5 Ways to Effectively Praise Your Child

praise child

It is easy as parents get very busy with all the responsibilities in life to forget to praise our kids as much as we should. Kids need praise from their parents and important adults in their lives; so many children are lacking self-esteem and praising a child may just what he or she needs to build that self-esteem up. Praising a child also motivates the child to keep displaying the positive behaviors and makes the child feel loved and cared for.

There are so many ways to give our kids praise and finding what praise dialogue is in your comfort zone is imperative as you want to be and sound sincere when you are giving praise to a child.

How to Praise Your Child?

Here you will find 5 ways to effectively praise your child that will deepen the connections between you and your child.

Give specific praise statements

Telling a child that he or she did a good job is a positive comment to make but telling the child the specific reason why you are giving praise is a more effective way to your child. Commenting on the specific action that the child performed well reinforces the child’s positive actions.

Give your full attention

Making sure you stop what you are doing, look the child in the eye and specifically praise your child for their outstanding actions. When you look your child in the eye and give your full undivided attention, your child will know you are sincere about what you are saying and that your words are heartfelt.

Voice should be enthusiastic

We have all heard the saying that it is not what you say; it is how you say it. When giving kids praise, it is important to give the praise in an enthusiastic voice as this aspect of praise will also help to prove that your praising is very earnest and deep.

Don’t over praise

Although praising a child is a wonderful and loving thing to do, over praising a child can make the encourage statements seem insincere and not as meaningful. Look for appropriate times to give your child compliment but make sure the opportunities for praise are true times to praise a child. Find a happy medium with giving kids praise, not too little praise and not too much praise.

Give a reassuring touch

Physical contact with your child while giving your child compliment is a great way to deepen the connection of giving positive praise to your child. The affection of touch makes a child feel good about themselves and also builds self-confidence and trust.