Apple Released iOS 17.4 for iPhone: New Emoji & Other Features

apple 15 pro

iPhone users, check for the new iOS 17.4 update with major features now available.

Apple released iOS 17.4, the latest update for iPhones. It includes new features and bug fixes, but the most notable changes are due to EU regulations.

The EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) takes effect on March 6, allowing Apple to open iOS and iPadOS 17.4 to alternative app stores. This means EU users can now download apps from other marketplaces and use third-party payment systems for purchases.

iOS 17.4 adds support for third-party app stores in the EU, due to new legislation. This is a major change for iPhone users, but only applies to those in the EU.

Apple reluctantly complied with new regulations and set strict requirements for third-party stores and providers in order to continue operating in the EU.

In iOS 17.4, there are 18 new emoji for users in the U.S. and other countries. These include a mushroom, lime, broken chain, and a burning phoenix emoji.

Key features:

  • Music recognition lets you add identified songs to your Apple Music playlists and library.
  • Siri can now announce messages in any supported language.
  • Stolen Device Protection offers increased security in all locations.
  • Battery Health in Settings shows important information for iPhone 15 and 15 Pro models.
  • Call Identification displays verified business information when available.
  • Business updates in Messages provide trusted information for transactions you opt into.
  • Apple Cash virtual card numbers allow you to pay with Apple Cash at merchants without Apple Pay.

iOS 17.4 now has a transcript feature for Apple Podcasts. You can read the transcript while listening, search for specific text, and adjust the text screen’s size and contrast.

New emojis have been added, including a mushroom, phoenix, lime, broken chain, and shaking heads. You can also adjust 18 person and body emojis to face different directions.

Users can Add identified songs to your Apple Music playlists and library. Siri can announce messages in any language. Enable tighter security for all locations with Stolen Device Protection.

Use virtual card numbers to pay with Apple Cash at non-Apple Pay merchants. Enter the number in Wallet or Safari AutoFill. Battery Health in Settings shows cycle count, manufacture date, and first use for iPhone 15 and 15 Pro.

Apple’s new Call Identification feature will show verified details like business name, logo, and department. The Messages for Business service will also give updates on orders, flights, fraud alerts, and other transactions.

iOS 17.4 fixes two issues: blank contact pictures in Find My app and a glitch for Dual SIM users where the phone number would switch from primary to secondary SIM. It also addresses security bugs mentioned on Apple’s support page.

The latest updates also apply to the iPad, with iPadOS 17.4 receiving similar new features and fixes as iOS 17.4.

To update your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Then, tap Update Now to install the new version.