KissCartoon Alternatives: 10 Best Sites Like KissCartoon 2023


Watching Cartoons is the very first entertainment that every child loves to adopt. There are different famous cartoons that we, as a child had enjoyed in our time. Those included Popeye, Pink Panther, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z. and a big list to follow. As time passed, there came other masterpieces in the form of anime graphics. They also got popular just not because children were fond of watching them, but the younger ones too get an equal addiction.

In the early days of this century, all of these enjoyments of watching cartoons and animated movies were due to the presence of cables and TV dishes. There were different channels associated with the television in which each of the cartoon series had a particular time slot in which it came on air. People got excited whenever the time of their favorite cartoon show arrived. But as the internet and technology gained growth, things began to transform into the next level, and it was obviously the websites of the channels over the internet.

Almost more than a hundred of different cartoon streaming channels were found in the early days of the internet growth. People were ready to adopt this change and, in every house, an internet connection along with a set of PC was found.  Although, the television services were not regretted by the people and they preferred both the sources for the entertainment of their children. KissCartoon was one of the websites that were popular among the cartoon lovers and in this article, we are up to discuss about this site. In addition, we shall also put forward the best sites like KissCartoon that are available for its substitution.

“Are you looking for an alternative to KissCartoon site? Do you think that you need a better site then this one? Not to surf here and there as in this context, we will list down the 10 best sites like KissCartoon that you can stream to feel cheerful.”

Before getting towards the list of best sites like KissCartoon, we first let you know about KissCartoon site itself. Let us continue further.

About KissCartoon

KissCartoon was one of the sites which allowed its users to stream a lot of different cartoons online. You may be thinking why we used ‘was’ here. It is because the site has been closed by its creator and this is a reason why people look for KissCartoon alternatives. If we talk about the features that KissCartoon provided, they were absolutely amazing. The real beauty of this site was its large database which contained almost all the cartoons that you or your children love to watch.

The list of cartoons include Scooby-Doo, Batman, X-Man, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Dragon Tales, Justice League, etc. On the top of all, it was a free of cost site which even not required any registration process or any hidden subscriptions. The flow of the KissCartoon site was a little different in a way that It served as a directory, referring viewers to the original source of the cartoon episodes. It is really sad to see this amazing site to get close, but there was obviously a reason behind this, and we are up to tell you this too.

Why KissCartoon got blocked?

As per the reports and the discussions that we can witness, the reason behind the sudden shut down of the KissCartoon site was a copyright issue. As we put in front of you the fact about its workflow that it handled the original source sites and redirected them from their site, it may be the reason behind this strike. KissCartoon was a loved site among the people from many countries and every regular user got a bit shocked after seeing the site blocked.

List Of Best Alternatives & Similar Sites Like KissCartoon

As KissCartoon got blocked, people started to search for KissCartoon alternatives. If you are searching for it too, then our post is for you. Here are the best sites like KissCartoon that you can enjoy as alternatives and have fun watching your favorite animated series and cartoons.

1. KimCartoon

For the list of  the best sites like KissCartoon, we recommend KimCartoon as the very first website to go for. The site has incredible features to count. As you open the site, you will see a clean and clear interface which is really awesome to use as well. You can get more than you think on KimCartoon site as there is a wide range of cartoons available on this site.

You can easily access the page to get the list of all the cartoons and choose your desired one along with the episode you want to stream. Getting updates is so easy on this site as the new uploads are in front of you right away.

Searching for different cartoon categories is really very easy on this site as the shows are divided into three categories: genre, ongoing series, and completed series. You can also get review of the cartoon series as you hover the cursor over any of the thumbnail.

Additionally, the video quality is stunning as KimCartoon ensures each and every show to be streamed in High Definition quality. The only issue about this site is the ad pop-ups and as always, the reason behind it is that KimCartoon is a free of cost website.

2. Cartoon Network

The most popular TV channel and everyone has been a lover of this one is none other than Cartoon Network. A channel that maybe a daily routine of the children in the previous decade. As per need and its popularity, Cartoon Network developed an official site for its public.

