8 Warning Signs You Need Emergency Drain Cleaning Service

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In most cases, problems with drains can be repaired over a reasonable period. When it comes to emergency drain service, many issues require immediate attention.

You should call top drain cleaning service. It is possible to solve some of the more straightforward problems independently. What should you do if a malfunctioning drain causes damage to your home or disruptions to your daily life?

When drainage problems occur, you need to call an emergency top drain cleaning service right away. It is impossible to wait for a regular plumber to call while in a flooded basement caused by a leaking pipe or backed-up drain.

As long as the problem isn’t causing immediate issues, you can get some sleep and contact a regular drain repair service the next day.

Experiencing a foul odor for no apparent reason

There’s a strange smell coming from somewhere in your house, and you do not know what it is. The problem seems to get more problematic, not better, no matter how much you clean, but maybe you’re not cleaning the right spots.

The cause of your problem may be your drains. While your gutters may seem like they are functioning, that doesn’t mean that food or sewage aren’t building up somewhere.

You can hire a drain cleaning service to remove any materials that are clogging up your drainage line. They will use special equipment to reach the source of the smell, irrespective of where it is.

Backflows or water backups

In terms of a homeowner’s experience, backflow is the worst. Water that has wrecked flooring and carpeting for good is a nightmare that no homeowner looks forward to.

In back-flowing situations, water overflows the sink or returns to the sink, smelling foul. Back-flow may result from a sudden change in water flow, which causes water to flow into the drain in the opposite direction. The worst type of backflow is sewer backflow.

Sewer backflow is one of the most common causes of emergency drain cleaning. A water backup is when water keeps flowing from the source without stopping or slowing down. In most cases, this occurs due to slow drainage from clogged pipes until the clog is so nasty that water cannot pass through at all. 

Problems happen at this stage. Clogs can occur due to mineral buildup or waste, but the reason isn’t as important as the solution. The complete formation of a clog makes it difficult to remove and could lead to water damage on your property. Do not ignore water backups if you see them. Get in touch with top drain cleaning service to solve your problem as early as possible.

Is the water cloudy or colored?

The water in your house must be clear. Otherwise, you probably have an issue with your drainage system that needs fixing.

  • If your water is yellow or brown, it may be tainted with iron, which could be a sign that your water heater is malfunctioning
  • Your copper pipes may be corroded if your water is blue or green
  • Any other color is a sign of trouble

Having colored water shows that you need emergency drain cleaning services.

Sounds of gurgling

You’re hearing an odd sound coming from your sink. Although your drain seems to be working properly, you can listen to gurgling.

There’s a problem building up behind the scenes of strange noises coming from pipes. Clogs cause air bubbles to form as water rushes by them. You will hear gurgling sounds as the sink drains because of these air bubbles.

After a drain cleaning service removes the clog, these sounds will also disappear.

Fruit flies pose a problem

There have never been problems with fruit flies, but they suddenly appeared out of nowhere. While you have cleared the kitchen counters of any food and cleaned as thoroughly as you could, the stains remain.

Many people don’t know fruit flies are attracted to food stuck in drainage pipes. Fruit flies notice when food accumulates in drainage pipes.

Drain cleaning knows how to remove all traces of food from drains. Your fruit flies will be forced to move on when the food is gone.

The Excessive Use of Liquid Drain Cleaner

Usually, one bottle of liquid drain cleaner is enough. However, you’ve used two bottles this time, and your drains are still slow.

Quit pouring store-bought cleaners down the drain. Besides, it does not clear the problem. You might even damage your pipes.

Only a drain cleaning service can safely clear out tough clogs while preserving the integrity of your pipes.

Freezing pipes

Low temperatures can occur during winter, and the pipes and the water in them will inevitably freeze under such conditions. When it comes to drainage and even leaks, frozen pipes can cause serious problems. However, you can tell if the pipes are frozen.

  • You will see visible frost on exposed pipes.
  • Strange noises when the tap is turned on
  • Completely no water coming out of any faucet in the house

A frozen pipe could completely shut down your water supply, something you want to avoid at all costs. To get your drainage system back on track, when you notice any signs of frozen pipes, contact top drain cleaning service.

Clogs that frequently occur

The bathroom sink was clogged last week, and you thought you had cleared it. But now it’s blocked again. A frequent clog could indicate a serious clog that cannot be removed with a simple fix.

Pipes can accumulate gunk and residue over time. Although home drain cleaners might help break down clogs, they will not always resolve the issue completely. You experience frequent clogs in your home because of the buildup.

When this happens, a professional drain cleaning service can help eliminate the problem once and for all.

Toilets overflowing

It’s easy to understand why your toilet overflowed when your child flushed his favorite toy car. Frequently overflowing drainage lines could also be the cause of no explanation.

It is possible for sewage drains to become clogged with waste and toilet paper. A toilet that overflows shows that there is a clog preventing proper drainage.

Using a drain cleaning service, your sewage clog will be located and cleared so that your toilet can flush freely again.

To sum up,

Avoid letting a clog create a big problem. You can keep the water flowing freely and your drains happy by knowing when to hire a drain cleaning service.