Friends-With-Benefits (FWB)

It is a normal human thing to fantasize about having some light fun in the lonely evenings, even if you know you like to run away from a committed relationship. But if you like to imagine this unimaginable situation with someone who also feels like you, you can open the door to a world called friends with benefits.

Fortunately, many young humans like the idea of a Friends with Benefits relationship. Many people aren’t to commit like you, so they prefer friendships with benefits (FWB) relationships. So, if you are attracted to the friends-with-benefits scene, read below to know about it.

What Does Friends With Benefits Mean?

A friends-with-benefits (FWB) relationship is a unique dynamic between two individuals where they engage in physical intimacy without any commitment or romantic feelings. This type of relationship is based on mutual understanding and consent, where both parties are aware that they are not exclusive to each other. While they may enjoy spending time together and have a strong physical connection, there are no strings attached. This type of arrangement can be appealing to those who are not looking for a serious commitment or are not ready for a traditional romantic relationship.

What do you do in a FWB relationship?

When two chilled-out partners get physically intimate but don’t commit to each other, their relationship is a friends-with-benefits type. In this laid-back and hedonistic relationship, both parties enjoy spending time together.

Dating vs. Friends With Benefits

You give and get special and reserved romantic feelings to and from your partner when you date them. In contrast, you will do this only physically without emotional need and love while in a friends-with-benefits hook-up. Both partners can also keep more partners in an FWB. You and your FWB buddy aren’t in a locked-up relationship, so you can have casual sex with other people, too.

How to know if FWB is your thing

To find out if FWB is your thing, you should use your self-awareness and link your needs and the rules of an FWB relationship. Before you jump into it, you can also ask your friends who have experience with the FWB life.

Why FWB can work for you?

FWB is good for some because it lets them be chilled out. The following variables may make this magical no-strings-attached fun, a good thing for you:

  • You can enjoy sensual pleasures without linking them to love and commitment.
  • You are the type to have an open relationship or are curious to know what your sexual life without commitment feels like.
  • Although you think emotional connection is boring, you can taste the sensual feelings of romantic relationships.

What type of people should avoid FWB relationships?

Some people say that if you haven’t cared to look FWB up in your life and everything it involves, it might not be for you. It can make some feel numb or irrelevant and ruin their ability to have a healthy relationship.

You might not thrive happily in a committed relationship in the future if you try FWB because you might

How to have a harmless FWB relationship

If you decide to go with Friends With Benefits life, you should be able to be cool and cope with it. The relationship might be dope but can also be basic based on your current needs and desires, even if the other isn’t your life partner.

You have to face the fact that your FWB buddy is not going to shower you with emotional support or love. Additionally, your FWB partner might not prefer to go on formal dates, have family celebrations, or rest with you.

It is, therefore, best to prepare your mind early to prevent disappointment from hurting you. Set up easy and open communication to let your FWB partner know you only want a casual fling.

  • Set boundaries and ground rules

Every FWB partner will need their mind. As a result, everyone should feel excited about an FWB relationship. Talking about green flags and safe words for sexual behavior is something you should be open to.

Even if it is an open and casual fling, both partners should put consent on the top. If you are friends outside the living space, you should customize basic rules when hanging out.

  • Open all lines of communication

Before starting an FWB relationship, you should fully display your feelings and intentions with the FWB partner. This will guide you from painful misunderstandings, damaged feelings, and confusion.

To avoid other heartbreaks, communication between partners should be open and cooperative. You should get over it if you don’t seem to vibe anymore. If you can’t get over it, passing on the idea of being in a friends-with-benefits relationship is good.

  • Agree on how long the relationship will be

To prevent anxious or painful situations later, you and your FWB partner should plan when to call it quits. Mutual handshakes on rules should be done over how long the FWB relationship should go on.

  • Set a clear understanding of more casual sexual partners

Remember that an FWB is not a locked relationship. You can fix dates with other partners or even do another FWB relationship.

Since your FWB partner can quit meeting you for any reason, you should practice strengthening your physical and mental well-being.

Top tips and rules for doing an FWB relationship:

  • Be clear about your intentions and tell your FWB partner those.
  • Put the fact that FWB is not a fixed, committed relationship in your mind.
  • Remember that the emotions and intentions of your FWB partner are also important.
  • Be careful about showing off your FWB life with others.
  • Develop expectations based on rules told by your FWB partner when starting the FWB relationship to respect them.
  • Communicate what’s weird to you to your FWB partner and ask them to stop doing it.
  • To stay away from sex-related diseases, always wear sexual protection gear while you are active in sexual activities.
  • Plan how the FWB relationship should end to escape heartbreaks.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy yourself when the FWB life lasts.

How long do FWB relationships last?

Most FWB relationships dim after some weeks or months of hedonistic moments. Even when there is bright sexual chemistry, there can be no juice to fuel the motivation to keep the flame alive. Some also quit the fun when they think they badly need emotional commitment.

Of course, a few rare FWB relationships magically become long-lasting love stories. But humans mainly do this for the newness and freedom of having sex without boring rules. Many people sustain these laid-back relationships for a short time and try their luck in forming deeper connections with their chosen life partner.

Final thoughts

Being with one’s sensual desires is the main goal of an FWB relationship. Some give it a shot for the complete freedom of it. Ultimately, FWB is a healthy, respected, mature, and emotional ride for people who dare. Enjoy the time when you are in the FWB scene, but never forget to have fun together.

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