As the site came in action, it became more convenient for the people let their kids have fun. The best thing about Cartoon Network is that it is ad-free. This reduces the worry if you think that any inappropriate redirection may occur in between your child’s enjoyment.

Moreover, the site is easy to use and has an additional option for playing games too. Do you think that the platform will charge you any fee for its use? You are absolutely wrong as there is no such restriction for you. You can stream cartoons and movies of any genre directly as you enter onto the website’s first page.

From Justice League to Cindrella, you can find all of the famous cartoons and animated series on the Cartoon Network’s official site. Consider looking at this website, which has over 1 million number of visits every month and start enjoying animations right now.

3. Toon Jet

Toon Jet is another option for you if you are looking to replace KissCartoon site. This site can be very useful for you in many aspects. A large database full of cartoon shows and movies is what makes it a special website. Either you are looking for an old cartoon show or animated series or the recent ones, Toon Jet can get them all for you.

In addition, the video quality is magnificent to enjoy as the website streams all of their material and videos in a very high quality video, or you can say HD. No matter if you leave your child with this site open because there is no chance of any explicit material redirection that could be found unseemly.

Toon Jet has an amazing User Interface to witness. Apart from that, there are multiple options right in front of you to choose your desirable one. These options navigate you to different pages related to the filtration of cartoons according to their categories. You can find Disney shows, Popular cartoons, All shows, and movies as different options. Plus, your child can also play games on this site which really makes Toon Jet a good choice.

4. Nickelodeon

When it comes to the TV channels that have the highest ratings and views, Nickelodeon cannot be forgotten anyway. The channel does not only for the TV viewers, but it has also an official website. The purpose is the same, to fill the people with entertainment and reduce their stress level through giving them online streaming facility. Nickelodeon showcases cartoons, anime movies, and different other TV shows and dramas on their website. As it is a well-known channel in the entertainment industry, they aim to provide topmost features to maintain their status.

From Spongebob to Scooby Doo and from The Chipmunks to iCarly, you can find all that you need to watch on this incredible website. Moreover, you do not need to give a single penny to the company to stream your favorite shows here. All you need to do is to go on the website, search for the popular series or cartoon you want to watch, and start online streaming directly.

Additionally, Nickelodeon also offers you to play games on its site which makes it more edge over others. Without any doubt, Nickelodeon can be one of the best sites like KissCartoon that you should try out immediately.

5. Disney Now

The Disney channel ranks in the top entertainment sources all across the world. It is a large forum which not only focuses to provide excellent content for the viewers but also assures quality features. It is a big name and obviously, a popular brand cannot afford to get anything wrong out of it. Disney comes up with an astonishing alternative for the KissCartoon website giving the name Disney Now to it. If we compare both the sites with each other, Disney Now defeats the KissCartoon site due to its breath-taking features. The site includes one of the oldest TV cartoons too.

These include Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, The Great Mouse Detective, and a list to go through. Quality assurance of Disney now is on the next level that you could ever expect. For the ease to access the movies and cartoons throughout the site, Disney Now gives a series of categories.

Right on the top bar of this site, you can see a number of options i.e. Shows, On Now, DCOM, Games, Settings, Search, etc. Lastly, you do not have to worry about irritating ads on this site as it offers a completely ad-free experience.

6. KissAnime

KissAnime is the site you will surely find interesting to visit and stream. As the name implies, the KissAnime site is just a twin brother to KissCartoon. It pretty much looks like KissCartoon site which is the reason behind it. The interface of this site is amazingly easy-to-use, and all the related features add up to its beauty.

It is a fact that KissAnime is a special gift for those who enjoy watching Japanese content, their movies, and animated cartoons. Mostly, all the content is available in the Japanese language, but if you are an English native, you do not have to worry even though.

KissAnime has a separate section in which all the cartoons and stuff is available in dubbed language. You can even turn on the subtitles for the video which naturally enhances the experience as you more clearly understand what is said. Moreover, you can find the recent additions and popular cartoons on the website directly from the home page.

