15 Best iPhone Launchers for Android in 2024

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Check out these best iPhone launchers for Android to transform your device.

Millions of people around the world use android phones but there is a big list of people amongst them who would like to own an iPhone someday. So, if you are on the list, you need not break down on your self-motivation as you can use an iPhone launcher in your android phone.

The best thing in this part is that the launcher will make the android phone a look-alike of an iPhone. The Android smartphone offers the option of customizing the U.I. with the help of several bombers.

There are some types of launchers that can bring you an interface like the iPhone on your android smartphone. The android smartphones can get the same interface and a similar look to the iPhone launchers by getting the same icons and wallpapers.

Top 15 iPhone Launchers for Android

Here is the list of some of the best iPhone launchers. These launchers are best for making the android just like a copy of an iPhone in terms of U.I. It will give the appearance of an Apple operating system to your android smartphone. Now let’s check out some best launchers for your android device.

1. iLauncher for OS

iLauncher for OS

This app is one of the most powerful home screen launchers. It will give the user’s android device the best iPhone theme. After the launcher is applied, the user will be able to experience a super speedy and smooth operation. There are a few exciting customizing features that the users will love like transition effect and effects.

This launcher is available for android device which have Android 4.1 or higher. The app is entirely free for the users. Some of the best features of this app includes its effortless usability, a clean and polished UI, its high customizability and the application holder support it provides. Some of the areas in which the app could make some improvements are that the user can only make superficial changes, not every application having the look of an iPhone, the occasional stutters during screen swipes and providing too many ads.

2. Phone 13 Launcher

It can be stated the iPhone 13 Launcher is an exact copycat of the iOS 13. It comes with the same wallpaper and the same UI of the iPhone. After the application is installed, the user will have the real feeling of using an iPhone X on their Android devices. The APK is downloaded, the user needs to grant permission to read notifications and show information on the screen. The permissions are granted, the users will have an actual feeling of using an iPhone.

The best feature of this app is that it duplicates both the interface and the notches on the screen. The spotlight search option also works in the same manner as the iOS. The app provides the best HD background and high-quality graphics, phone and battery optimization, and animation of flat icons. The downside is that the launcher might have some stability issues, lack some customization experience, and it has no control center slider.

3. Launcher iOS 15

This launcher iOS 15 is an iPhone launcher application that brings out a copy of the iOS 15, which will feel like the look-alike of the iPhone in your android smartphones. If in case the android smartphone has the full notch like the iPhone 11, then it will look ditto a copy of the brand-new iPhone 11.

It will bring out the same kind of wallpapers, animations, and icons that will make you feel like using the iPhone in your android smartphone. It will also bring out some more types of features of iOS, like the assistive touch, control center, and other types of options.

This iPhone launcher iOS 15 does work well, and it is also a highly rated launcher of the iPhone, which is available in the Google play store. Now in case if you want to get a feel for the latest android smartphone like the iOS device, then you must download this application, which will be beneficial for you.

4. Launcher iPhone

Launcher iPhone

This application has a fantastic ability to change the android software experience to the iOS software experience. After applying this launcher, you can easily experience a smooth and super speedy operation. There are some exciting customizing features that you will love, such as certain gestures and transition effects. It will also bring out some more types of elements of iOS, like the assistive touch, control center, and other types of options.

This application is support by thousands of themes of icons that are available in the play store and icons. With the help of these applications, you can easily set up lots and lots of gestures, and you can make usage of the actions of the home button. After installing the application, you will get a feeling of the real iPhone X in your Android smartphone.

5. OS13 Launcher

The OS13 Launcher is a similar kind of iPhone Launcher like the iOS Launcher. In terms of usage, it only focuses on the iPhone X. The launcher is combined with Android and OS11. It utilizes the iOS-like interface and a flat design style. This only brings in the best parts of the iPhone like abstract themes, 3D special effects, 3D weather widget, 3D themes and other exciting features of the iPhone UI.

The launcher also helps the users to explore various gestures which comprises of swipe up and swipe down which initiates the catchiness of the home icon in iOS. It can also customize numerous other things. The app is currently free for all users however, if you are looking to have the unread badge count, the user needs to but the premium version of the app.

6. Control Center iOS 13

This launcher brings out the form which will unlock the true iPhone experience on an android phone. The user can visually feature all the iPhone model in the iPhone 11 series. It has both the light and dark mode which is quite similar to iOS 13.

It also delivers the effects of the iOS in a very smooth interface and is open to any type of customization. Since android devices are quite versatile in nature, the user can turn the UI of any android phone into the UI of an iPhone. The visual is an exact copy of the iOS 13.

Some of the best features of the app includes free high quality HD wallpapers, a classy experience like the iPhone devices, and takes up quite limited space on the memory of the android device. Some drawbacks are that it has too many ads while the app is being used. It allows only superficial changes. Some features are locked behind a paywall and the battery usage is quite higher.

7. Launcher OS13-Phone X Style

This iOS launcher is mostly for the operating system of the 13, which makes the best part of this launcher. The launcher is known to be good because of its simplicity and ease of functioning. Within the single tap, you can easily switch it to the android icons, and as well as you can also change it to the iOS icons whenever you want to do that.

