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It is important to ponder upon reliable and best keyword research tools for SEO campaigns.

Today, online presence matters for every business, including small and medium enterprises to large companies. To make online presence better, you have to undertake a tactical business campaign. For the effective business campaign, brand owners must have good knowledge and a clear perception of search engine optimization. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps an online business to become popular. To conduct an SEO campaign, you need to build a proper strategy. Now, strategies for SEO should revolve around adequately chosen keywords. In fact, keywords are the most crucial parts of business marketing, especially business marketing through search engines.

Importance of Keyword Research

To understand the benefits of keyword research, one has to understand the benefits of the keywords for SEO. An SEO campaign is nothing without proper keyword research process. To run a search engine optimization campaign successfully, a few things are required to be noted. The first and foremost thing is making a list of keywords that are related to your business. Keywords are nothing but the potential search terms that define or describe your business. When people enter a keyword in the search engine, the search engine finds pages that are somehow or somewhat related to the keyword.

Keywords are vital as they help businesses get recognition with the help of the search engine. As soon as people enter keywords in the search box, they shall land up with quality keyword related information. Due to all these things, the process of keyword research carries great importance in the process of business marketing via SEO. For selecting the keywords, different tools are used.

Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO

For finding keywords that could help your business SEO campaign in a better way, you need a few tools. These tools are nothing but keyword research tools. Having these tools will make your keyword research process more accurate and useful. As a result, the whole SEO campaign would become more productive. For keyword research process, you can consider using the following the best keyword research tools.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner

To begin keyword research, Google Keyword Planner is on of the best keyword research tools. If you are new to keyword research process, using this tool would provide you convenience. Moreover, using a tool that has been produced by Google is always recommended for effectiveness as well as the productivity of the keyword research process. To be honest, this product was designed with the aim for advertising purposes. However, it can be used effectively for keyword researching process. Some of the significant features of this tool have been listed below.

  • It helps in searching for new or unique keywords.
  • Keywords come with search volume data, and that helps in better keyword research process.
  • It also comes with a traffic forecast for a particular keyword.
  • Users can enjoy using multiple keyword lists.

When researching keywords with this tool, you need to be careful on a few aspects. The tool comes with data associated with keywords. You should check the competition, monthly search volumes, and other data carefully. All these information are provided by Google, as this tool is a product from Google. Hence, the authenticity of data is not a concern when you are using this tool.



We often hear these days that short tail keywords are not more effective. Today, webmasters have to give importance to long tail keywords. For long tail keyword researching process, you need to use this tool. KWFinder is a trusted as well as useful tool for effective keyword research process. This tool is particularly famous for its options for long tail keyword research convenience.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer

That is an advanced keyword research tool that has often been used by veteran webmasters. It has specific unique features that are not available with other contemporary devices. Some of the notable features of this tool have been discussed or highlighted below.

  • It shows relative CTR of organic results for search engine ranking.
  • It helps you to understand the impact of certain keyword for your business marketing campaign.
  • It helps to understand the potentials of relatively new keywords.

This tool provides advanced analysis for keywords. Data is fetched from Google, and then they are analyzed by the algorithm of this tool. Overall, it is an advanced tool which webmasters or business owners must use for effective business campaigning through search engines.

Keyword Tool


Do not go by the name of this tool, as the name would sound too simple or basic. In reality, this is a tool for the webmasters for advanced and critical keyword research process. It is a paid tool, though, for the first 750+ keywords, you can use it for free. It helps in understanding competition, impact and search volume of a keyword. It helps you to find unique keywords that could be particularly crucial for your business campaigning. You can export all data associated with a keyword on this tool in CSV file format.


SEMrush keyword magic tool

SEMrush is an impressive and advanced tool for active keyword research process. Webmasters or business marketing experts have frequently used this tool for conducting SEO as well as PPC campaigns. If you are into affiliate marketing job, you can also use this tool. Website owners must use this tool to find the most productive or useful keywords for the business marketing campaign for their online based business.

For keyword research, not just tools but the manual analysis is essential. Tools shall come up with hundreds of keywords, but users have to choose merely 20-25 keywords from that list. That is a difficult task and perfection comes with experience. So, instead of going for the keyword research process by their own, many business owners opt for outsourcing the work to the experienced as well as skilled service providers.

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