However, there is just a single issue that you may face while using this site, and it is the disturbance of ads. Otherwise, KissAnime is a must to visit site for anime lovers.

7. GogoAnime

Looking for a site like KissCartoon? GogoAnime is the one which can be the perfect for you. A versatile website with an amazing black tinted UI which seems as attractive as you like.  The best thing about GogoAnime is that it provides a long list of genres for cartoons and movies. Moreover, you can also remain up to date and watch the newest episodes of your favorite cartoons using GogoAnime.

The main coverage of this website focuses on the people who like to watch Korean, Japanese, and Chinese content. You can also watch those cartoons in dubbed form. Additionally, there is a separate section where daily, weekly, and monthly updates of different cartoons like One Piece, Boruto, and Ranking Of Kings are being placed.

The Most Popular section allows you to watch the cartoons that are being frequently searched or streamed. In addition to this, there is a section in the end below where all the newly updated series are given and you can easily find your favorite through its name. GogoAnime is a 100% secure website that doesn’t require registration process. Even it is not involved in any unlawful activities and is safe and secure to enjoy. All you need is an internet connection to start viewing your favorite anime series right away using the website!

8. Watch Series

Watch Series is a second to none site if you are looking for best sites like KissCartoon for online streaming of movies and cartoons. The site requires Sign In to be operable. You can add your existing social account or even create a new one for the site initially.

As far as the cost is concerned, Watch Series is totally free to access from anywhere across the globe. Searching feature adds up to the site’s expediency to use. There are multiple tags through which you can directly search for different categories and genres of movies and anime series. The genres of movies include Action, Drama, Thriller, Romantic, Comedy, etc.

Furthermore, all the popular shows are featured on the first page of the site which may attract your interest and you opt for them to stream. If we see the monthly viewership of Watch Series, there are almost 400k visitors that seem regular on the site. This shows how prevalent this site is. Also, there is a page containing guide for you how to use this notable site. You will undoubtedly love the website if you try it as an alternate to the KissCartoon site.

9. Toonova

If you want daily updates about the cartoons and anime series you watch, then Toonova is your best partner to have. There is no hassle in between you and this site as the UI/UX is incredible, understandable and fast as you like. Toonova gives out such efficacies to its users that one can fall in love with the site and choose it for streaming forever.

Cartoons that Toonova contains belong to different genres and categories. Finding Korean shows and anime series is yet much easier than you expect. You can also get Dubbed Anime series if you prefer or understand English audio. The thing that sounds interesting about this site is that you can have a short description, ratings, and reviews about every show you click on.

Toonova believes in regular update policy, and this is a reason which makes it well-liked among the people. In addition, there is no pop-up or ad disturbance on the site which is a plus point for the site. This, one the one hand enhances its usability, while on the other hand makes it child-friendly website. Toonova is also available as an Android application for smartphone users.

10. 9Anime

The tenth in our list for best sites like KissCartoon is 9Anime. You can estimate the website’s popularity only by knowing that there are over 3M visitors every month. Obviously, the site’s features are handy and notable. First of all, to access this site, you neither need any account, nor any subscription.

9Anime has a huge container full of the famous anime movies and cartoons available entirely cost-free to stream online. You can find flexibility regarding the audio as the site offers original as well as dubbed content. So, if you wish to watch your best-loved cartoon or a movie in English, it is the perfect site for you to move towards.

While streaming online, quality matters and 9Anime assures HD quality video and peerless audio experience to its users. Apart from Japanese cartoons, you can also stream popular Chinese cartoons on this site. Once you surf over this site, there will be several navigation options for you.

These help you filter out cartoons based on your interest. If you need Newest, you can get or if you love older ones, they are also available. Besides the ad pop-up issue, 9Anime can be considered an optimal site for streaming cartoons.

Wrapping Up

As we have recommended you the best sites like KissCartoon, now you do not have to waste your time searching for KissCartoon altenatives. One more thing we must add here is that if you want better experience of these sites, you must download an ad-blocking extension on your browser.