10 Best Live Chat Software for 2024

live chat software

Live chat software is a popular and efficient way to communicate well with customerss in real-time. It’s quick, convenient, and allows for personalized customer service. To help you choose the best option, here are the best live chat software for 2024.

The way that customers desire to communicate with businesses has changed. It has been predicted the trend will change by 87% over the coming 12-18 months. For companies to offer a better customer experience. It’s vital to use live chat software, with the consumer’s needs in mind.

Before we get into the complete list of the most effective and best live chat software available there, let’s take an overview of the features of live chat software first.

What is Live Chat Software?

Live Chat Software is a carrier that gives immediate consumer help and affords information. It functions as an instant messaging platform that allows your customers to communicate with you in real-time. Live chat support can respond and to requests from customers that could increase rates of conversion for your site.

We’ve talked before about the importance of creating live chat platforms to improve the customer experience there are a variety of other reasons to create these systems. Let’s get started!

List of the Best Live Chat Software in 2022

While there is much live chat software available, we have taken the liberty of putting together the top live chat applications in 2022.

After doing thorough studies, I’ve compiled the top live chat services available today. I’ll discuss the advantages, features of use cases, prices, and possible negatives in the reviews for each of them below.

HubSpot Live Chat – Best Free Live Chat Software

HubSpot is among the top well-known CRM tools available currently. HubSpot CRM is free. HubSpot CRM software is free as well as comes with a variety of free tools to help with marketing as well as sales and customer service. Live chat for free is an integral part of this package.

HubSpot allows users to communicate with site potential customers, visitors, or users in real-time.

Make your live chat widget customizable to reflect your brand’s identity and color scheme. Make welcome messages that are targeted for various landing pages or different audiences. All conversations you have with your contacts are saved to the contact’s database. Your entire team will have access to all interactions. You can also use free chatbots for live chat to automatize your chats at the scale you need.

To make the most of HubSpot Pay-per-month plans begin at $40 per month. Bundles and packages for product suites begin at fifty dollars per year. Even though your free CRM or free live chat is ideal for getting started but you’ll need to upgrade in the future.

LiveChat – Best for Multichannel Support

Over 177,000 customers service agents across 150+ countries use LiveChat.com. The software handles over 27 million chats a month. It’s employed by major companies such as Sony, Ikea, Lexus, Samsung, LG, and many others.

If you manage customer support in different ways, LiveChat will join those messages onto one platform.

The software is compatible with more than 170 applications and tools. These packages provide you with the capacity to manipulate orders, take delivery of charge and encompass patron info into your patron database.

Plan and pricings:

  • Starter – $16 per agent per month
  • Team – $33 per agent per month
  • Business – $50 per agent per month

Its Starter plan is suitable for basic usage. It includes 60-day chat history as well as an integrated ticketing system. To get unlimited chat history and branding tools as well as other sophisticated features, you’ll have upgraded to a higher level.

LiveChat offers distinct product lines for AI chatbots as well as help desk support as well as knowledge-based tools. If you’re interested in those tools, you’ll need to buy that software on its own.

LiveAgent – Best for Ticketing Support

LiveAgent offers many product products. Alongside Live Chat, it offers products for helping desk applications and calls center software, and much more.

Companies use LiveAgent’s chat application to boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, and cut support costs. It offers pre-programmed chat invitations, web-based monitoring tools, and real-time previews of typing to provide the highest level of support from your representatives.

Live Chat is complete with helpdesk functions, such as ticketing. LiveAgent’s plans cost very little and include tickets as a solution.

Chat and ticketing start at $29 per month for each agent. The all-inclusive plan that includes tickets, live chat, and call center help starts with $39 per month, per agent.

It’s a shame that LiveAgent does not offer advanced tools for AI chatbots, or automated processes. It’s beside a great customer service tool for a low cost.

Chatra – Free Live Chat App

Chatra is one of the most well-known live chat applications. It’s used by more than 31,000 companies and e-commerce stores.

The program includes tools for monitoring websites and multichannel communication, as well as conversions, and more.

Chatra offers a free forever plan that is available to one agent. The free software includes options like:

  • Unlimited simultaneous chats
  • Support for many websites
  • Offline messaging
  • Typing indicators
  • Take receipts and read them
  • Agent names and images
  • SSL encryption
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Developer API

The list is endless. Another feature in your free package is the multi-lingual chat widget. Users can view the chat widget in the language they prefer according to the settings of their browser. Other services charge extra per feature.

For more than one agent and advanced features such as bots and targeted triggers, and comprehensive information about visitors for advanced features like targeted triggers, detailed visitor information, and bots, the Pro Chatra Pro version Chatra costs $15 per month for each agent.

Pure Chat – Best Unlimited Plan

Pure Chat is a simple and simple method to integrate live chat into any site. It’s currently in use by more than 14,000 users in 150+ countries across the globe.

You’ll be in complete control of how your chat widget appears with features that can be customized to match the color scheme of your website and branding. When you use Pure Chat, it’s easy to handle customer support on the move using iOS as well as Android mobile applications.

