A lot of firms have started to move from legacy maintenance schedules and tasks based on paper to automated maintenance management systems. This is due to the growth of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems or shortly called as CMMS. They have turned the preventive maintenance industry upside down since their inception in the latter part of the 20th century.

Some of the large corporations depend on CMMS software solutions to a large extend and rightly so, for they have derived loads of benefits by using these applications and solutions.

The future of CMMS solutions is still taking shape and we’ll discuss the same in detail in this article. Read ahead for further clarity.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Surveys have shown time and time again that in the recent years, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems have changed the scenario of maintenance management to a large extent.

With the help of CMMS, firm and organizations have been able to carry out certain tasks with a lot of ease and simplicity. These tasks include

  1. Automation of standard maintenance procedures.
  2. Ability to carry out intense analysis of processes within the organization, that concern the business.
  3. The input-output ratio of individual equipment.
  4. Planning out maintenance assessment schedules and accounting of assets.
  5. The ability to carry out work orders with a lot more ease.
  6. Ability to speed up work orders and meeting deadlines on time.

The tasks that have been listed above are some of the benefits of using CMMS; there are so many other processes that are carried out within an organization that can be optimized by using CMMS solutions.

Though Computerized Maintenance Management Systems have changed the way in which organizations carry out maintenance management, there are few drawbacks that need to be fixed so that maximum efficiency can be achieved.

Not all organizations have been able to fully utilize the features of the CMMS solutions. Why is this so? This is mainly since these companies haven’t updated themselves over time. They’ve failed to keep them in par with the ever-increasing pace of technology development.

A lot of companies have just implemented only the ERP system and EAM systems alone or as sub module MRO. This is the reason behind why these companies are not able to obtain maximum efficiency out of these maintenance management systems.

Future of CMMS

The success of CMMS solutions will depend on the listed parameters and how these parameters are tackled by the organizations that use CMMS for their maintenance management processes and procedures to a large extent.

  1. The ability of an organization implementing CMMS to be able to adapt to the entire process and then maintain the system as such and foster its functionality for an extended duration.
  2. The compatibility factor with existing systems and solutions in the organization that have been in use before the implementation of CMMS solutions.
  3. Existing delivery platforms.
  4. Software operating platforms in use.

Apart from the parameters mentioned above, there are numerous other parameters as well, that will influence the rate of success of CMMS solutions; however, the ones listed could be considered as the core issues that will determine whether or not an organization can fully benefit from the implementation of CMMS software.

Functionality of CMMS

In the coming days, the efficiency parameter of the software has to be consistently improved, so that it can be considered as robust and reliable. As new technologies and software are created every day, they might change the scenario of maintenance management forever and during those times, CMMS has to redefine itself to perform in it’s optimum to keep pace with the ever-changing technology. As far as features of the software are concerned,

  1. Planning indicators
  2. Automated scheduling
  3. Management of work orders
  4. Scheduling operations as per status of equipment and working conditions
  5. Managing inventory and assets
  6. Material planning

Let us know if you have any doubts with regards to CMMS solutions. We will be glad to help you out.

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