Buzzoid Review: 12 Best Alternative Sites Like Buzzoid


Buzzoid delivers Instagram followers, likes, and views within a few minutes at market competitive price.

Social media platforms are popular all over the world especially since the last decade. Users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms are increasing day by day in a huge count from all over the world. People are also using social accounts for their businesses and blogs. As much as the usage is easy, gaining post engagements, likes, and followers is much harder to do.

If we particularly focus on Instagram, the marketing strategy is different from other platforms. There are multiple tactics for social media marketing and for the growth of your Instagram account, you have to give them a chance.

Also, there are a number of such third-party services that provide you with a solution for your Instagram account marketing. These websites offer different plans for the Instagram users and obviously, you will have to pay for acquiring their services. Buzzoid is one of those platforms that help you for your content marketing.

The main purpose of this article is to give you an honest review about the Buzzoid marketing tool. How well does it work and how beneficial it is for you regarding its features? We will tell you all about Buzzoid. Plus, we are up to suggest you some of the best alternative sites like Buzzoid which you can definitely use if you think Buzzoid is not working out for you as better as you were expecting.

Are you an Instagram user who needs a top-notch content marketing solution? Did you ever hear about the Buzzoid site which is especially developed for marketing purpose? We are here telling you about the service features that Buzzoid gives out, plus, giving you the best alternative sites like Buzzoid that are a good to go.

So let us move towards Buzzoid and its services. You just have to be here to get the most out of the platforms that we are suggesting for your Instagram marketing.

Buzzoid Review

Buzzoid is a big name among the tools or sites that provide you Instagram marketing facility. It offers you three different criteria for the betterment of your account – buy follower, likes and views.

This marketing tool is specially invented for Instagrammers who cannot give working efforts to grow their Instagram account. The tool will help you to managing your account effectively.

Getting Instagram followers manually is far harder than one can expect. For your businesses and personal blogs, you surely need such kind of tool which could help you get more engagements, thus providing you more benefit, profit, and fame.

Buy Instagram Follower

The first one is its ‘Buy Followers’ section. This will add up the followers on your account. Buzzoid gives two different packages to buy followers.

  • High-Quality Followers – In which you have to pay from $2.97 to $39.99 for getting 100 to 5000 followers just in a few minutes.
  • Active Followers Package – It is expensive but has its own worth. This package provides you active followers from Instagram and you can get 500 to 5000 followers as the rates start from $11.99 for minimum to $84.99 for maximum.

Buy Instagram Likes

For getting Likes, Buzzoid has two packages for you, i.e., Premium and High Quality.

  • High-Quality Likes – You can get 50 to 10k likes after paying $1.47 lowest and $88.99 highest.
  • Premium Likes – You can get 50 to 500 likes after paying $3.49 lowest and $19.99 highest.

Buy Instagram Views

  • Same goes for the Views category and the price ranges from $1.99 to $74.99 to get up to 50k organic viewers.

The beauty of Buzzoid is that it gives you surety about its fast service. Moreover, you can get support from the Buzzoid team anytime as the staff is available 24/7 to help you out regarding any query or misconception. Overall if we note, the site is very capable and has affordable rates throughout its services.

Buzzoid Pros & Cons

Let’s review the pros and cons of Buzzoid Instagram marketing tool, essential services and missing perks from competitors.

  • Instant followers.
  • Quality Likes.
  • Increase views quickly.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Fast Service.
  • Safe to use.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Automatic Likes on Videos.
  • Doubtful for real followers.
  • Pay via only credit card.
  • No PayPal or any other payment gateways options.
  • Possibility your account gets banned.

12 Best Alternative Sites Like Buzzoid

As you have gotten through the Buzzoid platform, now, what about some similar sites which compete with the platform to become the best choice for public? Let us take a glance on the best alternative sites like Buzzoid that maybe used to grow your Instagram account instantaneously.

1. SocialBoost

As we start our list, the first one is SocialBoost site. The site is unique in many aspects, and it assures to give you followers on Instagram quickly as you need. Basically, the site call itself an Instagram marketing agency and it literally is for sure. You can get various benefits out of this site. Through SocialBoost, you can increase the number of authentic Instagram followers who will like, comment, and interact on your posts. All the Instagram growth processes are carried out by the experts working for the site. For each campaign you select, you will get a monthly report which will help analyze how much your account has attained growth. There are three monthly packages which SocialBoost offers you. The Basic charges $59, the Premium @ $99, while the Turbocharged @ $249. As per statistics, the site has served for more than 20k accounts on Instagram which makes it a definite ‘worth try’ service.