Pure Chat comes with an extensive list of features that includes:

  • Chat alerts
  • Responses in canned form
  • Pre-chat form with information about the chat.
  • Built-in SSL
  • Operator availability and scheduling
  • Information about visitors and the location of their visit
  • Integrations from third parties

There are two Pure Chat plans; Growth and Pro. Plans cost between $39 and $79 each month and are billed annually for the growth and pro plans, respectively.

The growth plan has four participants. Additional users are charged $ 13 per month. Even the basic plan offers unlimited chats. The Pro plan has 10 users and costs $8 per month to add additional seats. Alongside unlimited chats most expensive plan also includes unlimited chat history. It can also be utilized on an unlimited number of websites.

There’s an incredible amount of value to these plans. However, Pure Chat lacks advanced features such as AI as well as automation.

Olark – Best Live Chat Software for Sales Teams

Olark is a live chat application designed for sales teams. Use this program to build custom pre-chat forms, trigger emails as well as allow offline messaging if your team isn’t available. Chat in real-time and store customer data within Olark or your own sales CRM.

Other advantages and features of Olark are:

  • Chat built-in tools (file sharing and transfers, as well as notifications)
  • Visitor tracking
  • Chat Analytics (volume, the history of chat and history, Google Analytics Tagging, etc.)
  • Team management tools
  • Complete customization
  • Security and encryption of data

Olark also provides automated tools for chat routing and canned responses, proactive chat, automated greetings, and much more.

Pricing starts at $12 per month per agent under a two-year contract. Monthly and one-year prices are $19 and $15. More features for advanced features can be priced between $29 and $99 per month.

Intercom – Best Scalable Live Chat Software

More than 30,000+ companies are relying on Intercom to provide live chat software. Intercom has everything you must to enjoy live chat to help with the generation of leads and customer interaction and even customer service.

From the basic usage, for one user to live chat on a larger scale using automated workflows, robots or automation Intercom offers a solution for all.

Make sure you have targeted messages on your homepage and internal landing pages for various kinds of users like lead and. customers. Make use of this tool to provide visitors a tour of the product or guide users through the conversion funnel.

Intercom integrates with a myriad of powerful applications and tools that you already use including Slack, Facebook, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Stripe, and more.

Here’s a brief review of the prices for Intercom:

  • Start – $39 per month
  • Grow Cost – $99 per month
  • Speed up – $49 per month
  • Scale – $999 per month

These Start and Grow plans come with a seat and five seats each. They provide the essential tools that you must start working by integrating live chat. They also offer the Speed up as well as the Scale plans have ten seats, as well as advanced features such as customized bots, automated assignment rules, and a multi-lingual help center.

Intercom offers more add-ons to product tours advanced lead generation, sophisticated customer interactions, as well as automated support. These add-ons are priced between $199 and $499 monthly.

SnapEngage – Best Live Chat Bots

SnapEngage is a powerful live chat platform. It has unique use-case equipment for income client service, income, or even healthcare answers which might be HIPAA-compliant chats.

For those who would like to make the most of automated chatbots and automated chat on your site, SnapEngage will be the ideal choice for you.

Chatbots that live chat in this program include:

  • Information capture bot
  • Approval bot
  • Answer bot
  • Guide bot
  • Custom API bot
  • COVID-19 Checker for symptom

Even the basic plan comes with information collection and approval robots.

SnapEngage offers all the tools that you must to manage customer support throughout the customer’s journey. The plans are inexpensive and feature rich. But there is a smallest of three users to begin.

Zendesk Chat – Best Live Chat Software for Helpdesks

Zendesk Chat is a straightforward and powerful tool to enhance customer support through live chat. It is simple to use, works with many channels of communication, and provides precise data.

The most popular Zendesk Chat’s features include:

  • Forms for offline and pre-chat
  • Chat user ratings
  • Visitor lists
  • AI-powered chatbots powered by chatbots
  • File transmission

As you will observe, Zendesk Chat has a solution for all. You can also buy the program for free when you’re a beginner user.

If you would like to have the complete helpdesk experience along with living chat, you should try Zendesk Support Suite. Zendesk Support Suite.

Drift – Best Live Chat Software for Lead Generation

Drift is another well-known live chat service used by sales representatives. It’s a trusted solution for 50,000+ companies across the world.

With features such as live chat, account-based market (ABM) as well as chat-to-call, meeting scheduling, and chat-to-call This program is great for lead generation on a massive size.

Companies use Drift to speed up the sales cycle by connecting with potential customers. You can even assess your leads in real-time right from the live chat box, using automated processes or AI chatbots.

Here’s a look at Drift pricing:

  • Free – $0
  • Essential – $400 per month
  • Premium – $ 1,500 per month
  • Enterprise – Customized pricing

The loose plan helps you to chat together along with your traffic for your internet site in real-time, but it does not provide any extra functions or blessings that include Drift.

To create personalized bots, lead routing as well as sales-related integrations you’ll have to change to an upgraded subscription.

It’s also important to remember that the above prices are the basic monthly fees that are charged. Chat seats begin at $40 per month, per agent.


You’ve got it you’re done! We’ve done our part by searching for the top live chat software on the market and we even provided you with an overview of how to pick the most suitable software to meet your requirements.