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Although WordPress is a self-empowered platform for running complex websites, leveraging the benefits associated with social media integration has always proved as a huge plus point. You can also integrate social media analytics tools there. Popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc. are here to stay for many more years to follow.

If you too have chosen to integrate social media into your existing WordPress blog/site, then it is beneficial for you to measure your social media marketing efforts. Doing this would not only offer you a quick glimpse of how your website’s content is performing on popular social platforms but will even enable you to make informed decisions regarding the content strategy.

Top 11 Social Media Analytics Tools

Continue reading this post which makes you familiar with high-quality social media analytics tools that have been specially designed for WordPress users who’re interested in measuring the output of their social media marketing campaign.


hootsuite social media analytics

Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to generate advanced analytics reports in addition to availing the flexibility if posting up to three social media profiles simultaneously. You can either opt for tracking the performance of tiny bits of social content or the total user engagement over a specified duration of time. Hootsuite is available in two versions viz: Enterprise and Pro. While the Enterprise version is tailored to meet the social analytics needs of large business houses; the Pro version acts as the perfect fit for small and business business organization, community managers who’re interested in engaging users, managing and measuring their brand’s intensity on social networks.


buffer social media analytics

Serving as an excellent social media analytics tool for increasing fan engagement on all major social media platforms, Buffer comes with a free plan which allows you to post updates to multiple social networking sites. Whether you own a business-related WordPress website or a Non-profit organization-based website; Buffer will enable you to know everything that’s being spoken about your site. Plus, there is a Top Tweet/Top Post feature which will notify you each time any of your post performs above average on any of the social networks.

Twitter Analytics

twitter analytics

The continuous surge in the popularity of Twitter has definitely encouraged WordPress website owners to use the popular social networking portal for growing their site’s visitor strength. By integrating Twitter Analytics into your WordPress website, you can easily grab useful insights on how all your tweets are performing, the kind of traction that’s being gained by your updates and a lot more. The Twitter Analytics tools offers you a month-wise segregation of top tweets, profile views, mentions and impressions; thereby allowing you to organize your promotional strategy via Twitter. As a bonus tip, I recommend using the Twitter cards for increasing user engagement on your tweets.

Sprout Social

sproutsocial analytics

As a comprehensive social media analytics tool for marketing who own a WordPress powered site, Sprout Social helps you with tracking your verticals and checking how your brand is faring on major social networks. You can use this tool for viewing the history of conversations held with a specific customer on Twitter. Noteworthy features of Sprout Social include: Social CRM, Smart Inbox, Collaboration, Analytics, Publishing and many more.


quintly analytics

If you’re looking for professional social media analytics tool for your WordPress website, then Quintly is the tool you ought to choose. This web-based tool will allow you to track, benchmark and optimize the social media performance of your portal. Some of the most appreciated features of Quintly include: Centralized Analytics, Competitive benchmarking, Custom Dashboards, Smart Reporting, Awesome Exporting Options, Social Analytics API and many more.


mention analytics

As a WordPress website/blog owner, you’d be definitely interested in listening to all the stuff that’s been circulated in favor or against you over the web and social media. Plus, you’ll be also more than willing to respond quickly, collaborate or share the discussion about your brand. This is exactly what ‘Mention’ handles. This tool will allow you to dig deeper into real-time statistics regarding your brand in addition to offering you the flexibility of sending alerts and sharing these analytics across the social media hub.


Dedicated to Instagram, IconoSquare is a tool that enables you to receive quick insights about all your followers on Instagram. Right from allowing you to view and like photos and videos, IconoSquare also lets you post comments and search for different posts. With a huge majority of renowned companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret and Ford using IconoSquare tool, it is hard to say that receiving key metrics about your Instagram account is a nightmare.

Rival IQ

Tailored for large enterprises, Rival IQ Is a social media analytics tool that offers useful insights on your brand’s overall performance on social networks. Available at a price of $199/month, this tool comes with impressive features like Top Content Overview, Cross-channel Competitive Analysis and Facebook Insights Integration, One-click Exports, Scheduled Exports, Custom Chart Builder, Company Tagging etc.


An all-in-one social media management and reporting solution, the Social Report tool will aid you in tracking and managing several social network accounts right from a single place. Best suited for small and medium-sized businesses, this social media analytics tool will offer you a remarkable platform for scheduling and tracking your social media activities. Features that make Social Report one of the most recommended social media analytics tools include: robust analytics, Social Media Posting, Social Media Monitoring, Intelligent Social Automations, Reporting Export/Download and many more.


Presented as one of the finest real-time social media tracking service, Keyhole allows you to monitor your brand’s acceptance on popular social networks namely Twitter and Instagram. You can search your brand’s social media recognition by searching using hashtags, keywords and specific URLs. Used by world’s leading organizations including MTV, horizonmedia and Transcontinental, Keyhole is a great conversion monitor you can’t afford to miss for your WordPress website.


As the name suggests, Brandwatch is an outstanding social media analytics tool that can be used for monitoring varied conversations about your brand on different social platforms. Some of the most talked about features of Brandwatch include: instant real-time data at a single click, 43 fully-supported languages, flexibility to analyze Twitter data right from your very first tweet etc.

Final Thoughts

Failure to analyze the social media performance of your brand can lead to irreparable loss to your company’s image. Here’s hoping this round-up of best-performing social media analytics tools will help you understand your site’s reputation on social web and encourage you to take the required steps for maintaining a good one.

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