Top 10 Cloud Migration Tools for 2023

cloud migration tools

Cloud migrations are precious undertakings, with the average garcon going cover the data before moving them, keeping it secure. Many cloud migration platforms include automated discovery tools, which dissect all your operations and data on the network to identify dependencies. They also determine the stylish order in which to move them.

Best Cloud Migration Tools

The following platforms are recommended for MSPs who need cloud migration tools. These platforms have been chosen for positive stoner reviews and their quality of features.

1. AWS Cloud Migration

AWS Cloud migration services, which aren’t seller-neutral, allow MSPs and IT professionals to move workloads from their own- demesne terrain or into other Cloud surroundings to AWS. AWS experts will give guidance to help you navigate each stage of your migration. MSPs have access to the platform for free for the first ninety days. But, MSPs will have to learn the new system, if guests don’t want to migrate. MSPs can indeed earn AWS instruments to make sure they’re completely knowledgeable about the platform.


  • The first 90 days are free.
  • Fast data transfers.
  • For large migrations, it’s simple to use.

  • Only workshop with AWS Cloud.
  • A steep literacy wind, especially if you’re new to the AWS cloud platform.

2. Azure Migrate

Azure migrate doesn’t work with Azure Cloud migrations. But it’s useful for MSPs and is free to all Azure subscribers. End-to-end visibility helps identify dependencies between operations. Also, the platform provides perceptivity and recommendations to ensure MSPs move their guests ‘workloads in the proper order. MSPs may also be suitable to pierce mate tools and dependences visualizations from Azure. These tools are free but can come with a price. Azure takes security. The company spends further than$ 1 billion and employs further than security professionals.


  • Azure subscription Free.
  • It’s easy to use and offers many coffers for migration.
  • Helpful stoner attendants are available.

  • Only available on Azure Cloud platform.
  • Some druggies ask for further current, real-time information about their CPU operation.

3. VMware Cloud Migration

VMware’s Cloud migration tools can be used by MSPs to unite with guests in any Cloud terrain. MSPs need only one tool, because all the data, storehouse, network, Kubernetes, etc., are the same in every Cloud. To keep costs down and cloud optimization, the tools can also be used to control costs. Virtual machines and holders are available, so inventors can pierce the structure demanded to contemporize apps. Pricing depends on which Cloud provider you choose, but some offer free trials.


  • No matter which cloud provider guests choose to use, the same technology.
  • Reduce time-out for companies.
  • Reduced migration timeline.

  • Pricing can be confusing because each provider’s pricing is different.
  • The literacy wind for the platform is steep.

4. Turbonomic

Turbonomic IBM permits Cloud movements to be overseen exercising operation asset the board. It uses AI to maximize performance and reduce costs. MSPs will be suitable to identify where each operation gets its coffers. They can also produce a migration strategy that minimizes time-out. It works with AWS and Azure public Cloud administrations. The instrument is also workable with AWS and Azure public Cloud administrations. This helps to keep costs low while keeping performance high. After the trial period, there are three pricing categories available.


  • Compatible with AWS, Azure, and both Azure shadows.
  • Excellent visibility to the Cloud terrain.
  • Automates many homemade tasks.

  • Cost prohibitive for certain druggies.
  • There are no other options for warrants grounded on part.

5. Carbonite

Carbonite Migrate gives businesses unlimited access to the Cloud terrain for testing. The end is to make sure that all apps run before shutting off the demesne performances. Businesses can thus avoid time-out. It duplicates instructional indicators, operations and enhances relocation orders to regard conditions. The platform works with many Cloud providers to help sellers cinch- heft. MSPs can work with many guests, anyhow of Cloud terrain. Carbonite offers MSPs a Partner Program which allows them to enjoy flexible subscription plans and renewal impulses.


  • MSPs can profit from the mating program.
  • Smooth migration, especially when using Windows surroundings.
  • Simple interface.

  • Using multicolor surroundings can be complicated.
  • Some merchandisers have had difficulties with Linux- grounded migrations.