2. GenuineLikes

GenuineLikes is one of the most reliable marketing service providers on the internet. It operates on monthly based pricing schema and assures 100% customer support. The turnaround time for its service is not more than 12 hours. As soon as you pay for any of the packages, you will get the job done in within this turnaround time. The major attribute of GenuineLikes is authenticity of giving you the top-rated and real Instagram followers, and this property fulfils the name of the service too. In addition to followers, you get likes for your posts and there are different deals that GenuineLikes gives out. GenuineLikes also deals with Facebook and YouTube marketing which is a plus point if you have all the social accounts for your business. You just have to buy one of the packages that the site offers.

3. Mr.Insta

Looking for a site apart from Buzzoid that offers free of cost Instagram growth? We recommend the one of the best alternative sites like Buzzoid, i.e. Mr.Insta. As the name says, all the available services on this site are purely for the Instagram users. On this incredible platform, there are two plans each for growing Likes of your pictures and videos, and for increasing fan following. Daily plan for both categories is Free of cost as you can get 25 new followers and 20 organic likes on a single post within 48 hours. For monthly subscription, you have to pay $40 daily to get 25 new likes on your posts and 15 followers per day.  As you go for the services of Mr.Insta, you get relief as you already know that you will be gaining your target followers gradually. One thing you have to make sure that your insta profile should be public before using the services of Mr.Insta.

4. Krootez

Krootez is an Instagram Marketing solution which provides you an essence of reliability and accuracy at a great extent. The platform provisions four essentials for you Instagram profile. Firstly, you get a large number of followers from all across the world, then comes the turn of Active Followers. There is a big difference between these two elements. Followers cannot be the active ones but, the Active Followers are the ones who remain online on Instagram frequently or sometimes for the whole day. Krootez adds up the services of giving Likes and Views to your posts too. The four offers are monthly and to subscribe them, you have to pay money accordingly. From getting 20 followers to getting 200K views to your posts, Krootez makes your Instagram account a professional one. This site is highly affordable as you have to have a maximum of $140 to pick any of its offered service.

5. is an Instagram account building website which always cares about its subscribers. The reason behind this is as clear as a crystal because the website offers free services to anyone using Instagram and wants publicity. The website was first launched about 5 years ago and their consistent and accurate performance and support is what makes them enlisted in the best alternative sites like Buzzoid. If you are starting a business on Instagram, the first thing you will obviously think about is getting maximum reach to the people who would like your product or service. Choosing can be a perfect choice at that time. Moreover, the website is completely secure to utilize as they are SSL Encryption certified. has provided about 18 million active followers for free till date. The user ratings are also great that of 4.8 by 5. This proves to be a valuable site for the growth of Instagram profiles.

6. BlastUp

BlastUp, previously was known as GramBlast, is another exceptional platform to grow up your Insta profile. You can have all the services on this site including increment in followers, views, and likes. It is a paid service website which does not only guarantee accuracy but also assures quick response to the customers. As you subscribe to the BlastUp platform for any of the package they offer, you requirements are fulfilled just within 24 hours. To use the services of BlastUp, you directly have to provide your Insta ID and password (protected) to login. You can also have a Free Trial of this site which can be a better option if you are new to the platform. On the top of these mentioned services, BlastUp has also some tools that support your Instagram account. These include Instagram Posts and Videos Downloader to enjoy videos offline and enable sharing, and Live Followers Counts to track your Instagram account’s growth and analyze how the platform is performing for you in the backend.

7. FollowerZeal

One of the premium social media marketing service provider is FollowerZeal. If you need a quick delivery for your social account’s growth, FollowerZeal is the best friend of you. The website ensures you to provide such followers and traffic on your social accounts which really matter your business and you can get the most out of them. Refill Protection is one of the amazing features of FollowerZeal. Within two years of time of your first subscription, if any single follower churns out from your account, FollowerZeal will refill the space with a new follower within no time. FollowerZeal is better from the other platforms in many ways as there is an ease to place order, money back guarantee if you do not like its services, security assurance, and 24/7 customer support throughout the time period of subscription. For giving payments, you can use PayPal, Bank Card, Credit Card, or Debit Card and not to worry about any information leakage as the platform is SSL Encrypted. FollowerZeal is surely one of the best alternative sites like Buzzoid.

