How to Create a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

internet marketing

As in any business venture budgeting, content and tracking your results for your internet marketing campaigns will be of the utmost importance. Great campaigns start with a tight focus on potential customers, and a clear call to action. The three most important functions in a successful internet marketing campaign are to test, track and tweak.


Begin with your target ad groups and prioritize your needs. What ad campaigns do you want to try and what type of advertising methods. Do you plan to go after the local market? If so, do you look at conventional marketing such as classified advertising, radio or TV? Do you look at online advertising such as pay-per-click, banner ads, Facebook or search engines? Of course the nature of your product will dictate your course of action.

Prioritizing the ads for maximum exposure is the real trick. As we will discuss later your campaign needs constant vigilance to make sure your efforts are maximizing your ad dollars. Always be on the lookout for different venues to advertise in. Getting your “cost per lead to the bare minimum” is the mantra one should follow for maximum exposure and ad effectiveness.

Ad content

The most important aspect of your advertising content is your copywriting skills. Being able to catch the attention of prospective clients is the hook that one needs to turn leads into customers. Whether you are creating a classified ad or an ad on a search engine, you must grab the customer and hold their interest until the product can be explained.

Think about what you are interested in when shopping for a product. Is the focus on you, does it solve a problem or fulfill a need? What are the emotions you feel when seeing or hearing the proposal? Does the ad stimulate you, excite, comfort or give you a sense of desire?

Effective ad copy addresses some base human desires and usually creates a call to action. It is imperative to seek out the teachings of successful copywriters and learn the art of attraction.

Test, Track and Tweak

The most important function to stay on track with your advertising budget is to be constantly evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns. Your ads will only be effective if you constantly test its performance. Are you attracting sufficient leads? What is the cost per lead and are you targeting the right group of people.

Tracking is another important aspect of the performance of your ads. What are the trends you observe? Are you offering specials such as coupons or expiration dates to respond? If using search engines are you reviewing tracking codes to determine your exposure? Looking at all of this information on a daily or weekly basis will allow you to be nimble and able to react to success or failure of your efforts. This constant vigilance will keep your budget on track.

Last but not least is the constant tweaking of your campaign. Subtle changes in ad copy or changes in your bidding price will reap many rewards. A successful advertiser is always looking for a better and more profitable way to advertise. One must be careful not to over analyze your campaign. Ad campaigns need to run for a while to test their effectiveness, but don’t hold on to an ideas just because you like it. To be successful keep searching for the right mix and when you do find it, ride it for all it’s worth.

Successful internet marketing campaign can be achieved by following some of the ideas presented here. There are many factors to being a successful marketer and I have only presented a few key ideas. However, these basic ideas have proved to be a good starting point for me and hopefully it will help anyone starting out in their new venture.