Landing page is a page where someone lands when they click on the call to action link of your marketing campaign. You can also call it a page that captures the lead for your website. Through landing pages, you can encourage your visitors to subscribe to your email list, buy your products and services, donate to a cause, visit a location or engage in any other action that you want them to.

An exceptionally designed landing page enhances the chances of conversion for your email, PPC and other campaigns. It’s no secret that your landing page should be simple and should not be jammed with information overload that can distract the users. Instead, you should focus all your efforts on the conversion.

The need for a landing page

You might have put in a lot of efforts in designing your website and building a social presence for yourself. But if you don’t have an effective landing page, all these efforts won’t be of much help to you.

  • Landing pages help in enhancing the conversion rates
  • Landing pages are a source of generating leads and collating the contact data of the visitors through a simple form
  • They are an extremely important part of online marketing

Different types of landing pages

You can create a landing page for various purposes. Broadly speaking, there are two types of landing pages:

  1. Click-through landing pages; and
  2. Lead Generation landing pages

Click-through landing pages

Landing pages are meant to get you conversions and leads. But it is not that easy to achieve. So, most ecommerce campaigns make use of click-through landing pages that provide all the necessary information about the product or service before sending visitors to the actual sales page where they can place their order and complete the transaction. Thus, click-through landing pages act as a gateway between your marketing campaign and the final sales page, and offers and additional opportunity to set in the final pitch to your visitors.

Lead generation landing pages

If you are planning to embark upon an email marketing campaign, you need to have enough information about your customers. This is where lead generation landing pages come in. They collect email addresses and names of the visitors along with other necessary details. You can then use this database to send newsletters, special offers, seasonal discounts, and so on.

What should you look for while buying a landing page creator?

If you are planning to buy a landing page creator to help you design an effective landing page, make sure to look out for these features:

  • It should be easy to use so that you don’t need any further professional help to set up your landing page
  • It should offer clutter free, attractive templates
  • It should help you create mobile responsive landing pages
  • It should contain images to go with your campaign, products or services
  • It should provide for an easy integration with your marketing channels (email, social media, etc.)
  • It should have strong built-in analytics to give you insight into your campaign
  • It should help you optimize your campaign
  • A free trial period would be great just in case you suddenly feel that it’s not for you
  • Pricing should not be too much of a priority here but then why spend more if you are getting something equally good for a lesser price!

Tips for creating effective landing pages

Never keep your content so long that people will have to scroll down to have a look at it. If you want to make your landing page really effective, add an image as well, but do make it a point to make the image relevant to the button that you are using for call to action. The text that you put on the page must be direct and easy to understand.

  • Compelling title is a must and it should be relevant to that of the call to action button
  • Add relevant and convincing image to the offer that you are making
  • Keep your content concise, so that users don’t have to scroll down to read through
  • Highlight the value proposition in bulleted points
  • Use no more than 5 sentences in your opening and closing paragraphs
  • The Call to Action must be precise and clear

Buy the right landing page creator to go with your requirements and follow these tips to create an awesome landing page that gives handsome results!

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