8. Real Subscribers

When you are struggling to get public engagement over your Instagram account or YouTube channel, it is where Real Subscribers comes up for you. The best thing about the Real Subscribers platform is that the followers and subscribers it provides are all real, legitimate and permanent. For Instagram boosting, the platform delivers active followers, frequent engagements and interactions on posts, comments, and shares. In the back end, there are highly skilled consultants that believe to follow all the Search Engine Optimization rules to level up your account. There is no such scam or low-quality response from Real Subscribers. You can start from $30 to gain up to 500 legit Instagram followers and the chain continues till $600 for 10k followers every month. In addition, there is an analysis junction which allows continuous monitoring of your account’s statistics, and this makes it better to understand that what is required at a particular stage of growth. The subscription charges are a little high but Real Subscribers never wants to disappoint you regarding their premium services.

9. FollowersUp

FollowersUp cares about your various social apps including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok. There are handy and easy steps to follow in order to get their highly promising services for social media marketing. All you need is to choose a plan to subscribe, login on your respective account on which you need FollowersUp services, go through the purchase plan process, and get the full out of this site. The platform is absolutely secure and safe from any vulnerability that can hack your personal information. FollowersUp ensures its customers to get organic followers, likes and engagements as faster as they need. They have been in operation from 2016 and have served more than 10k Instagram accounts providing them with the world’s best marketing services. FollowersUp is a worth try platform and you will definitely love its packages and customer support. However, if you are not satisfied by their services or accuracy, you can refund your money again.

10. Viralyft

Another one in our list is Viralyft and we strongly recommend to go for it due to its tremendous features and flexible pricings. If you are looking for such a site which contains supports all of the social channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, Twitter, and SoundCloud, you must try Viralyft as you marketing partner. Through this website, you can quickly gain popularity over any of these platforms. But, it is obvious that they charge you a monthly fee for it. If we particularly talk about Instagram marketing, there are four kinds of services for it. These include increasing followers, likes, comments, and viewers. All of them are highly affordable and Viralyft delivers an exceptional and quick  response to its subscribers. There is a customer support section where you can talk to the service providers if you get any issue on this platform. We genuinely recommend Viralyft as one of the best alternatives of Buzzoid site.

11. SMM Point

If you are looking for a cheapest website to start up your Instagram marketing campaign, SMM Point is the site that we put in front of you. It is a paid but an affordable site from which getting a positive response is 100% guaranteed. The abbreviation for SMM is Social Media Marketing, thus the platform is a complete bundle to market and grow all the social apps you have. In addition to giving instant and fast growth to your Instagram account, SMM Point gives its services for other applications like Spotify, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even TikTok. There are 10 different packages for Instagram marketing on this platform. You Insta posts can be boosted through getting a maximum of 5k likes in just $16. Whereas for getting maximum views up to 100k, you will have to pay just $2!

Yes! You read that right! The low rates and steady response is what makes SMM Point ideal for a successful business growth on any social platform.

12. Storm Likes

Business growth on Instagram has now become such easy with the help of the marketing platforms available over the internet. Storm Likes includes in the most eminent and risk-free Instagram Marketing websites. There are such flexible options that can attract your interest. You get an audience filtration option which helps you focus on the public according to their gender, country, and interests. In addition, you can randomize your target audience too. Storm Likes is just a storm by its name as all the control over the likes, shares, and comments belongs to you. This customization of likes is what makes this site versatile and distinct from others. Before subscribing for Storm Likes services, you can get a free trial which aims to provide 10 instant likes on you Instagram post. Even if you have subscribed for the services and do not like it, cancellation of subscription with money-back guarantee is possible in this case. Storm Likes provides discounts too as you are free to create your own bundle with as many likes as you require. The larger the bundle you choose, the greater the discount you get.

Final Words

It is a tough job to get your target audience while initializing a business on Instagram. Going for manual methods can get you tired and eventually you stuck up at a position where nothing can happen but your business closure. It is a situation where Buzzoid and best alternative sites like Buzzoid can aid you in your business enlargement. You can try out our recommendations and you will like their services without any doubt.