Key Benefits of Hadoop for Database Management


Managing data is the most important thing for today’s businesses. Different profitable organizations use to produce a lot of digital data on a daily basis. Nevertheless, non-profitable organizations also produce a lot of digital data. Now, data should be managed carefully. Managing data is not just about storing data. In fact, storing is just a part of database management. It should be stored in such a way so that it could be sorted easily when needed. It is also important to store data properly for attaining secured database management. In other words, security for data also matters a lot for the small to large scale businesses.

Now, database management is a critical task. Today, no organization undermines the importance of data. In fact, commonly data has been considered as business assets these days. That means your business can make significant progress with effective database management.

Now, data is required to be managed by various business units. Some of those business sectors are mentioned in the following section of this article.

  • Tourism and Hospitality: The hospitality industry is data-driven these days. Businesses related to this industry have to deal with different kinds of data. They maintain a database of clients or customers and various properties or hotels. Nevertheless, businesses in this industry have to deal with a lot of information or data.
  • Healthcare: a serious revolution can be attained with proper database management for the healthcare sector. A business related to this sector can bring excellent fruitfulness. A healthcare business can significantly progress, and also public health care system can be made robust with proper database management or maintenance.
  • Retail: Database management is an integral part of retail businesses. Previously such businesses had to manage or maintain a database in the traditional way through the usage of paper as well as a pen. Today, the digitalized system has added more convenience, and managing data for retail businesses has turned easier.
  • Public Welfare: Public welfare sector can also be benefitted immensely with proper database management. Status of different public welfare projects can be checked as well as analyzed easily. The effectiveness of various welfare plans can be judged easily.
  • Real Estate: The real estate business sector is also making steady progress over the last few years. The reason behind that is nothing but the availability of better database management systems.

Overall, database management is such a sector which needs to be managed with perfection. This process can make significant progress with the use of the proper database management system. Different database management platforms are there, and Hadoop is one of them. This is one of the leading database management platforms which have been used by many businesses to make database management process seamless as well as effective.

Key benefits of Hadoop

Apache Hadoop can be referred as an open source database management system. The name has been taken from a toy elephant. For processing big data and managing essential organizational data, this platform can be used seamlessly. It is basically a software framework that comes with Java coding background. Many large Web 2.0 companies deploy this open source framework for database management. For example, you could find Google and Facebook uses this framework. It can prove to be valuable to the contemporary businesses from a few aspects. The benefits of Hadoop are discussed in the following section of this article.


An organization uses to create data on a daily basis through various general business activities. So, with the advent of time, the size of data is increasing for an organization. As the size of data is increasing, organizations need more space for storing data. Traditionally, data is not destroyed. Data has been considered as assets for the businesses. Thus, it should be protected from being destroyed. So, database management platform must be scalable. It should also be poised with advanced features to make database management process seamless. Hadoop offers excellent scalability. This is why large organizations like Face and Google find it quite useful for managing the big pool of data.


Among the various benefits of database management systems, cost-effectiveness is considered as the most important aspect. Basically, due to this aspect, database management can get a seamless experience for many businesses. Small-scale businesses have to undergo budget shortage at the initial stages. They always look for the scopes for making database management process budget-friendly. This is where database management can prove to be useful. Since this is an open source framework, it is free to be used. Nevertheless, it saves a lot of costs when compared with traditional database management process. Paperwork is always an expensive affair. Moreover, there is a risk of losing important data with the traditional system or database management.


With Hadoop, flexibility in database management can be noted. It actually helps the businesses to access the new data sources easily. It also gives convenience in storing as well as managing different sorts of data. Categorization of data can easily be done with this database management framework, and that is why it is always helpful or advantageous to use this database management open source framework for organizational or enterprise database management purposes.

Speedy Data Sorting

The database management system has to be fast or robust. Sorting data should be easier or seamless experience. If the process gets slow, it will difficult for you to deal with the data sorting process. Businesses have to lose precious time when indulging in the job of database management. This system is good and even well performing when it comes to dealing with a large volume of data. It works with similar effectiveness and speed when a large value of my data has been used.


Hadoop is considered as robust as well as contemporary database management platform. It can deal with a large volume of data without showing up failure. In terms of cost-effective, it is also good. So, overall the platform is recommended for both small and large businesses.