How to Choose A Domain Name For Your Website in 6 Steps

choose a domain name

One major decision when launching a website is how to choose a domain name. It can affect your business in many ways. The domain name is what can provide your website with greater search engine visibility. It can also help you build your brand and shape your marketing strategies.

Here are some simple tips to pick the best domain name for your website.

Choose a unique domain name

Finding a unique domain name is easier said than done. Chances are the first few names you think of are already taken by other businesses. To prevent duplication or any copyright infringements check with the copyright agency of your country to see if you may be unknowingly violating the copyright laws of your country.

Use already-existing words that relate to your business. In this case the branding of your business would be easier. You can also choose names unrelated to your business, as that may give a unique name to your business. One great example is Amazon’s domain name. Combine words to hint what your business is about such as or Another way to make unique domain names is to make your own words of which Google’s name is a great example.

Make it simple

The simpler your domain name; the easier it is to remember it. The better users remember it, the more they are going to use it and remember it. It’s all related you see. Your domain name must be easy to type without users resorting to pauses to remember the correct spelling. Maximum two words and 10 characters are more than enough for a domain name. Also avoid the use of numbers, roman numerals and hyphens.

Use domains

A majority of people assume as the standard extension as it is most widely used across the world. If you go by any other extension and the user chooses to use when looking to go to your website, he/she might reach another one if a similar name is available except the extension. You wouldn’t want to miss sales because you chose the less common extensions.

Keep name and services compatible

Misleading names do nothing to help your brand. It creates a feeling of untrustworthiness in your customers and the last thing you want is to make your potential customers feel cheated. If your domain is; it should sell funky apparels or relate to a specific customer base in some way.

For names that do not readily connect with the services they provide (like Amazon) you need to amp your brand-building so that your name becomes known to others respective of your services. Not doing so can harm the marketing of your company especially if your business is small, with limited a budget.

Impact of SEO on domain names

For SEO purposes if the domain name is short, simple and memorable it has greater chances of showing up in SERPs. Your search engine listing can get affected by other factors related to your domain name.

Use of keywords

Domains that use keywords rank high in search engine listings. is better than in terms of SEO. If someone looking for used car businesses types the same keywords as in your website name, the search engines will use your domain name to rank your website. However in recent years Google has made changes in its search algorithms that have made keyword-rich domain names less useful.