How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes


In this modern steady era, social media has become the most powerful source to get fame. A lot of struggle and hard work is required to be on the top of the news every day. Not only you can gain popularity from your content on social apps, but you can also initialize business activities like selling a product, blogging, giving different services, and so on. No matter what you are up to do on your social apps, the main motive is always to uplift your profile and gain as many followers and likes as you can.

If we talk about Instagram, it has been an amazing source to become popular around the world. There are bloggers and businesses across the platform, and they are going good as a large number of leads are being generated through Instagram fan following. There are many blue ticked accounts which belong to the verified holders and those who become famous worldwide.

It is a fact that having a blue tick on the Instagram account is everyone’s wish. It is not much harder to get it anyway. But the thing is, if you have a blue ticked verified account and less followers, this couldn’t make such an impact of your profile. So, very firstly, you have to get at least more than 1k followers on Instagram to create your valuable identity.

It is really challenging to increase followers on Instagram rapidly. There is not only you who has to face the growth challenges, but all the community out there has to. You may have tried manual targeting like searching for the people that would like you post, and you could generate leads through them. This is surely a time-taking task and a very gradual strategy to get followers and engagements. The process works simply, as when you communicate with other users, it brings a lot of attention to your account, and if you have great stuff and something to keep people interested, you’ve found a new follower.

If we keep this slow process aside and think about a rapid growth, do you think is it possible to do so? Of course, a big Yes! You can get 1k followers on Instagram within few minutes. For this quick growth, there must be such strong tactics which could help out. There are many ways to remain up to date regarding your Instagram account’s betterment.

Are you eager to get 1k followers on Instagram within a few minutes? Do you need such an easy method which can aid you gain your target public? In this article, you will find all those critical steps, methods, and tips that guarantee a uplift change on your Instagram account’s growth.

Without wasting the next moment, let us see how this can happen, and what you actually have to do.

Getting Instagram Followers through Tools

When it comes to a quick methodology leading to a high quality marketing on Instagram, there is an obvious need of such a source which could provide maximum benefit. Different social media marketing tool come up to fulfil this need. Although, almost all of them are paid options but their services are optimal and highly desirable for a user for whom his business matters a lot.

But, as it is a fact that where there is positivity, the existence of negativity is also always there. Same is here too as with an excellent essence of Instagram marketing facilities, there is always a risk that your account may get blocked or temporarily shut down by the company. Once you subscribe to a service and then face this kind of issue, there will be a big loss for you as your account may get lost and even your money shall get wasted over the subscription.

There is a trick that you can follow and get the most out of the platform or site which offers Instagram growth services. You first have to make sure that the site that you are about to approach has a Free Trial Plan. As soon as you see this option you directly have to apply for it and get the free perks. Repeat the same task for each and every website and through this trick, there might be a chance for you to get 1k followers on Instagram at a gallop.

For this amazing purpose, we are about to enlist such services available on the internet that offer free trials for Instagram enhancement. Have a look on them.

1. BlastUp

BlastUp is one of the greatest Instagram Marketing services. Although, being a paid platform, BlastUp charges money for its services but, in order to initiate your marketing plan, you can have it as a Free Trial. The free trial plan includes fast delivery of 10 likes per day and the offer ends in 14 days. So, you can easily start up increment in Instagram followers through BlastUp. Here are the steps that you have to follow to get Free Trial on BlastUp:

  • Go onto the website, and you will see Free Trial option right on the header of the website. Click on it.
  • You will be directed to the new page in which you will see a card which will ask you your Instagram ID.
  • Enter your ID and click on Start Free Trial. You are ready to get the benefit.

2. Storm Likes

One of the most flexible Instagram marketing service provider is none other than Storm Likes. It is a strong platform due to many reasons. You can filter out your own likes according to gender, and countries. In addition, if you opt to pay for its services, you can select the plans on you own. The site also offers a free trial and this can be really favourable for you to utilize. Let us see the steps to get the Free Trial on Storm Likes:

  • Firstly, access the website of Storm Likes. You will see the Free Trial written on the top of your screen where there are many other options too.
  • Click on Free Trial. The page will jump onto that section which will be asking you Insta ID.
  • Type your ID and click on Go! You will get your profile screen showing posts on which you can apply this service. Simply select the picture or a video which you wish to boost and click OK. You will get the positive response soon

3. is the only website which provides all its premium services for Free. No subscription is required as you surf on the site for you Instagram enhancement. This makes it clear that achieving a target of 1k followers on Instagram becomes as easy as an apple pie. Let us get on to the procedure which will lead you to get free followers on Instagram.

  • Search for the site on internet and press enter.
  • As the site opens you will directly see the option saying ‘Get Free Followers’. Tap on it and it will redirect you to the next page
  • Here you will see a small form-like structure where you have to enter your Instagram ID and below it, you will type you email address.
  • Press Continue. You will then be getting a notification on your email iD. As soon as you receive the confirmation mail from the platform, you will be honoured with their services directly.

