How to Play Thanos Snap on Google?

Google thanos snap

In the continuously transferring digital landscape, any Google upgrade often causes waves in the network. Whether it is miles rumors on latest Google algorithm update or chatter approximately prospective adjustments in SEO paradigms, always be on the lookout.

These updates, which range from basic adjustments to algorithm adjustments, have come to be milestone moments in digital advancement. However, no matter those advances, Google has a knack for offering delightful surprises that provide an exciting alternate from the usual.

In 2019, while SEO specialists and site owners scoured boards and blogs for guidelines concerning a big Google core update, Google discovered a sudden Easter egg that quickly have become the focus of conversations.

Have you noticed the brand new Easter egg that Google set up in anticipation of Avengers Endgame? Thanos! It is pretty amazing! Let’s look into the details about Thanos.

What is Easter Eggs?

Google’s Easter eggs are greater than simply amusing hints. They represent its logo and culture, organizing its image as a fun, and creative. These interest people who are using the Google often.

Furthermore, these Easter eggs normally spark customers’ interest, motivating them to explore and seek extra, ensuing in extended engagement.

What is the Thanos Snap on Google?

When users typed Thanos into the Google search bar and clicked on the gauntlet icon that appeared next to the character’s name, the search results would start disintegrating, just like the characters in the movie.

As the search results vanished, the number of search results also decreased dramatically. It adds a playful and immersive touch to the anticipation surrounding Avengers: Endgame. The Thanos Snap on Google is an Easter egg revealed in April 2019.

This Easter egg showcased the creative ways technology and pop culture could intersect, engaging fans and building excitement for the cinematic event. It served as a clever and memorable promotion for the film within the digital realm.

What makes Thanos Snap Easter egg familiar on Google?

The Thanos Snap Easter Egg on Google became popular due to its creative and interactive design. Introduced in 2019 to coincide with the release of Avengers: Endgame, fans may search for Thanos on Google and then click on the Infinity Gauntlet icon.

This sparked a digital snap, causing search results to disintegrate, precisely as in the film. It rapidly went viral, sweeping across social media channels and attracting consumers with its hilarious and surprising twist.

The Easter egg demonstrated Google’s inventiveness in mixing pop culture references into their search engine. It contributes to its popularity and broad recognition.

How does Thanos Snap work?

When you create the Thanos Snap Easter egg on Google, a fantastic animation appears on the search results page. The animation begins with the page glitching and trembling as if a great force is influencing it. Then, each search result begins to crumble and disappear until half are gone from the website.

As the search results disappear, you will hear a sound effect similar to Thanos’ fingers snapping. This sound adds another level of intensity. It feels like you are wielding the power of the Infinity Stones.

Once the search results have vanished, the remaining ones reappear with a playful twist. They have been snapped out of existence, mirroring the movie, and are displayed randomly on the page.

Has Google removed the Thanos Snap Easter egg?

Yes! Google decided to remove the Thanos Snap Easter egg before middle of 2020. This decision was made as the Easter egg was initially introduced in conjunction with Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame.

While the Thanos snap Easter egg was popular during the film’s launch, its relevance has waned, particularly among people who are not familiar with Avengers movie. Beyond the film’s fan base, the relationship may not last.

The Thanos snap, a secret Easter egg, will no longer be available as of 2023. It appeared in April 2019, alongside the release of Avengers: Endgame. The technique resembled an animation and would remove half of the Google search results with a snap gesture.

While some Easter eggs have long been a staple in Google, the Thanos Google Easter egg was a temporary addition and is no longer available in the search tab.

For instance, in February 2022, an Easter egg featuring the Bat Signal was added to the search page to pay homage to Matt Reeves’s Batman. Additionally, there are Easter eggs related to various films, including Sonic, StarCraft, and others, showcasing Google’s occasional nods to pop culture and entertainment.

Steps to find the Thanos Google search easter egg.

To discover the Thanos Google Search Easter egg, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the elgooG website ( with your preferred web browser. ElgooG works as a mirrored version of Google Search.
  • Upon reaching the elgooG page, there is no need to conduct any searches. Instead, focus your attention on the knowledge panel, which appears on the search results page. Locate the image of the Infinity Gauntlet in the Knowledge Panel.
  • Click on the Infinity Gauntlet image. Upon clicking, the fingers of the Infinity Gauntlet will replicate Thanos’ Snap gesture.
  • As a result, certain search results on the website will disappear. Notably, significant portions of the search results will disappear as you scroll down the screen. It provides consumers a fun and dynamic experience.
  • To reverse the vanishing search results, simply click the Infinity Gauntlet image again. This operation will return the deleted search results, restoring the Thanos Snap’s effect.

elgooG provides a way to experience the Thanos Snap Easter egg by replicating and reinstating it on their website. Enjoy the imaginative interplay and have a great time investigating this unusual Easter egg!

Another way to find the Thanos Snap on Google

  • First, open a web browser.
  • In the search bar, type Thanos and press Enter.
  • Allow the search results to become available.
  • Once the results page loads, locate the Knowledge Graph card situated on the right side of the screen. This card provides information about Thanos, the Marvel supervillain.
  • Find a small Infinity Gauntlet icon on the right side next to the character’s name in the Knowledge Graph card.
  • Click on the Infinity Gauntlet icon on the screen.
  • A brief animation will unfold on the search results page after clicking or tapping the icon.
  • The search results begin to disintegrate and transform into dust. It replicates the cinematic effect. The number of search results will be halved, mirroring Thanos’ quest to eliminate half of all life in the universe.

If you can’t find or activate the Thanos Snap Easter egg, it is possible that it was released as part of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. It was removed because the film is no longer playing in theaters.

Google often upgrades its search engine and periodically releases new Easter eggs, so exploring and discovering fresh surprises is always worthwhile. Remember to have fun investigating Google’s Easter eggs, which bring a playful touch to the search engine experience.

How Long Does the Snap Last?

The search results take only a few seconds to disappear and reappear. However, the effect is very entertaining to see, and you may activate it as many times as you like.

Overall, the Thanos Snap Easter egg on Google is an intriguing way to add Marvel themed enjoyment to your browsing experience.

Is it possible to share the Thanos Snap?

Of course, yes! You can share the Thanos Snap with your friends. It is undoubtedly going to generate enthusiasm! Here, you can explore how to share it with your loved ones.

Use Screen Recording Software

To capture the Thanos Snap experience on Google, use screen recording software. This enables you to record both the animation and sound effects, allowing you to share the immersive moment with others. Numerous online options, both free and paid, exist for screen recording software. Choose the one that suits you best and commence recording to preserve and share this exciting Easter egg discovery.

Share it on Social Media

After capturing the Thanos Snap animation, share it on your preferred social media platforms. It is easy to convey your excitement to friends and family who may also be Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. Sharing this remarkable Easter egg discovery adds a touch of fun to the experience for you and those who appreciate unexpected finds.

Explain the Easter Egg

When sharing the Thanos Snap with someone who is unfamiliar with the character, take some time to explain. Explain Thanos’ identity and the significance of the Snap. Consider showing them a clip from a Marvel movie to help them understand the context of the Easter egg. This added information will improve their understanding of the animation and sound effects, making the experience more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

The Thanos Snap Easter egg on Google and other entertaining elements demonstrate the brand’s commitment to providing consumers with functional but also enjoyable and engaging experiences. These Easter eggs allow Google to demonstrate creativity, celebrate pop culture, and develop unique consumer relationships. The offer to investigate these Easter eggs provides a sense of surprise to your search results page!