15 Best International Travel Apps for Android and iOS

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Traveling all around the world is a dream of many. What is necessary to travel is to have good know-how about the place you are about to visit. In addition to that, you must have to plan the flights, accommodations, and different points of a certain country to enjoy at. As soon as you start to think about traveling abroad, you first start taking reviews about that place. Now taking reviews from different people while talking to them can cause time loss. For a quick search through your desired country, there are hundreds of different options available. You can either go for social applications (including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat) or you can also opt for different mobile applications that are specially developed for travel guidance.

There are thousands of applications that you can have as your tour guide. The question that arises here is, which one to choose? Definitely, every app has its unique features and a particular area to cover. For instance, some of the apps help you find a perfect hotel to book, some of them can help you navigate throughout your trip, and some of them help you make travel itineraries. Moreover, there are a number of international travel apps that can help you book your transportation and flights instantly through your mobile phones.

Top 15 Travel Apps for a International Trip

In this article, we are up to suggesting to you the best international travel apps that you must download before planning for a trip. Not to worry even if you are an iPhone user as our listing consists of both, Android as well as iOS travel applications. Without wasting the next moment, let us see what international travel apps offer.

1. Flio

Looking for an application that can aid you with your flights? Flio can be the best option for you here. It contains all-in-one facilities and information about more than 300 airports all across the world. You can have multiple features through this app. These include tracking of flights, getting routes towards shuttles, maps of the airports and terminals, and flight booking facilities. The app is available for both, Android as well as iOS users. If you travel regularly from country to country, Flio can be your best friend regarding travel solutions.

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2. AtYourGate

AtYourGate is an application that has been developed especially for air ticket bookers and travelers. This application serves in many ways that could be beneficial for you to save time. Through its remarkable features, you can buy different items while being at the airport and guess what? It will deliver your item to your location. In addition, there is an option to pay instantly through this app which adds up to its convenience. If your flight has been delayed and you are feeling hungry, you just have to jump inside the app and order your favorite food.

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3. TripIt

If you are planning for a long tour, you must require a detailed plan to enjoy it fullest. Not to worry, Trip It comes up with an amazing solution regarding your long tours. Through Trip It, you can manage and prioritize your tour plans in a simple and easy way. Apart from just viewing your travel schedule yourself, you can also share it with your contacts. To access this app, you have to link your Gmail account. Trip It also offers a premium package which is available at the rate of $49 dollars per year.

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4. Trip Advisor

When talking about the best international travel apps, Trip Advisor can’t be ignored at all. This application contains a lot of features that you would definitely find useful while traveling. You can search for different landscapes, places, hotels, lounges, restaurants, and much more at your fingertips. Additionally, you can also filter your search and find your desired place according to your location through the ‘Near Me Now’ option. Once you have visited the place you’ve searched for, you can add up your thoughts about that place on the app.

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5. Airbnb

One of the most popular travel applications across the world is Airbnb. It provides a wide range of booking facilities for the users. If you are looking to book accommodation while traveling, you can easily utilize the Airbnb application to do so. The application serves all-in-one as you can book any of the popular hotels across the world for your own desired time period. At the moment, Airbnb is active in more than 180 countries where 24-hour service is being provided to its users. However, the price of its packages may vary from country to country.

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6. HotelTonight

Sometimes it happens that you need a hotel room as an emergency for a night stay while traveling. Besides getting frustrated, you just have to keep calm as the Hotel Tonight app provides quick booking to the hotels that offer rooms for the night. Moreover, you can get discount rates on this application too. Through this app, you can search nearby hotels from your current location and instantly book a room. Even if you have not made a proper night stay plan for your trip, just download the Hotel Tonight application for booking accommodation easily. You can find this app for iOS as well as Android.

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7. Trello

Trello is another app that we can consider as one of the best international travel apps available. The basic feature of this app is to provide you assistance while enjoying your vacations and trips. You can create a daily to-do list, get recommendations to add up to your travel plan, and organize the trip plan in an easier and efficient way. Planning to go on a vacation out of the country? Just keep your luggage full and download the Trello application to make a well-organized trip schedule.