Getting 1k Followers on Instagram for Free

If you think that getting free trials from numerous platforms is not worth it, or you are facing issues to continue that campaign, you must have to keep calm and think about dong some efforts on your own. To minimize your extravagant efforts on Instagram Marketing, there are many tools that just aid you with recommendations to make your profile stronger. Note that these tools are not like the previously discussed but, for your account’s growth, you will have to be creative, adopting, and hardworking in terms of the suggestions that these tools refer. Following are some categories of tools that will support you for making a good marketing strategy.

1. Post Scheduling Apps

These apps help you create a better schedule for your posts and even automate them. The perfect time for uploading a post is what matters and these apps can help you out for achieving your target.  Some post scheduling apps are Zoho Social and Sprout Social.

2. IG Business Tools

The motive of these tools is to guide you about your content quality. The better the quality, the higher will be the chance to get 1k Followers on Instagram rapidly. Some popular Instagram Business Tools include, Boomerang and Layout.

3. IG Story Tools

Making your own original content on Instagram is what makes you a prime user. For this purpose, you have to put efforts a lot. But, there are such supportive apps available that aid you to develop high quality Instagram Stories. Adobe Spark, Mojo, and Canva are the best IG Story tools to acquire.

4. IG Giveaway Tools

Using giveaway platforms is a terrific way to stand out and enhance your Instagram profile. These may help you get new followers and drive traffic to your website. This translates to more visitors, leads, and, eventually, conversions. More traffic, leads, and ultimately conversions will emerge as a result of these strategic Giveaway tools. Some premium IG Giveaway tools are Gleam, Shortstack, etc.

Additional Tips To Get 1K Followers On Instagram Quickly

Besides the above discussed tactics, you can apply such little efforts that could help you achieve your Instagram growth milestone in a passionate way. For this purpose, there are some techniques that you should follow.

1. Optimize Instagram Account

To attract followers, you must optimize and improve your account details. This strategy requires producing an engaging bio and image for your account, linking your company website inside the bio, and establishing a username that is easily discoverable. Moreover, special characters should not be used in your account name and username. Another good idea is to link your account to your other social media accounts and contact details (in the case of a product selling business), such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

2. Utilize Freelance Services for Instagram Growth

There are a variety of solutions available on the internet to help you get organic traffic to your website. The same goes for Instagram. People on different freelance platform are also offering such services that one can acquire to attain Instagram marketing and account growth. Fiverr, Upwork, and even locally on Facebook try to give the greatest organic traffic service for your account. This strategy will almost certainly increase your following and public attention and finally you will be able to get 1k followers on Instagram soon.

3. Use Appropriate Hashtags

For the motto of Instagram Marketing and getting followers, hashtags matter a lot. Hashtags are important for achieving a positive public response and engagement. These hashtags, on the other hand, are dependent on public interest as well as popular subjects. Instagram provides various free tools for finding the best and most popular hashtags for your posts. These tools, such as Display Purpose, FocalMark, and others, assist you in finding the best hashtags for your business posts as well as blog posts on Instagram. The higher the level of public participation, the more likely you are to gain followers swiftly. You have to consider one thing really important here. It is a humble suggestion from us that never over-exceed in typing hashtags for a single post. Instead, try to find fewer, but more trendy hashtags that can make your posts reach out to the targeted market segment.

4. Give Response to The People Who Reach Out to You

Giving appropriate responses to existing followers’ comments and questions might aid in the addition of new followers. People nowadays are looking for a positive reaction to their remarks, comments and suggestions. This raises public awareness of your company, product, service, or any other purpose. In addition, as the conversation builds up in the comment section, there is a bright chance that the reach of your post shall increase, thus giving you the appropriate people for your business niche. Furthermore, the strategy works since these people are more likely to tell their friends and family about your services, which shall create a good impression of your business.

5. Monitor and Make Use of Your Instagram Growth Analysis

When it comes to growth, trends, ups and downs, there is obviously need of such service that can help you monitor your account’s performance. When you need more people to see your content and follow you, the analytics of your postings may be quite useful. This process involves determining the most popular and well-received photographs or videos you’ve published. Attempting to upload more relatively similar photographs and videos from which you’ve achieved popularity will help you obtain more Instagram followers. This tip can surely gain you 1k followers on Instagram within no time and you and your business will become famous soon.

6. Create Contests and Competitions

Contest posts are considered to be extremely effective across all social media channels. The contest posts are the ones that make people invite their friends and followers on your post. In addition, you can start display picture contest and gain public attention through voting and then eventually, gaining public interest which rises your Instagram reach.  We can have different examples for such campaigns. Like you can say, “Tag three of your friends to enter the competition,” or even you can offer discounts for the people saying, ‘Mention five followers and get 20% off on entire menu”. Thus, these kinds of strategies can be genuinely very useful for you Instagram Marketing. Moreover, this method proves to be the most powerful in catching the public’s attention too.

Wrapping Up

After going through this article, now you must be feeling exciting to accept that getting 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes is not a joke at all. As a quotation refers, ‘Good things take time’. Obviously, if we utilize the time for improvements, it will turn out to be more than gold for us. Now, not to get tensed and just follow our recommendations to become a brand over Instagram.