Find a Song Stuck in Your Head by Music Recognition Services

find song by tune music recognition

Have you ever had trouble finding a song that you know only by its tune? Well, it happens very often, you stumble upon some fantastic music while listening to the FM radio, watching the TV or sitting in a restaurant and love to have it in your own music player. But the bitter side is that you couldn’t catch the lyrics or identify the artist. Search engines won’t be of any help unless you know a couple of words from the lyrics or have some clue about the artist or band. How else can you find the song then?

To help you out with this, we have listed some of the best music recognition services that don’t need you to know the lyrics of a song.

How to find a song using just the tune:

These services help you in identifying the music being played from TV, FM stations, Internet or anything else.

Find song details by using your Smartphone:


It is a mobile application that can be installed on your iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows or Android smartphones. After the installation of Shazam app, hold your device towards the music source and press the ‘Tag’ button to let Shazam recognize the song.


MusicID is an iphone app available in the app store for just $3. Just install it on your device and hold near a music source, Music ID will show you the details of that song being played. MusicID can only work with pre-recorded music and not with live performances.

Find the song details by using your own voice:


It is a web based program that helps you find the song by your own voice. If there’s a song’s tune stuck in your head, just go to from your pc and hum that song. Midomi will find the songs that match your humming and display the best results. Midomi’s interface lets you hum or sing your tune for 10 seconds. It is a free service, but they are also providing an app for smartphones. With the mobile app, you can hum or sing your tune into the phone itself.


Audiotag is an online music recognition service which lets you upload a short recording of your song. You just have to upload a short audio clip and Audiotag will identify the song by matching it to their database. If you could record the song with your mobile, you can later use Audiotag to find more about that song when you go online.

Let real people identify the song for you:


If none of the above services could identify your song, no worries, WatZatSong can help you out most probably. It is a social site which lets you upload a short audio clip of the song (or humming) so that other users of watzatsong can identify it. You can also help them with more details like the language of song, music style, etc.


Just Hum your tune at and select the Genre and Era that you think the song most likely belongs to. Submit your email id, so that they can mail you the details when other people identify your song.

So, now it’s time for you to find that song you have been searching for so long.