8 Simply Beautiful Faux Paint Techniques

faux paint techniques

Take you next paint project to a new level by using a faux finish. Faux painting adds depth, dimension, and texture to any surface and can be used to mimic the look of stone, marble, wood, and more.

Types of faux painting techniques

We’ve provided 8 faux paint techniques that will help refresh the look of your home.

Suede paint

Suede paint shows a smooth and silky look, and improves strength and component to your room. This very unique paint technique is appealing to the eye, and omits a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Sponge paint

Sponge painting is the best faux paint technique to learn for beginners. It’s full proof paint and almost impossible to do it incorrectly! Sponge painting provides a strength and loveliness to your interior walls, even beginners can do it easily without any mistakes.


Marbling is an one of the most advance faux painting techniques that gives off the rich look of real marble. It is absolutely beautiful on walls, pillars, furniture, kitchen backsplashes, headboards, and much more.

Faux brick

If you want to add a decorative look to a plain wall, or add a cozy texture anywhere in the home, give this faux brick paint technique a try. This is not a technique for beginners, as it is a bit more difficult than some of the others we’ve listed.


Give furniture, walls, windows, and other decorative objects a rustic look with a distressed paint finish called aged crackle.


There are thousands of different stencil designs which can be as decorative, or as simple, as the user wants them to be. By stenciling an entire wall, you’ll achieve the rich look of a papered wall, or give the illusion of a marble, wood, stone, or brick surface.

Wood grain

Wood graining is one of the best painting techniques if you want the mirror look of actual wood for your walls. It can be used to fix up an old table or chair, add dimension to interior or exterior doors, give storage chests and toy boxes an authentic wood appearance, refinish cabinetry, or give your walls a warm rustic look.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic furniture has a slightly distressed look to it that is delicate and warm, with a touch of country charm. Whether you are looking to use this faux paint technique to refinish a wood chair, a wood desk, a wood dresser, or table, you’ll love the end result.