How To Write Good YouTube Description?

YouTube description

The description is one of the most critical aspects of your YouTube channel. This serves as the outer cover or outline of your content type and tells viewers about this channel. In this blog, we will discuss all the critical steps of general understanding for everyone, so they know how to write good YouTube description.

10 Steps to Write a Good YouTube Description

Writing the description of your YouTube channel is essential and persuades viewers to watch your content. Currently, it’s the second most used search engine, after Google. Therefore, composing an accurate description suited for the content you are creating is vital; ignoring this will be a cardinal sin. Let’s look at the steps to get thousands of views and subscribers.

1. Select Appropriate Keywords

Keywords are the most important for YouTube and Google for indexing and presenting your content to the suitable viewer. Because Google owns YouTube, the same structure used in SEO is also used for videos.

YouTube ranks each video according to the intent and content based on user interest; therefore, your videos or channel can’t appear in any of the suggestions to the right audience without the appropriate target keywords.

2. Search Keywords Before Adding Them in Description

After the selection, it is time to see if these keywords are in the trends or if people do search on them. Many content writing tools will help you make a good decision. These tools show the current trends on which top sites and videos are ranked on YouTube and Google.

This step is a make or break for your videos, as choosing and adding the wrong and irrelevant ones will throw you out of the user’s search and Your tube’s suggestions list.

3. Taking Inspiration from Most Watched Channels

If you are new to YouTube and haven’t written a description before, then use the analytics tool. This way, you will see the top trending channels and how their description is formulated related to their content. Thus, an easy way to get inspiration and ideas can be taken for free.

One important thing to remember is never to copy anything written in someone’s channel description. Otherwise, it will be a copyright violation that will lead to a temporary suspension of the channel. However, taking inspiration is not prohibited at all.

Word of advice is to manipulate the other’s idea and add your thoughts to make it more suitable to write a good YouTube channel description.

4. Throw the Typical Value Proposition

Like any persuasion or sales pitch, you need to add value to your description that enforces the audience to look at your content videos. Your channel should give a perception to the audience that they will get much more in return for spending time watching your videos.

So, you have to add the value proposition to your description, along with excellent and relevant quality content. Excessive use of the internet has created tough competition in this niche segment. Viewers have hundreds of options about why they should subscribe to your channel or watch videos.

Give the internet audience something to believe and a solid reason to watch all of your content. Thus, an excellent description-based channel will work like a hook and keep the audience attached to your creativity. So, it’s necessary to have a value-added service or proposition showing a well-written good YouTube description.

5. Use of Tone in Emotional Way

In understanding how to write a good YouTube description, you must know the tone of words you will use for the YouTube audience. Although your content will be formulated keeping the algorithms of the video sharing platform, it’s also essential to integrate human emotions in the tone.

The description looks much better when it’s written by keeping in mind that the human audience should relate to it. One good option is reading some books to know the depth of words and their effects on people’s critical thinking.

If you cannot create or think of perfectly curated words, then we have descriptive examples to help you get to the bottom of the matter. This way of creative writing is a critical technique for composing words that let the audience or readers relate to your feelings.

6. Don’t Fall into the Clickbait trap

Adding clickbait to your YouTube channel and its description will destroy your reputation in the long term. Viewers will be excessively disturbed by this action. Adding these tricks might be beneficial for shorter periods, but it will eventually run you through the trap.

Thus, having viewers stick to their screens until the video or content ends is the win and benchmark you should be going for. So, try to remove the irrelevant keywords and descriptions filled with click baits.

7. Timestamp Videos to Write Good YouTube Description

The timestamp is another helpful way to attract more views and viewers to your YouTube channel. Due to less time, most people opt for timestamp descriptions that help them see only content relevant to their choice and interest. So, whenever you write an excellent YouTube description, remember to use this technique to satisfy your viewers with the maximum effort you can put in.

8. Keeping Coherence in Videos to Write Good YouTube Description

When composing the channel description, keep in mind that your videos should be relevant to what you have written in the outline of the description. This coherence will let the audience trust your channel’s description and reciprocate as an increase in views and subscription rate.

Content creators who start new and without guidance tend to make many mistakes like this. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to follow this step concisely.

9. Use of Hashtag in Video Description

In writing a good YouTube description for videos, adding hashtags relevant to your video is essential. It will help users and YouTube algorithms to link your content to the same relevant videos. Thus, increasing your chances of being discovered by users searching for video content similar to your creation.

You tube’s general upload policy state that you cannot add explicit tags. The maximum allowed numbers are 60. But keeping it between 8-10 is good practice; in reality, a video can contain only a few topics to discuss. Hence, tags give your videos a direction, but having too many will make it lost in billions of videos made each year.

Adding any hashtag related to hate, sexual profanity, racism, body shaming, or intention to create panic and intimidation can result in immediate suspension and removal of videos.

10. Inclusion of Call to Action (CTA)

Finally, this step is the most important one for future perspectives. The call to action is the step that summarizes your effort and persuades the viewers to take the next step. You can add common words in the description such as like, share, comment and subscribe.

There is no outcome if the audience watches your videos and is not persuaded to at least like and subscribe to the channel or source of the video. It’s one of the rules that all video content creators follow, so ignoring this won’t be very smart.

Other than these formal words, you can also mention to your followers to share their ideas for the following videos that will give an ownership feeling to your audience. A call to action can be formal or informal that can be formulated by thinking of creative ways to connect to your audience.

These steps will surely give you substantial knowledge on how to write good YouTube descriptions in easy steps and hassle-free.


Following some basic techniques and protocols will help you in many aspects of becoming a vlogger or a Youtuber by composing a unique and emotional description that relates your audience to your content seamlessly.