6 Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

energy efficient

The world we live in today isn’t the same as it was ten years ago. New aspects like technology and innovation have led to completely energy efficient ways of living. From mobile phones to the increasing domination of app usage, everyone has adopted the fast lifestyle. However, there is something that people are yet to adopt. The green way of living is something that you should be taking up. So, we’re bringing you six ways you can make your home energy efficient.

Restrict Space Heater Usage

This may seem stupid, but space heaters aren’t the most efficient ways of heating your home. Electric and gas space heaters can be really useful and are known to keep you nice and warm during harsh winters. However, they are quite energy consuming. You might find that these heaters make up most of your monthly electricity bill. What you can do about this is invest in a heater that is “energy efficient”. If you look, you might find some interesting options available in the market. Also, you can substitute your thermostat with blankets or layers of clothing.

Use Solar Power

This one is for those who want to take the extra leap towards a greener and more energy efficient home. Now, we are aware that solar panels aren’t exactly the cheapest of things to buy. But they are incredibly useful in the long run. Solar power is becoming a popular method for heating water and also for providing homes with electricity. Using solar power for your home can also help decrease electricity bills. Not to forget those annual tax incentives! Solar power is the next step towards The Smart Future and there’s really no holding back.

Control Water Usage

You can go long way towards home energy consumption just by controlling how much water you use every day. If properly executed, you can also save a lot of money! For example, you can save little by little. Perhaps while brushing your teeth or controlling how much water you use whilst bathing. You can use the shower instead of filling your bathtub. This saves double the amount of water that is wasted during a bath. Do not unnecessarily leave the water running in and around the house. Make sure to close any sources after usage. You never known how much water and money you could be saving just by being careful during the washing of dishes.

Replace Those Windows

There are a few culprits to losing sufficient air in your home during certain seasons. The main one happens to be your windows. Having the right ones cam determine how much energy you consume annually. Old windows aren’t the right ones as they are very energy consuming. Try replacing your windows with double panel and vinyl frame windows. These are much more energy efficient which is what you should be aiming for. Talk to a window installation expert on the preferences that can be perfect for your home.

Compost Pile Method

Compost is a result that you have to try out. This method ensures that the pile of organic waste that you leave out decomposes over time. The positives of this method are that you receive organic fertilizer for your garden. Also, this is the perfect substitute for throwing waste in trash bins. All you will need is a bit of space that will readily be available. This method doesn’t really need a huge amount of area. Another advantage of going the composting route is your soil quality. It is known to regenerate poor soil by increasing the production of microorganisms that then break down this matter to make hummus. This humus then retains moisture and increases the amount of nutrients in the soil.

Switching Off Gadgets

In today’s day and age, this one is probably the hardest to implement. Developing a habit of switching off electronic gadgets when not in use does more help than you think. Devices like printers perhaps have LED clocks that run all day and night, adding to your power bill. When you won’t be using any device immediately, switch them off. You can always switch them back on, so do this. These are small savings that become huge in the long run and cam help you have a lot of money.