National Siblings Day (April 10th)

national siblings day

April 10th marks a special day on the calendar – National Siblings Day. It is a day to celebrate the bond and love shared between siblings. Whether you have one sibling or multiple, this day is a reminder to cherish and appreciate the unique relationship you have with them.

Growing up, siblings are our first friends and playmates. They are the ones we share our toys, secrets, and adventures with. They are also the ones who know us best, sometimes even better than we know ourselves. Siblings are there to support us, tease us, and stand by us through thick and thin.

National Siblings Day is not just about biological siblings, but also about the special bond shared between stepsiblings, adopted siblings, and even close friends who feel like siblings. It is a day to honor and celebrate all the people in our lives who we consider to be our siblings.

What is National Siblings Day?

National Siblings Day, also known as World Siblings Day, was created by Claudia Evart, a native New Yorker and resident of New York City. Claudia founded the Siblings Day Foundation (SDF) as a tax-exempt organization with the aim of establishing a National Siblings Day to be celebrated annually on April 10, which is the birthday of her late sister, Lisette. Claudia was inspired by the loss of her siblings at a young age and wanted to honor their memories and the special relationships between siblings.

The purpose of National Siblings Day is to recognize and celebrate the relationships between brothers and sisters. Siblings are often our best friends and sometimes our worst enemies. They encourage us, motivate us, and compete with us. They play a significant role in our lives, and this day serves as a reminder of the importance of family bonds and the unique love and support that siblings provide.

Ways to Celebrate National Siblings Day

There are various ways people celebrate National Siblings Day. Here are some ideas:

  • Express Gratitude: Take the opportunity to express gratitude for the presence of your siblings in your life. Let them know how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for their love and support.
  • Spend Quality Time: Plan a special activity or outing with your siblings. This could be going out for a meal, watching a movie together, or participating in a shared hobby or interest.
  • Create a Playlist: Create and share a playlist of songs that have special meaning or nostalgia within your family. Listening to these songs can evoke memories and strengthen the bond between siblings. You can use music hosting sites like Spotify or create your own list of songs.
  • Give a Gift: Show your appreciation by giving your sibling a thoughtful gift. It could be a gift card, a memento, or something that holds sentimental value.
  • Write a Note: Write a heartfelt note or letter to your sibling, expressing your love, gratitude, and memories. This can be a meaningful way to acknowledge and celebrate your relationship.
  • Share on Social Media: Use hashtags like #Siblings, #SiblingDayIdeas, #SiblingFriendship, and #NationalSiblingsDay to share your celebrations and memories on social media. This allows you to connect with others who are also celebrating and share in the joy of sibling relationships.


Who invented Siblings Day?

National Siblings Day was invented by Claudia Evart, a native New Yorker and resident of New York City. She created the holiday to honor her siblings, Lisette and Alan, who tragically died years prior.

When is National Siblings Day?

National Siblings Day is celebrated annually on April 10th.

Why is it on April 10?

While National Siblings Day is not an official federal holiday in the United States, it has gained recognition and popularity over the years. Many state governors have signed proclamations recognizing April 10th as a special observance.


Remember, National Siblings Day is not an official holiday like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but it has gained recognition and popularity over the years. It is a day to honor and appreciate the special bond between siblings and celebrate the role they play in our lives.

I hope you have a wonderful National Siblings Day celebration with your loved ones!