5 Best Trip Planning Apps to Plan Your Vacation

trip planning

Trip planning apps have become the new travel agents of today with more and more people opting for them the same way they opt for point spread betting.

Come with us as we explore what using an app can use for your next vacation.

What is a Trip Planning App?

A trip planning app helps you plan your vacation. Many offer you a network of people and businesses that you can choose from to help you while on your stay. These include places for accommodation, entertainment areas, and many more. It takes the hard out of planning a vacation.

There are many alternatives to these trip planning apps such as websites that only assist with accommodation. However, if you’re looking for something that will help you plan your vacation then stick around.


Wanderlog is an easy-to-use app that can take your traveling from zero to hero. With Wanderlog you can plan all kinds of vacations as well as organize flights and accommodation. You can even create an itinerary list which comes in handy when you need to make all those plans.

From the app, you can view places you should go to. You can also collaborate with friends and family making your trip even more exciting. Once you’re done with your trip and all the planning you can share your holiday experience with others. We’d consider this app a travel diary.

You can download Wanderlog on Google Play and the App Store.


Hopper assists you in the places you need assistance in such as accommodation and transportation. With Hopper, you have the option of looking and booking instantly or continuing to look until you find something you like.

When using Hooper all you need to do is input your destination and then from there you will be shown a calendar and a full price breakdown. These breakdowns are for round-trip flights.

Not only does it show you the price breakdown for the date you are looking for but for dates around that time. This makes it easier for you to see where you can save a few dollars on transport and accommodation.

You can download Hopper on Google Play and the App Store. Hooper is completely free.


The most amazing thing about TripIt is that it’s free. TripIt is for those who have a long list of things to do while on vacation and need a little help keeping track of everything.

With TripIt all you need to do is forward information about your vacation such as your flight details, restaurant details, and car rental confirmation emails to a designated email address and watch it do all the rest.

After having forwarded all these details TripIt will then create a free document for each of the trips that you’ll be taking.

Something many users find amazing about this app is that you can access your itinerary even if you do not have an internet connection. This is very convenient because when on vacation you do not always have access to the internet. Either connection is bad or you are in an area with zero cellphone service making it hard to access anything.

You can download TripIt on Google Play and the App Store.

Sygic Travel Map

Sygic is an amazing app and has many amazing features. With Sygic, you can view hotels, restaurants, shops, and even tourist attractions within the area. You can also discover a few hidden gems and plan your vacation as you go. This is amazing for those who like to be spontaneous on vacation.

The app also assists you by allowing you to download offline maps and guides. These can come in very handy when in a place with a bad internet connection or horrible cell service. This also means that you can continue to go on your vacation without having to worry about getting lost because you have all you need.