a water heater installation in San Diego is the best option.

Is it mandatory to keep the regular water heater maintenance schedule?

Overall, if you want your water heater to go for a long-lasting period, then possibly the regular maintenance schedule is a must. This schedule can be every two months, once in six months, or in one year. For the maintenance, you must find a water heater installation in San Diego as they are highly professional and experienced in building and repairing all types of the water heater.

Some of the common steps taken by the technician to keep the water heater running smoothly are: –

1. Inspecting the pressure valve

In this step, the technician checks whether the pressure valve is working correctly or not by turning off the power and water which is coming to the hot water unit and, after that, tripping the valve. However, if the air-water or vapor is coming out, the valve is fine; otherwise, the technician will replace the valve.

2. Checking the anode rod

This anode rod helps prevent corrosion in the hot water tank, and also it is an essential tool for the long life of the equipment.

3. Flushing out the water heater tank

It is an excellent idea to flush out the water heater tank every few days so that all the sediments which are accumulated inside the water heater come out with the pressure of water.

The bottom line

It is very inconvenient when you have turned on the shower in the morning, and you have to take a bath in icy cold water. So, if you don’t want to face this situation with your water heater, then always go for a professional water heater inspection from time to time so that your water heater will work for a long-lasting period.