5 Travel Blogs to Read Before Taking a Vacation

travel blogs

August is traditionally the month for vacations. The weather has heated up, the kids are in the middle of their summer break from school and everyone is anxious to get out and enjoy the sun. So, that means going to travel agencies, checking vacation websites and blogs.

Then there is the debate of where to go, do it provide activities for the kids as well as for the adults and can we afford it. For many of us that last part is the most important since money is fairly tight. Till even though money is a big concern we still want to make sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

List of The Best Travel Blogs

The following are some of the best budget friendly travel blogs that you should check before planning you trip:

Our Oyster

OurOyster.com is a blog written by a husband and wife that live in Austrailia. The blog is full of their person travels, tips on how-to stay on a budget and family friendly ideas. When you click on the family tips you will see such articles as How to travel with a baby on a pacific island and must have gear for traveling with a baby.

Frugal Travel Guy

Frugaltravelguy.com was found 2007 by Rick Ingersoll and is now run by a team of travelers that educated people on the benefits of credit points and frequent flier miles. The site features articles on perks offered through hotel credit cards, stories that readers have sent in about rewards they have earned and warnings of offer they might seem to good to be true.

World Travel Family

Worldtravelfamily.com is a blog run by a couple that have two children. Their blog is dedicated to family and how to create a vacation that will fit both the adults and kids. They discuss thing like finding accommodations in hotels that benefit everyone, going on a cruise with kids and where not to skimp on your trip.

Budget Travel

Budgettravel.com is a great place to start your hunt for the prefect vacation. Just like the magazine of the same name this site is full of trip ideas, deals, reviews and articles. Some of the wonderful trip ideas featured are the ultimate California road trip and 25 incredible road trips bt readers love. From the drop down deals menu you can choose your destination and find plenty of budget friendly options.

Frugal travel

The Frugal_Traveler is a blog on the New York Times site that is written by Seth Kugal. In the blog Sath shares his real-life experience and money saving tips that he has gained through his travels. The articles include essensual apps, seeing New York at a discount and much more.