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8. FlightAware

Delay in flight is a common problem that may occur while you are traveling. In that condition, if you do not get to know about the delay at first, it can ruin your trip plan. Flight Aware application turns out to be the second to none solution for this problem. Through this application, you can track your flight, get notifications and alerts whenever your plane gets late. Furthermore, Flight Aware also informs you if there is any change in terminal or flight cancellation. This app is absolutely free to download for Android and iOS users and can be a good mate to help you remain up-to-date.

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9. Hopper

Hopper is one of the most flexible applications for flight bookings and management. It offers you the best discount deals to travel to your desired country. What you have to do is simply download this application from the App Store and select your travel destination. Next, you will get a detailed pricing scheme available for booking your flight. The interesting aspect of this application is that it has a feature of flight price prediction which enables you to know about the possible fluctuations in booking prices in the future. Moreover, the Hopper app is available for both, Android and iOS.

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10. City Mapper

An application like Google Maps but more interesting and precise is City Mapper. This app can be downloaded for iOS and Android mobile phones through Google Play. City Mapper facilitates your trip routes through its wonderful live tracking system. It also alerts you about the routes that have heavy traffic so that you could avoid them. In addition, you can select different modes of transport to get to know that how long you can reach your destination by car, by bike, or by walk. If you are new to a place or you are visiting it for the very first time, City Mapper can guide you routes all along with your exploration.

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11. Kayak

Another amazing travel app is Kayak. The thing that makes it a versatile application for traveling purposes is that it offers two features with a high level of flexibility. The two features include flight booking and hotel booking. The app shows all the categories that you are looking for. It gives precise information about each and every flight including its pricing, departure time, arrival time, stays, etc. For hotels, you can search and choose them by booking days and nights. Additionally, Kayak recommends discount packages for you too. After all, you can have a good experience using Kayak as your travel companion.

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12. Pack Point

Often a time comes when you are ready to go on vacation but, you do not exactly know about what kind of accessories and clothes may be required for a better experience. Not to worry at all as the Pack Point application is here for you. You just need to enter the place you are about to visit. Pack Point will then recommend you the suitable clothes and accessories that you need for that place. Through downloading this application, it is 100% sure that you will not forget the necessities for your trip. Pack Point is available free of cost for Android as well as iOS mobile users.

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13. ICE (In Case of EMERGENCY)

While going on vacations, you can sometimes face medical issues like severe pain, or swooning. In this critical condition, you must have a handy app for your medical aid. The ICE application allows you to get rid of this issue. What you have to do is to maintain your medical history inside the application. It includes making a proper profile, adding all the necessary cell numbers and recommendations regarding any medical issue. At the time of an emergency, this app can aid you to remain safe and healthy after adopting your doctor’s suggestions. Furthermore, the app comes up with different language features and this makes it included in the best international travel apps.

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14. Splitwise

As a traveler, managing expenses is much critical than enjoying a trip at its full. When you opt to make a manual expense sheet, it makes you write and erase it multiple times. Splitwise app gives you an eminent solution to manage expenses. From flight expenses to your first-aid, you can track all the charges by creating a well-defined history. It is not a big deal if you are in Asia, Europe, or America, Splitwise application contains all the currency options that you look for. Moreover, the integration of Splitwise with PayPal makes it more worthy to have while traveling.

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15. Skiplagged

Skiplagged is another amazing travel application both for iOS and Android users. The main feature of this app is to display the cost of your flight from one airport to another. You have to set up your starting point and final destination, the app automatically shows how much you will be charged. You can also track the time period of your flight on Skiplagged. In addition, the application ensures whether there is any stopover or a layover in between. Through Skiplogged, you can also book a hotel for your accommodation with discount offers. Overall, Skiplagged is a good-to-go application for flight tracking and managing habitation while going on vacations and trips.

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Final Words

So this was all about the exciting and best international travel apps and their features. Obviously, these international travel apps have made traveling much easier and comfortable. You just have to download and tap into one of them to take extensive benefit out of it for free. Now, whenever you plan vacations, trips, and official visits to European or American countries, don’t forget to prepare yourself completely through these applications and their facilities. Happy traveling to the people out there!