It is high time to design a security strategy in mobile systems in order to safe guard the confidential data. In the current scenario the data saved in the mobile devices were at higher risks of being hacked. There is a necessity to think about mobile security system in order to secure your valuable data. The data flow has been increased for most of the business processing. This has led to cyber crimes all over the data channel. Every individual and the organization should be proactive to secure their business data without being decrypted by anonymous in the network.

Ways to Establish Mobile Security Strategy

The foremost goal in the mobile security strategy is to protect the data from being interrupted by anonymous. The organization should follow the below mobile security strategy to improve the protection in their business process.

Educate the employee

The organization should not encourage the low level employee to store the business data in their personal devices. Moreover they should be given an awareness regarding the proper usage of data channel of the business processing activities. They should be educated to know the importance of securing the business data. All levels of the employee in the organization must know to react when they find any data theft during their business processing activities. An immediate action towards the hacking helps to overcome serious disaster due to data loss or damage. Each and every department in the organization should be able to tackle the situation at the time of hacking without any fear. They should be given an updated knowledge and the techniques involved to solve this data hacking issues.

Predict the future issues

You should plan out the process to be carried out immediately when you sense the data loss in your stored device. As a responsible employee you can consult with other technical staffs in the organization before storing the business data for future usage. While storing the data in your personal devices for the business activities make the best use of the encryption techniques for secure storage. Those data cannot be decrypted by normal decryption techniques if you have followed the latest encryption algorithm.

Awareness to the high level employees

The organization should conduct an awareness program to the employee in the organization to educate them in this mobile security strategy. They should be advised not to connect their personal devices in public WIFI connections which might lead to various hacking activities. The organization should not encourage the employee to store business data in their personal mobile devices in any situation. Proper training in handling data in the mobile devices should be given to the higher authorities in the organization before permitting them to use the business information in their own electronic devices.

Make an assessment

The organization should assess the risk factors involved in using the mobile devices to store the business data. They should be able to utilize the updated encryption technique while storing the sensitive data in their electronic devices. The organization should prepare a monthly assessment in order to predict the risk involved in their stored business data. They should form a group of technical members to find out an optimum way to overcome the risks that has been assessed by the organization in handling the data for their business activities. Moreover the organization should not recommend even the higher authorities to store vulnerable business data in their mobile devices because it will become a greater issue if it has been hacked without the knowledge of those high level employees.

Sense the anonymous

Every employee in the organization should update their mobile devices with the latest encrypted software and accessories to store the data for business processing activities. They must be able to sense the entry of any anonymous interruption in the data channel when they are connected to any wireless network. The organization should create a fire wall to their data server to avoid the entry of any communication from outside the office premises. Even the employees in the organization should not connect their personal devices with the organization server when they are using the public wireless network.

Frame accessing limits

The organization should frame a data accessing limits through their mobile devices based on their position they hold in the organization. They should be educated in handling passwords while connecting with the organization data server for business activities. Moreover the employees must be trained to maintain their password credentials at higher security level in order to prevent the anonymous interruption in the business processing activities. The employees should be restricted to use their mobiles in accessing the vulnerable data. The organization should provide them with highly protected devices to use those data for the processing of business activities. This accessing limit helps to overcome the data leakage while carrying out the business process.

Mobile threats

Due to the easy access of networks through mobile phones has led to the threat of data loss. The threats can be overcome by proper awareness in using the public networks for communication purposes. The employee should be trained in handling public networks to avoid data loss or damage. Educate the employee to install protective software in their personal mobile phones while using the data for business processing activities.


As the proverb says ‘preventive is better than cure’ it is a wise practice to protect the data using high security technique instead of looking for measures after the data loss or damage. Make the best use of the latest technology to prevent the anonymous accessing of vulnerable data which has been stored in your mobile phones for business processing. Take the proactive measures before the situation becomes worse. Use the best encryption algorithms while storing the data and get updated in effective utilization of mobile phones in a public networks. Thus try to avoid the usage of mobile phones for business communication using the public data channels which prone to higher risks in data loss or damage.

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