However, it is limited to the customization of the launcher because the launcher is mostly static. Apart from all this, your application will serve you fast work, and it also consumes less space in your mobile, which results in no lagging in your android smartphones.

You can also easily download this application from the play store. The best part of this launcher is it copies not only the interface but also the notch of your screen. It will give you the same spotlight search option, which is precisely the same as the iPhone.

8. Control Center-iOS 14 & Android Panel

This application brings to the iPhone like control in your android smartphone, which will lead you to choose the phone just like the iPhone. In the app, you can easily shortlist the toggles like the WIFI, Torch, Bluetooth, and also the multifunctional window, such as increasing and decreasing the brightness and the volume of your phone. This will change the control setting of your android device to the iPhone control settings.

After you get installed in your phone, you will get an iPhone interface in your android smartphone, and also you will enjoy a lot the new experience of the iPhone setting in your android smartphones.

You can easily download the control panel from play store. It provides battery and phone optimization, HD background, and a straightforward usage. On the downside, it has no side control center, a iOS look-alike lock screen.

9. X Launcher

This is an iOS look-alike launcher that can be applied the android smartphones using this launcher. You can get an exact experience of using the iPhone by using this launcher in your android phone. This application consumes less memory, which will lead you up to a better performance by taking less pressure on the CPU. This iPhone X launcher is combined with OS11 and android, which uses the iOS-like interface and flat design style. These applications can quickly deliver the effects like iOS in a very smooth interface, and also it is open to any kind of customization. This is one of the best things which everybody loves to do to work around their smartphone. It will only bring out the best part which you will love to explore, such as the 3D themes, 3D weather widget, 3D special effects, and abstract themes, and much more. This is a type of one important factor in choosing this iPhone launcher as the launcher runs in the background and takes a lot of pressure from the CPU of your smartphone.

10. Control Center iOS 15

This launcher will give you the best feeling of using the iPhone X with the interface of iOS, and also it is inspired by the apple wallpapers. It will also provide you the type of notifications that are available in the control system of the iPhone. These are the facilities that you can enjoy while using the android smartphone, just like the iOS device. You can also access the facility of the favorite contacts, calendar, and the information of the weather in the style of iOS styles of the launcher.

It will even have the rounded corners of the screen just to get the exact copy of the iPhone while you are using the android smartphone. There are some other facilities where you can get some more benefits from downloading the application. It will also help you to explore a bunch of gestures which include the swipe up and down swipe and which activities of home catchiness. It can customize by the several things which you need to get it in the way.

In this application, you will love to explore the facilities of the 3d effects during the usage of this application. You can experience this type of performance by downloading this application through the Google play store.

11. Phone 13 Launcher, OS 15

Phone 13 Launcher is another excellent launcher is you like iPhone UI. It makes your android phone looks like iPhone 11. Moreover, it has an iPhone like wallpapers and icons. And it also supports control center. It supports smart search as well as a smart toggle for WiFi, Bluetooth and with the control center, you can customize the colour, size, position etc. Phone 11 launcher is fast, consumes less memory and has a clean and straightforward design. With iOS search, you can search through apps, contacts etc. It is one of the best iOS launchers for android. And if you are looking for one, then you should try this launcher.

12. Phone 12 Launcher, OS 14 iLauncher

Phone 12 Launcher though based on iOS 11, is still one of the best iPhone launchers for android. It is small, fast and easy to use the launcher. You can choose from the various theme and live wallpapers. Moreover, it has rich icons and wallpaper like iPhone to choose from. With their powerful app manager, you can swipe down and create apps shortcuts. iLauncher also lets you hide apps to protect your privacy. The best part is that you can also use a local image as an app icon. They also have cool features like 3D animations, dynamic clock and calendar and more for their upcoming updates.

13. XLauncher New

XLauncher is smother and powerful launcher which combines the advantages of Android and iOS 12. It makes you interface more vivid and beautiful. Like other iPhone launchers mentioned so far in the list, it also has a control centre and offers various themes to customize your experience even more. X Launcher New also has a wallpaper centre from where you can choose the iPhone like wallpapers for your Android. Moreover, they also support rich icons. The other features include a powerful app manager, apple style folder, left screen, 3d touch. App unread notifications etc. All in all, one of the best iOS launcher for Android that you can use to make Android feels like an iPhone.

14. X Launcher Lite

X Launcher Lite is the lighter version of X Launcher. It is a small-sized launcher that offers a lot of features to make your android feels like an iPhone. It has all the features that the standard X launcher has like Control center, powerful app manager, apple style folders, weather and time widgets. Moreover, you can also customize your iPhone launcher even more by choosing from the various theme, wallpaper and icons available.

15. OS Launcher 12

Another option for you if you are looking for a launcher to change your android phone into an iPhone. OS Launcher changes your android device Ui so that it looks like iOS device. It also includes all the feature like other iPhone launchers like control centre, iPhone style notification bar, lock screen and lots of wallpapers and icons to choose from.

These are some of the best iPhone launchers which you can use in your android smartphones if in case you cannot afford to buy the iPhone. You can feel almost the exact same feeling of using the interface of the iPhone in your android mobile.