5 fun activities to do at the beach with kids

fun beach activities with kids

Whether your family lives by the beach or you plan to take a vacation near the beach, the beach life is a wonderful place for sure.

The beach is a great place to take the family, not only are there so many fun beach activities to do with kids but playing at the beach tends to be a little safer for more active and bold play as the sand will soften trips and falls.

Doing beach activities with the kids is also an excellent choice because it is a low cost way to have a really fun and energetic day that everyone in the family will enjoy. It is a good idea when planning for the beach day, to make sure and plan some fun beach activities for the kids ahead of time.

5 fun beach activities to do with kids

Here you will find 5 fun activities at beach for the kids that will entertain and delight all members of the family.

1. Find and sort seashells

I have found as a parent, collecting seashells has been one of the most fun beach activities for my kids even as they grew older. Finding seashells on the beach and the ocean is like going on a treasure hunt, the adventure is fulfilling and rewarding. A really fun extension after finding the seashells is showing kids how to sort seashells in categories by colors, textures and size. Also making patterns and grouping is a really fun activity for kids and children do not even realize they are learning when they are doing this fun beach activity.

2. Fly a kite

I believe flying a kite as a really fun beach activity does not get enough credit, flying a kite is sometimes thought of as a little boring. However, flying a kite and maneuvering it in different directions encompasses find motor skills and large motor skills, both very important in the development of children. Learning to fly a kite is a very enjoyable experience for your child and can be helpful in improving their confidence.

3. Ball toss in buckets

For anyone familiar with the Bozo show, the bucket ball toss is a really fun activity to do on the beach. Draw a line in the sand, then line up 5 buckets in a vertical manner so each bucket is equally spaced a part. Each player takes a turn standing at the line, then attempts to throw a ball into the first bucket, if successful the player then attempts the second bucket and so on. When a player misses a bucket, their turn is done and they start over at the first bucket.

4. Build a sand sculpture

Building sand sculptures and sandcastles are a really safe, creative way to have a great time in the sand and at the beach. Sand sculptures can be built by hand or low cost plastic scooping shovels and buckets can be purchased at large discount stores.

5. Toss a beach ball

The activity of tossing a lightweight beach ball on the beach can be entertainment for hours. Not only is a beach ball fun to play with on the sand but it is also a great time to play with in the water. One of the best aspects of a beach ball is it is an activity that can be played alone or with partners.