Freelancing is often associated with freedom and that’s the most attractive part of it. However this freedom requires from the freelancers to develop skills like responsibility, time management, client management etc.

You have to use your working time for quite a lot different tasks like handling a few different projects at the same time and therefore keeping in touch with various clients at once. As a freelancer you are your own manager so it is important to make sure that you have enough workload.  A part of your working day has to be dedicated to the lookout for new projects

5 Best Time Management Tips for Freelancers

Here are some useful time management tips to make the most of your working time as a freelancer:

Create your own schedule

The freedom that comes with freelancing is often misunderstood and this should not be the case for you. Imagine you are your own manager and write down a schedule that fits your goals, then stick to it without excuses.

It’s important to fix your working hours according to the availability of your clients. Thus you will be able to keep in touch with them and update on time. You know that client management is an essential part of a freelance business.

Another helpful trick to be easily contacted from your clients is to work at specific, regular hours. It also helps you to create a working mode for yourself at a specific part of the day and increases your productivity.

Be your own supervisor

For a certain period of time write down all the things that you do with the exact hours and then check how much time you really spend on working projects. This supervision will prevent you from wasting your time on useless stuff like social media, television, long phone calls etc. and will help you to focus on your priorities – working projects. Remember your time is precious, use it wisely!

Estimate how much time you need for projects

This will help you to avoid stress and filling your schedule with too much work that you do not have the time to handle. Being late for projects is not the thing that will build your positive reputation. Nobody wants to work with freelancers that do not stick to the deadlines.

Our advice is to estimate the time you spend on a project and take only projects that you have the time to finish. It’s called responsibility and is a part of your online reputation as a freelancer.

Work only with quality clients

At the beginning of your freelancing career you may face difficulties to market yourself and find your clients. That’s normal, our advice is to focus on quality clients that fit your career goals and also finance targets. It’s better to spend your time on less projects and focus on quality rather than quantity, this will also affect your online image as a freelancer and for sure will work better for your budget.

Learn to say no

It’s one of the most important skills that you need to develop, if you want to be a successful freelancer. As you have created your own schedule for the week and estimated how much time you spent on a project, you can always check if you have additional time for another project. If not, simply gracefully refuse to take it and say no. Otherwise you will face a sleepless week with a lot of unfinished projects.

Learning the skill to time management, it will help you to build a good online reputation as a freelance professional. Time management software will increase your productivity and affect your budget in a positive way. Good luck!

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