6. Google Cloud

Google Cloud is another seller-controlled tool. Still, utmost of the tools do not bring anything and offer free trial ages so it’s well worth learning for MSPs. Business possessors can use assessment tools and discovery to identify which means are best suited to the Cloud. The platform encrypts data while it’s in stir and at rest, to ensure that it remains secure during migration. Google offers a free cost assessment. Their experts work with companies to produce a plan for migration that’s both practical and threat-free.


  • Many tools for migration offer free trials.
  • Data migrations are our specialization.
  • As businesses grow, it’s easy to gauge up.

  • Only compatible for Google Cloud.
  • Not as expansive as analogous tools.

7. Corent SurPaaS

Current SurPaaS provides Cloud robotization platforms that simplify Cloud migrations. This stage assists MSPs with bringing down their Cloud spend and lessening costs for their guests. Following detailed assessments, SmartShift features-architects or platforms the operation to improve Cloud performance. It automates the operation modernization process, migrating applicable workloads into holders and Kubernetes. It supports all major public Cloud providers except for Google Cloud for migrating and offers migration for both waiters as well as operations. There are also options to manage post-migration.


  • Compatible with the maturity of public Cloud providers.
  • Great client service.
  • It’s simple to produce a strategy for migration.

  • It might bear some investment to get familiar with the stage.
  • Does not support migrations to Google Cloud.

8. Micro Focus Plate Spin Migrate

Micro Focus Plate Spin migrate offers data migration that’s automated with many features and tasks. It also includes testing in every garcon migration to avoid corruption. It supports both AWS Cloud platforms and Azure Cloud platforms. The system also supports Windows and Linux surroundings. Plate Spin Migrate guests will need an operation migrator. The platform supports migrations of over to waiters per hour and features discovery tools that help ensure the association transfers all applicable data.


  • Easy to learn, easy to use.
  • Robotization highlights drop homemade blunders.
  • Includes strong security measures.

  • Does not support IBM or Google Shadows.
  • Some druggies were unfit to communicate client service in time.

9. Zerto

Zero makes it simpler to migrate workloads across any storehouse type or Cloud type. This incorporates crossover, public, and private mists. It allows you to control how your content is defended and migrated.

Zerto includes a bandwidth throttle point that allows you to acclimate the rate at which content is being moved in the background. You can indeed seed another target point to speed up the entire process.

The platform stores your content in seconds. This means that the content you’re shifting remains only seconds behind its product. Once the migration is complete you can corroborate success and test your applications. But, you can restore the content to its original state, if there’s any error you notice.


  • Zero chance of data loss.
  • No time-out.
  • Option for one-click rollback.
  • After original setup, automatic reconfiguration of the network.
  • You can improve the stoner interface.
  • A little more expensive than other platforms.

  • User Interface can be improved.
  • A little more pricey than other platforms.

10. Navisite

Navisite’s designing group can help you with exploring the whole Cloud relocation lifecycle, from arranging and introductory appraisal to creation cutovers or nonstop help.

  • It offers three different migration services.
  • AWS Managed Servlet offers access to colorful coffers that allow you to emplace, manage and run apps in AWS.
  • Azure Managed Service allows for you to cover and manage Azure Cloud deployments.
  • Oracle Database Transformation allows you to move down from Oracle, while still maintaining optimal performance.

Navisite has a platoon of pukka professionals who have transferred hundreds of on- demesne operations to colorful Cloud surroundings. With Navisite, you can be confident that your data is in good hands.


  • No dislocations for businesses.
  • Flexible deployment options.
  • Only pay what you use.
  • They have a good staff.
  • Their marking system takes a while to get through.
  • Post-Migration Management shouldn’t be forgotten.

  • Their ticketing system is quite slow.

Likely, the MSP’s work does not end once their guests have moved their data and apps to the Cloud. For guests who want to maximize their Cloud performance and save plutocrats, MSPs should look into cloud migration tools. MSPs should suppose merchandisers that also offer post-migration support when opting for a cloud operation tool.